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Dreams Full Album Lyrics

Awren - Dreams cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDepressive Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-15)
1. Mvt I: Dreams (8:09)
As my time upon this plane nears its inevitable end
I reflect on the journey - time is nothing more than an illusionary harness
Shackles created by those with more perceived "power"
To induce a perpetuated state of servitude
Among those who haven't yet learned
How to use their minds and their spirits
To manipulate the elements as they will it
To share in the most sacred and intimate of natural laws
...and walk on equal ground with the ancient gods

When I awoke at last I found chaos all around me
Everyone in a blind sleepwalk
Destroying themselves
Destroying everything
Mother Gaia sits in a damp corner
Of an unlit prison cell
Weeping acid tears upon creation
The monoliths of man eroding away
Buried beneath her undying sorrow

The Earthen Mother's tools captured and bastardized
By those who claim dominion over both man and wilds
Creating a caste that can never be removed
As we are strung along screaming for salvation
We send out intention to our Mother
Begging, pleading for redemption
2. Mvt II: Repeating (11:26)
And when this tightrope
We are all marching across
Single file
Finally cannot withstand
Our weight any longer and breaks
Will we gladly free-fall in to the abyss?

When will the harvest come?
When shall we reap the fruits
That have been tended for centuries?
Weather-scarred bodies eternally bent over
Aching for rest
Dissatisfied with this barren endeavor we take to the sea
Where no mortal man can follow
In secret we built our wooden vessels
Hidden from prying eyes
Imbued with esoteric symbols of protection and freedom
We launched into the unknown
A sheet of endless dark glass

We tracked time with the lunar cycle
Its gentle caress more comforting than that of the harsh sun
Our floating homes gradually became circles perpetually cast
Drawing power from the moon and the waves
Attention focused on finding purpose
Evoking powers abandoned long ago
Summoning those who might offer a light
In this eclipse we had been living beneath
In the distance upon the horizon line
Loomed a misshapen shadow figure
This homunculus birthed of my own pride
Detached its arm and with it cleaved the sky
Cloud from cloud
Air from air

Our ships mere toys violently dancing among the frothy waves
As the mountainous golem drew closer
I recognized it as one of my own creations
In the moons past it must have gorged itself on arcane energies
To achieve these proportions
Immediately I recognized it
And gathered the materials together
To banish it from this realm
A masterless beast created by man
Much like that we left behind
3. Mvt III: Forever (11:26)
The materials burned
The incantation spoken
The perverse being destroyed
We resumed course

At last we reached the brooding spires of legend
Past the end of the Earth
Spears to heaven high above the clouds
Primordial black rock
Imbued with archaic symbols
I could feel the energy emanating from them
Their pulse
Transfixed by the sight
Benumbed from awe and wonder
It was then that the storm struck

Unsuspecting and unaware
Fog had rolled in
The firmament cascaded downward in fierce spirals
All we could do was pray aboard our drifting coffins
Twelve were the ships that sank that night
At the bottom of the precipice
Seven were the grotesque creatures
That feasted upon their wretched sinew

The sky cleared and we went ashore
For the first time in aeons
The dark rocks towering above
Resonating with primal magick
We must leave our bodies behind
To gain entrance into this sacred land
...and we ventured inward

Past the ancient halls
And the infinite untold wisdom
Contained therein
Penned in long-forgotten languages
By scribes who lived and died
Before time was born
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