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Ritual of Passing | Full Album Lyrics

Atriarch - Ritual of Passing cover art

Ritual of Passing

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Doom Metal, Deathrock
LabelsProfound Lore Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-28)
1. Parasite (5:51)
the parasite lives inside us all, it feeds upon ignorance and fear
creating a lust for power and a need to control
mankind's quest for power has led us to this end
a world teetering on the brink of destruction
where smoke fills the sky, and lies poison our minds
sadly, the meaning of power has become corrupted and misconstrued
for without respect, it means nothing and without love, it means nothing
to walk on the backs of the weak
is this what true strength is to you?
power is not the strength to control that is a lie
and if these words will fall on deaf ears
then action must be taken soon
for if there's a time to make a change, it is now
there's a chance for redemption, parasites live inside us all
feed them fear, feed them love
on one they feed, the other they starve
it's all the same you say? it's not the same to me
for there is a point to all we do; life has a point
for we're not alone in this place
but the meaning is shrouded in fear
for it takes true strength to open your heart, and open your mind
the parasite grows and it feeds
it feeds on our ignorant fear
the parasite planted
its seed inside us all
and how do we fight this disease?
will love and respect conquer fear?
or will a change call for a fight?
this is war...
2. Prayers (5:29)
there is a soul inside you
not yet damned, though it it denied
and if you deny our souls are as one, you deny yourself
and so you are damned by your own hands
reaching out to be hacked off
these are the hands that we pray with
hands that kill
hands long stained with blood
your victims bleed suffer perish
die for god, kill for god
worship greed, practice violence
no prayer absolves these sins
the damage you have done can't be undone
so spread your filth and life a lie
then pray for redemption
there is no forgiveness
your god is dead, you crucified him as he prayed
your prayer is now spreading sickness
hands together, on your knees
fall into submission
see what it beings you
apologies that are made by the damned will be denied
3. Altars (6:10)
this is the setting for a prison of thought
the altar breaks and come tumbling down
but we cannot forget our souls, they're only ignored
and they cannot control our thoughts with words
the open door is your casket, and no longer our mind
for we inherited their hands, but not their faith
but there is a new faith created by men, and put in place to make us easy to control
but we were not born to serve, is out responsibility to fight
or shall we bear witness to this tyranny?
control yourself, your thoughts are your own, open your mind
control yourself, your thoughts are your own
they can't control your thoughts or actions
altars we lay upon, altars we pray upon
now that our faith is gone, altars we're lying from
altars to worship, altars to beg, altars to sacrifice unwilling prey
all hope is gone, our faith is lost, there was a choice we made to just let go
i repent! i will not forget! i repent, i will not forget
how many times have the words left our mouths to fuel our minds?
all the things we say we will do will amount to shit if there is no action behind them
for the truth of what we've inherited is not what we're being promised
all our good intentions, all our loving thoughts are meaningless
our hope is gone, our faith is lost; we are being controlled
but we were not born to serve, we were not born to serve
you are my brother, you are my father, you are my sister, you are my mother
you are my enemy, you are my lover, you are my enemy
power equals nothing, words are meaningless
you who are my enemy, i embrace you as my brother
4. Altruist (5:43)
how can we accept that our actions mean nothing
when action and reaction are the same
no life is an exception to this
there is no supremacy or reason for your pain
and suffering is not exclusive to you
true love is without a concept of self
wounds are still bleeding
scars are still healing
as blood is flowing through our veins
constant decisions that we are faced with
influence our reactions
affecting us in ways we can't explain
all the sorrow that we have witnessed ignored
i will not follow
pick sides, which side are you on?
a line has been drawn in the sand
but there is no black or white
so make your decision well
look to me as i look to you
as equals as one
one life, dying together
our blood will fill the seas
our tears will salt the earth
our ashes will blacken the sky
we are as one
5. Offerings (5:52)
eternal passing slow, of ash and dust
dead tidings spoken still, into the earth
undying spirits are released from flesh
we are rejected with open arms
damnation wrapped up in a lie
and then released into the void of time and space where all are one
no faces noticed here, forgotten truth
is this the answer to your prayers?
silence the answer, the litany is here
praying only for yourselves
there is no answer to a prayer coming from a place of greed
owning and ego replaced in us what was pure
it's nothing compared to what we've lost
what i'm offering is myself, for there is nothing that i own
silence is death, for there is no answer
and ego is our downfall
look at the state of the world
the truth that we hide from ourselves
ignoring the spirit to worships its shell
please forgive me for taking part in what we call a normal life
6. Cursed (7:29)
so take this crown, inherited by blood
can't pass it up, though it was not deserved
i will not bow, a pox upon your house
so curse my name, my lineage is gone
put on display, inherit all they've lost
the ritual of passing is at hand
you look like him, yes i can see it in your face
black coronation time
these are my eyes, are these not my own hands
it's in my blood, it's washing over me
you sound like him, yes i can feel it in your words
black coronation
my father's hands, my dying breath
my disrespect remaining...
as we die, some things are left behind
echoes of life, this is a new beginning
and i'm not him, i'll never be what he was
black coronation
my father's hands, my dying breath
my disrespect remaining
my hollow eyes, my empty soul a daemon
forgiveness forgotten
for all is lost when we are dead and gone
for all is everything and nothing the same
all is lost, dead and gone; all is everything and nothing
empty shell, hollow core; life and death are one, the same
7. Outro (Lucifer Speaks with Death) (3:48)
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