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Forever the End Full Album Lyrics

Atriarch - Forever the End cover art

Forever the End

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Doom Metal, Deathrock
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-28)
1. Plague (7:11)
You are the sun that lights the moon
You are the blackness in between boundless empty
We worship flesh in naked beauty
At one with nature we are whole flowing inward
I'll be your slave until I die
I'm dead inside yet still I grovel yours eternal lifeless dying
You are a sickness inside me a blight and a plague
I feel myself die inside you as we clearly reflect
As earth devours me whole I am swallowed by creation
I am yours my earthly mother I am yours ungrateful whore
Bound endlessly to you eternal bow my head in submission
I am your slave unchained
2. Shadows (9:07)
Black insight, dark left within, shadows of pain
Nothing new, I'm stuck with it my sick disdain
Hollow words shallow comforts poisonous lies
There is a line that sets us apart which can't be crossed
Though we have never spoken I've heard your lies long before
In my bones I can feel my age as its lines crack my skin
In the mirror I see death forever the end
There is nothing trust no hope
I can see the serpent's tail but never the head
I'm locked behind the wall of sleep awaiting death
I can see the end complete
I've seen the ending and there is nothing
Swallow your lies of hope and die alone
The serpent eats its tail consuming death
All the same, it's always the same
I've seen the ending and there is nothing
I've seen the serpent eat its tail
3. Fracture (14:02)
The truth is silent sleeping on a page so many answers left to burn
Our soles are burning trapped beyond a screen we stare into the demons eye
Sick congregation policy of lies how many children have to lose their innocence
Raised up the violence gods born in blood I'll drive a spear into the side of your new god
We've lost our way blinded by faith as money strokes the fires that burn our immortal souls
Reused ideas for unused minds only follow what your masters say and call it life
No rebel take back what is chaos rise to become your savior nothing in the way for us now
Weakness defines us chaos has left us
How could we prosper from the torment of our own for our spirits are the same
Separate from our souls live on with minds closed
Become your own worst enemy raping what's created as we sever our own past
The light turns black the revolution of the mind has left us in a spiritual void
The archangel closes its wings one last time
Separated from the divine the fallen angel rises from depths of the dawn of mankind
Your false new gods fall silent warnings in the air falling down
Power money greed corruption chaos turns on us
Praying on our trappings nothing sacred to us now
4. Downfall (5:48)
Do not look to the future it is gone we're all dead
And there is no reason just except it's the end
Look into your black memories you will see what will be
In the path of destruction face your fears see the truth
As we look towards the darkness we will all find ourselves
Yet we still haven't learned from the mistakes that we made along the way
Trapped inside there is innocence long forgotten always present
Stripped from me in this violence once witnessed became vengeance
Lost my way lost my will to be now repeating torment I've known
Takes your soul fills your every need oppressive loveless lying
No way out doomed always controlled
Learn to read what's written in our own blood
Or our history is doomed to repeat itself
An incantation to free us from this slavery
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