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Land in Sight Full Album Lyrics

At the Dawn - Land in Sight cover art

Land in Sight

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Through a Darkened Sky (5:29)
Dominus misereatur
Ego arbitror
Mihi ignoscendum esse
Ave angeli, fratres sanguinis
Nunc fiat voluntas mea

Over the ages
I have looked at you
From the seven heavens
The place I call home
I am a guardian, a keeper of souls
A warrior of the faith
In the name of the cross

I am immortal and pure
I have nor blemish nor sin

Over the ages
I have learned from you
The beauty of the free will
To choose evil or good
My Lord I'm tired
To still be your hand
I want my freedom
Do you understand?

High more and more
Flying through a darkened sky
By the clouds of a storm
Omen of my fate
I'm going to deny my wings
I'm ready to leave the eternity
Down more and more
Flying through a darkened sky
To the world I desire
Starting a new life
I feel I'm losing my wings
Leaving behind me the eternity
Falling through a darkened sky

Anyway I will not join
The ranks of "The Fallen"
My damnation will be
To preserve neutrality
I will be a guardian
The keeper of karma
A warrior of the fate
In the name of none

I am immortal and free
I have nor regret nor fear
2. Land in Sight (6:05)
Listening to the stories
Handed down by sailors
And spending many hours
On nautical charts
Watching the artifacts
Found off the Atlantic ocean
I had a revelation on the way to go

There must ba route
By sailing west
That leads to the eastern lands
I feel it's true, I'm not a mad
Forever you'll remember my name

So far away
Riding the tradewinds
Like a bird in the sky
Across the sea
I'll find my way to eternity
To the cry of land in sight

From court to court
Speaking about my project
I often met distrust and disbelief
I have not given up
Sure of my convictions
And so I got the esteem
Of the Castilian queen

Day after day
I'm watching the horizon
Waiting for the cry
Of land in sight
3. Siren Call (4:55)
An eerie silence, suddenly
A god has calmed waves and wind
A melody across the sea
And from the rocks, a beat of wings

In a moment we lost control
Of our minds, as mesmerized
A female demon appeared

Come here and listen
To the sweetness of this song
Please detain your ship and
Don't go along
Come here and listen
To the sweetness of this song
My voice is enchanting
To me now you belong
Cause no one can resist the siren call
An eerie silence on the ship
There's just a sailor facing the sea
A gold chain around his neck
With a name written on its back
Just in time he reverses course cause
We were all as mesmerized
All but not Jack "The Deaf"

Come here and listen
To the sweetness of this song
Please detain your ship and
Don't go along
Come here and listen
To the sweetness of this song
My voice is enchanting
What's going wrong?
Cause no one should resist
The siren call
4. The Deserter (5:42)
Sitting in the trench
I was looking for romance
Reading in the rain
A few letters from my girl
Waiting for the next attack
With the rifle on the back
I was watching in the bag
Because all had to be checked
Rations, ammunitions
Supplied by the nation
I was going to betray

Sitting in the trench
Waiting for the command
Trying to deny the fear
Browsing some photos of my dears
I started watching to the faces
Of my fellow soldiers
Looking for a bit of hope
But everything I saw was
Only resignation
And hate for the nation
I was going to betray

I will go away from this decadence
Cause I'm tired of being a damned
Lost in no man's land

Everyday I lose a friend
Will this ever end?
Every night I see his ghost
Crying among the dead
I'm going to flee so far away
From this senseless war
Cause I'm just a man condemned
To die away from home
Every day is like a bet
With the grim reaper
So before my luck runs out
I will be a deserter

Screaming in the night
It was ordered the assault
The enemy fire was all around
Chasing away the crows
I started crawling in the mud and
Running in the dark
With never looking back
Following the path
That lead to my salvation
So far from the nation
I've betrayed with no regrets
5. Ouverture (1:21)
6. The Offense (1:09)
In a time a long far away
A legend made its way
One night a king
Lifted a glass of wine
Made from a skull
He took a long sip and poured again
Calling his queen
"Come here my lady, take a drink
From your father's skull!"

