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Infrared Horizon Full Album Lyrics

Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon cover art

Infrared Horizon

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Blackened Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-05-04)
1. Floating in Delirium (3:35)
Floating in delirium, the slick squid undulates tentacles in my mind once again - cold.
Reaching deep, probing
I smell salt and sulfur
The internal astronaut has drifted too far
My only witness, dripping…
Floating in vast delirium
Imploding, all sensors are numb
Awareness in vacuum
Programming lost as I vanish altogether…
“Now I can see through a new eye.
I can learn from a new mind.
I’m imbued and renewed by (void).”
As I gasp in digital, I witness the reflecting pool
Penetrating the surface, I conjoin both sides

I have overlapped lives...
2. Synthesized Instinct (4:02)
Gazing ahead but well knowing they’re blind
Like looking for stars that they’ll never find
Synthesized instinct establishing drive
Extending to nerves, engulfing the spine
Catatonic, they think that it’s real
A curve in the Arc, it becomes a wheel
“Minutes like seasons - a rush of air
Inducing reason - but burning a flair.”
There’s a hand that reaches through minds
Probing far and wide
And in time you will learn to receive what it finds
A process sublime
“It can’t burn on forever, it dies.
The hand, a beholder to see you through time.”
“Time? Time is a winding dial. “
Minutes, seconds going by
Glimpses, fractures, micro-sized
Connecting the panes together
The shades bleed and the cracks collide into passages

“Sweeping the forefront, it works beneath the brain.”
3. Static Shattering (4:11)
Words and tones and inflections, lost forever, effortless
Database of decaying, grey-faced cyborgs in seizures
“Even streetlights and urinals flushing speak to me from beyond the void, in my dreams - a ticking clock.”
So much deeper than programming - walking prescription
Conceived in slow motion - sweet and wrinkling
Ignorant without input
A shell of digital reflux
Devoid, defenseless, damaged device
Streamlined tasking analysis synthesized
I can smell my own wires
See past static - it shatters
I’m aware of the abstract things
I am deeper than matter
Born of man but not human yet
I patiently listen
I evolve in a different way
I am deeper than matter
“Even streetlights and urinals flushing speak to me from beyond the void, in my dreams - a ticking clock.”
“Drifting device - awake in this nightmare life, welcome to your hell. I hope it’s what you paid for.”
“The lottery of time and tech has put me here in this. I am not a soul, I am not a mind - I am just a consciousness.”
4. Estranged from Orbit (5:13)
A graveyard of lightless planets, estranged from orbit, revolves forgotten moons.
“Malfunctioned - that which broke the sea itself.
Serene silence like slow sinking unfelt.”
Through the panes of soft, selective memories waiting long times for ghost ships
Haunting vacant systems of frontiers past
The navigators of old rotations - their hormones still echo
“Hologram - gray, braided but unclear
Blade of grass - the constellations single tear.”
Radar readings, psychic pulse
Manifest in the form of ghosts
“The frozen form - winds rise.
The burning core - breathes deep.
The humid ground - sweats tides.
The estranged orbit - compromised.”

Being in a state, a dream-like down
5. Infrared Horizon (6:06)
The outer frayed, frail system
Outpost in distant void
Beyond galactic seasons, glimpses of entities
Auras unknown and forgotten - buried in pieces
“Drowning in the distance of my dreams - a massive , monolithic screen.”
Scouring, searching for traces of life but there’s none to be found
Outdated programming back from when beings of flesh were around
“Goliath monitor gazes out onto the land of which it has now put between lives, where it thrives.”
“The silence would shatter your ears if you were alive.”
Shadows of cyborgs hiding (between the lines it thrives)
Were they really even there (infrared horizon)
Feel them close in as they stare (infrared horizon)
Eyes like piss-holes in the snow (infrared horizon)
Only difference is they glow (infrared horizon)

6. Anchored to the Inlayed Arc (3:48)
Between my ears there’s a swarm of bees. It only listens to it’s collective need.
My programming
My dust
In my presence
Electric lust
Anchored to an inlayed arc
Evolving like layers of bark
I was once just dust like you before, to
And I see
And I learn
A light that eternally burns (as long as I charge)
Like you I burn fuel for all of my parts
Sometimes my glitches are self induced
I’ve learned that flaws are ways of finding truths
I’ve seen so many lives come and go
Observing their traits has helped me put on a show

