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American Paranoia Full Album Lyrics

Attitude Adjustment - American Paranoia cover art

American Paranoia

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresCrossover Trash, Thrash Metal, Hardcore Punk
Album rating :  86.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2013-12-23)
1. Grey World (1:42)
Clouds hang in the sky filling the view with a shade of
As cars are moving by polluting the air with a slimy
A building is rotting away in the face of acid
A piane is making the sound of an enormous
explosion ...
... It's a grey world ...
People are walking alone, talking not to anyone.
The noise of traffic burns your ear
ali senses disappear.
... Grey world ... (x 4)
Dirt piling up everywhere
cause nature's got no room to spare
land destroyed for useless places
trees replaced by concrete faces
... Grey world ... (x 4)
... It's a grey world ...
2. Dope Fiend (1:38)
Dope Fiend Dope Fiend
That's what you are Rip off a friend
Steal his car
Dope Find Dope Fiend
What a joke
Spend ali your money
On heroin and coke Dope Fiend
You are
A fool ...
3. Hunger and Poverty (0:54) S
Hunger and Poverty
Hunger and Pain
Hunger and Misery
Hunger and Hate
Hungry children in this world
Who can they turn to
Nobody knows ...
Nobody knows ...
4. Fuck Chick (1:19)
Don't drink and drive, don't kill a friend
Don't drink and drive, don't pay the price
Don't drink and drive, don't waste yourself
Don't drink and drive ... What's wrong with you?!
5. Dead Serious (0:48)
Live your life in slavery
Slaving everyday
Working like a maniac
Everyone's on your back
No time to live your life
Only workto stay alive
Be a slave forthe rest of your life ...
until you're dead
Life is really... Dead Serious
Don't give a shit... Dead Serious
We are not... Dead Serious
We'll never get ... Dead Serious
6. Johnny (3:03)
Your arms and legs, are blown to bits
and your face is just the shits
You're never gonna walk again
Always feeling hate and sin
Fought the good fight for your land
and now you're dying by it's hand
You're living out your last cruel fate
Don't matter, it's too late
They make you blind ...
to lend a hand
They make you fight ...
for your land
They make you suffer ...
in cruel horror
They make you die ...
fortheir honor
Fightfor conquest
No way!
Die for freedom?
No way!
Kill for honor?
No way!
Now you're crippled, insane and numb
Now what do you got of your freedom?
You tought so hard for the victory
but what you got, but hate and misery?
The only winners in every war
are the generals gaining ever more ...
You're the loser of every war
getting killed to even the score ...
7. Attitude Adjustment (1:44)
Your fucked-up attitudes we can do without
You need a little adjusting that's no doubt
Just open your mind startto think positive
You always seem to take but never give
Oscar the Adjuster he'II adjust you
think for yourself it's not hard to do
open your mind to think positive
You always seem to take but you never give
8. DSFA (0:22)
Doesn't Stand For Anything Doesn't Mean Shit
I don't care what you say your word don't mean shit
So suck my dick ... ... ... ?
9. American Paranoia (1:31)
It's a depressing world we live in
everyone's taking, should be giving
Poor people walking the street
looking for something good to eat
Blacks and whites they all have guns
and they're killing just for fun
it's a scary world out there
just play day by day year by year
if we unite we could be better
if we unite and fight together
But it's just a ... depressing world
But it's just a ... difficult world
But it's just a ... a fucked-up world
But now we can make it a better world!
Threat of war and being dead
hanging around the back of my head
Bombs could drop any old day
don't worry, won't help anyway
Try to have a better day
make the world run your way
Don't just worry yourself right now
Let's unite and show them how
10. Warfear (1:55)
Living ... in the fear of death
feeling ... it's constant breath
The final war could start any day
Blasting us ali right away
The war machine keeps moving at it's deadly pace
Right along it's wayto destroy the human race
Searching ... for a way of peace
Finding ... only hate and sleaze
Arms control is barred by ideologie ways
Our leaders are acting in a political haze
Madmen in control of our land
Taking our fate out of our hands
Ready for war and ready to kill
The world's moving righttowards overkill
Spending our money on machines of war
When children are starving even more
11. Streetwize (0:59)
You gotto be streetwise
You want to survive
Know who to trust
Know the right guys
People will try to run your life
at the end of a knife
But if you know what's going on
no one can do you wrong
Because you're streetwise
you will survive
Because you're streetwise for 325
Because your streetlife you stay alive
12. Working Class Pride (1:10)
Working hard for your pay
Putting in an honest day
Doing ali those little jobs
Assembling things for fucking snobs
Working ciass pride
Working class honor
Now you have earned
Your blue collar
You worked hard for what you have got
Might not be much
But it sure means a lot
Take pride, in your work and fight
Working with your hands
You've helped build this land
13. In the Center (1:16)
In the center it was silent
there were no cries, no screams
Instant death
to end end the lives and dreams
Nothing on the ground
nothing stood around
nothing could be found
Wiped clean from the earth
neverto return ...
In the center itwas silent...
In the center it was silent...
14. Bombs (1:42)
Can't you see bombs are falling
Can't you hear death is calling
Can't you feel bodies are crying
Can't you see children are dying
Don't you know war is a sin
Can't you see Reagan's grin
Are you all going to fry
Are you all going to die?
15. Rambo (0:45)
Going out to the movìe piace
People biowing up in your face
Fighting for the American way
Killing and raping justfor a day
Odds mount against you a million to one
Pro-militantjerk makes killing look like fun
Your weapons and ammo make you look cool
But you're just a propaganda tool
Movie reflects whatyou wantto be
But an actual war you wouldn't want to see
16. Incredible End (2:20)
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