Some bitter tears streaming down
Her face while she drank
And the wine took on
The flavour of revenge
Some bitter tears streaming down
Her face when she stopped
In her sight there was
The flame of revenge
7. The Revenge (4:11)
In the night the queen conspired
With the king's enemies
She took his sword and
Tied the hilt tightly to the sheath
While the king was sleeping deeply
The queen dismissed the guards and
Opened wide the royal rooms
To the murderers

"I will be the lady of
Your nightmare tonight
Can you feel the fury of my love
For you?
So find your way to the hades
My beloved king
I will have your head to drink
The wine of revenge"

The king woke up
Called the guards but no one came
He took his sword and tried to pull
It out to defend
The laughter of the queen
Echoed in the room
While defenseless
He was pierced by shining blades
8. The Day When Heroes Die (5:01)
A lightning strike in the sky
On the mountains far away
The crows are perched all around
In a black parade
The wind is whispering
A final farewell
Some flaming arrows fly
Through the dark

Burn in the light of
A cold starry night
On a pyre of fire and flames
Rising to the sky
There's a time to be heroes and
A day when heroes die
But their name will forever be alive

The ashes rise in the air
Like a silver rain
A lady is singing in the corner
Like a nightingale
Two gold coins on the eyelids
Are the payment for the
Ferryman of souls
9. Tiger Within (4:44)
She hides
In the blind side of my sight
In the forest of the night
I see her eyes
Two burning fires watching me
A shadow crouched behind the wall
Like the falling snow
She waits for me, silently

Victim of my fear I'm standing still
Listening in the darkness
Victim of my fear I shout and scream
Breaking the silence

She lives in the dark side of my mind
A place I know but I can't find
I feel her heart
A rhythm spreading energy
A presence just behind the door
An ancestral call
She waits fro me, my striped dream

Wake up and trust, master your fear
Taming the tiger within
Find your wisdom and peace
To reach harmony
Until you realize that you are
The tiger within

She stands in the corner of my soul
She looks my journey in the world
I feel her thoughts
An empathy that's guiding me
The sensation in my heart
To be two inseparable parts
King and queen
10. Ladyhawke (6:05)
A misty winter twilight
In the forest on the hills
A mighty wolf is running free
Next to a riding lady
The morning dew is falling on
The village near the wood
An hawk is gliding on the arm
Of a black knight on his steed
By day one way
By night a different way
Condemned to be
Forever shapeshifter
Dreaming revenge
Dreaming to be redeemed
Ready to fight
Ready to die to end this fate

Bound, together bound
Forever bound
Because you've found in your love
A chain for your wandering hearts
And free, together free, forever free
When in the sky you will see
The dark joining the light

The Bishop is praying
For his sinful life and soul
A total eclipse incoming in the sky
A deal with the devil is never
A good bargain

In the cathedral
The bishop is lying dead
With a sword hammered in his chest
While two lovers
Are dancing hand in hand
The curse is broken, this story ends

Bound, together bound
Forever bound
Because you've found in your love
A chain for your wandering hearts
And free, together free, forever free
As two eagles flying in the wind
Ladyhawke and his knight
11. A Crow With No Wings (5:06)
The wind is whispering
In the clearing
Asking for my name
The North is calling
Winter is coming
I leave aside my blame
In the shadows among the trees
I feel something's watching me
My recitation of the oath
Has made me a brother here...now

Oh the night gathers and
My watch behins
Changing my life
Oh now
I am the watcher on the wall
A crow with no wings
I am a sword in the darkness
Until my death
For this night and
All the nights to come
I shall take no wife
I shall hold no lands
I shall wear no crowns and
Win no glory

I shall have no child
I shall live and die
Spending all my life
In the night's watch now
12. Revelations (Iron Maiden Cover) (6:56)
"O God of Earth and Altar,
Bow down and hear our cry,
Our earthly rulers falter,
Our people drift and die,
The walls of gold entomb us,
The swords of scorn divide,
Take not thy thunder from us,
Take away our pride."
[G.K. Chesterton: English Hymnal]

Just a babe in a black abyss,
No reason for a place like this,
The walls are cold and souls cry out in pain,
An easy way for the blind to go,
A clever path for the fools who know
The secret of the Hanged Man - the smile of his lips.

The light of the Blind - you'll see,
The venom tears my spine,
The Eyes of the Nile are opening - you'll see.

She came to me with a serpent's kiss,
As the Eye of the Sun rose on her lips,
Moonlight catches silver tears I cry,
So we lay in a black embrace,
And the Seed is sown in a holy place
And I watched, and I waited for the Dawn.

The light of the Blind - you'll see,
The venom that tears my spine,
The Eyes of the Nile are opening - you'll see.


Bind all of us together,
Ablaze with Hope and Free,
No storm or heavy weather
Will rock the boat you'll see.
The time has come to close your eyes
And still the wind and rain,
For the one who will be King
Is the Watcher in the Ring.
It is You.
It is You.
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