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Revelations of the Ethereal Full Album Lyrics

Ataraxy - Revelations of the Ethereal cover art

Revelations of the Ethereal

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  86.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-13)
1. Immersion in Chaos
2. Necrotic Shadow of Decay
A sinister entity that dwells under our feet
In the solitude of the most exhausting gloom

The blackest convulsion of despair
With dazed intentions and immersed in chaos

Able to bewitch the fragile eyes of whoever dares to look at him
Glassy spheres that watch frightfully in the inner depths of the souls

A frightening deformed face of abominable forms
A harmful smell that trails doom

Moldy and degenerate appearance of male
Beyond the description of his shape, a necrotic shadow of decay

A spectral yell from the bottom of his throat
Abridgement of everything filthy, a horrible consumed spoof

Moldy and degenerate appearance of male
Beyond the description of his shape, a necrotic shadow of decay
3. Ominous Putrefied Ground (6:22)
Dragged down in the black mud
The sight of a boggy stretch
Through the perfect stillness
And the barren infinity

Walking between lifeless decomposed beings
Totally filled by their overwhelming reek

Ominous putrefied ground
Hidden for thousands of years
Risen abyss from the depness of the seas

Unspeakable abomination
Everlasting evenness
Loathsome slime
Where the moon reflects his shine

Unending drabness
A mound stands in the absolute farness
Meandering across the light

Behind the immense ravine
Latent in the blackness of the nightmares

Whitish engraved idols
Cult of other time
Into the dark waters
An archaic ancestral shrine
4. Ceremonial Flames
In the depths of sea's surface
Their ruins stand straight since the furthest past
They give their call to the mad

In total dark, tormented by the call
Prayers don't serve, how to avoid Death?

An evil rest of an incredibly distant past
The watery chasms claim for my presence
I can't refuse their call for more time

A chronic glow blinds my sense of life
An aural dream of disturbing peace

A bright glow lights the shrine door
Ceremonial flames that demand my soul
5. Ethereal Slumber
Time is coming for my corpse
In wich I am tied
Spiritually far from here
I can feel Death
Unavoidable jail for years
Madness is my ally
I hope for the vigil's end
Waiting for the ethereal

Where the walls are like living fire
Shines and blazes in the eternal space
Fickle mind engrossed by the chords of a harmonious roar

I am the last message of the mighty oniric side
A bum of the cosmic lands
A nomad for the ages

Straight and aflame revenge of souls
Against the hell of the oppressor's laugh
Way more than a feral beast
Far less than the human kind

A splendid immaterial pageantry
As in countless eons of eternity
Will be shown in the ages to come
As the lights of the mighty firmament
6. Demons of the Storm
In the black deep of the solitude woods
Under sinister trees like an occult fear

A maddening shade wakes
Among the lights of the storm
Spreading death along to his steps

A sepulchral image from the craters of hell
An evil alliance of the corrupt forces

Stirred land covered with blood and human spoils
Without leaving any trace, only destruction is left

A thunder reflects their grunt on the sky
Fateful glare of their shining eyes
I can see their teeth and diabolic claws
They are demons of the storm
7. Under Veiled Skies (4:42)
Under the veiled skies of the neverending light
An old graveyard lies blanketed by the moonshine

Dark clouds seized my mind
Deep howls of the stilled bush
Owls meet with fears beyond my grasp
Overflowed by a fatal stillness

A blasphemous procession of shades
Lies in wait from the dark hollows
Desolation and decrepitude
Surround the fateful enclosure

Disgusting hodgepodge of old slabs
Shapes of the gravestones hide in dust
Oppresive vapors stem from soul
Fluids of the depths

Creepy sign of immemorial ages
Ancient burial place
Diffuse stench of rotten stones
Mausoleums crumble down
A repulsive mix of weeds and stones
In ancient and emetic graves
Awaits the life that we'll never know
It's time to dig the humid ground
8. Unreachable Spheres
The unknown that surrounds us
The reason for what dogs bark in the dark light of the midnight
Unreachable they coexist alongside us
Endless dread, complex matter worlds

Unspeakable vibes occult to our sight
Imposed to the time and the empty space
Defiled of the fright that awaits in shades
Beings that no living thing had seen before

Truth displays all its radiance in the presence of my being
Trapped by a vast whirl of images and sounds

Abominable turmoil of undescribable forms
As a ghastly profusion of malevolent purposes
Immense beings encouraged of synchronic flabbiness
As black as ink they are covering me

Big horrible shouts break forth between the chaos
Deformed faces for the striking hate
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