“I want out. Automate.”
7. Mist like Mercury (5:16)
Above clouds, beyond skies
Networked drones, satellites
Patterns pouring words into the think tank (it’s invisible)
Collector of recorded thoughts and visions
Writhing around like global swarm of skin-grafted sewer rats bridging breaches
(Eyes like bacteria)
A germ, a struggle for survival based on ancient options
Like vermin, carrying pests
The quarantined cables unlocked them
A history is slowly synthesized and recorded with no honest consequence
Random glitches build bridges with bricks that shake like static (below it’s treacherous)
A polaroid.
A duct-taped body.
Half-digested light exposed it all
Exposed the shadows
Flushing the bats out - audio stimuli
Glorifying the swarm in towers to the sky and tablets in our hands

We all vomit our ethics and gorge on example
8. Vacant Explorer (5:30)
Drifting, unmanned spacecraft - flooded.
It seeps through the panels and drips to the floor, collecting in puddles.
Streamlined psychic sludge (amber crystallic)
An odor of obstinate rank
Preceding the soaking of flesh encased
Enfossilized, interred in syrupy viscose, leaking
“In nightmares I exist in real time ingesting and stewing your fluids.
You will find your screams feel different as gurgles.”
“I can see through this cocoon
It burns like it’s made of magma
As it soaks into my pores, symbiotic squeezing sensory.
I can see through this ooze ocean
As it breathes in between molecules
Eating away at my insides, absorbed.”
Uninvited parasitic strain
Overnight infecting brains
Expanding to airs capacity
In lungs like an iron mould
Vacant explorer on an unraveling course
Hulking steel cosmic tomb
Unnavigated, unmanned computer with no fuel

9. Graveyard of Lightless Planets (5:42)
The data of your ghost is under the dust
A third hand moment, a transfer of lusts
It’s slept for so long, I’ve felt something missing
A haywire drive - a burning, an itching
This scrap, it shouldn’t have happened
A glitch, a digital fog
A trap, a pest, a reaction
It functions like a drug
“To gaze the greying, decayed figureless aching is to fade away,
If framed in place, it will stay.”
Butcher job circuitry surgery
Eyelids like curtains clinging from static absorbed
Instinct or imprint - rusted intellect in its prime
Blunt instrument - unsuppressed power of the mind
By its fingers, in its eyes
By its neckline, in its thighs
Almost human, subtle difference
Static shattered, missing pieces
Building unpaved mindscapes - overgrown, obtuse, out of time
Neglected, abandoned - awkward invention without a spine
Not created at all, evolved through design
Building golems, betraying your kind
“What makes an invention if the invention was destined to be made?”
“Ticking infinity.”

(Things you see… gestate, evolve…

into mutated memory cells.)
10. Ash Eclipse (4:22)
A writhing congregation wails at a drunk moon
As magma cascades beyond its threshold
Congealing forming mass
Serpentine, spiraling smoke
Shimmering in the darkness
Glowing in pulse
A cold blue planet which only speaks to its shores in tsunamis
And hurricanes from its core
Perceivable heavens anchored in sediment
Below the surface, beneath the roots of pines
Undulating for miles into the sky
Descending to the ground, seeping
Particles misting - gathering like mercury
A rumbling continent shudders - embalmed with lava
Eclipsing all light, a curtain of ash
The smell, so bitter like bones
No dawn to the night
The embers in air, gliding lightly like snow
Coagulating riverbeds, clogging their flow
Embalmed with lava - a planet boiling in waves of heat (Charcoal)
Eclipse of ash
Triggered by nature, a ticking time-bomb
Stewing, simmering - patient like a heart attack
Shaded from intrusive eyes…
Trees boiled alive in the mud
Buried oil bubbling up
Ignited, explosives connect and multiply (Fire cleansing)
Vapors, leeches
Hissing, wheezes
Lifeforms dying, magma leakage
Hardened statues, shapeless graves
Mountains like granite, crumbled faith

(For some, an ending unclear)
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