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On Crom's Mountain Full Album Lyrics

Arkham Witch - On Crom's Mountain cover art

On Crom's Mountain

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 5 Hermit (2012-06-22)
1. Battering Ram (4:13)
Honey, spare me the details
C´mon now, cut the crap
Well tell me where to go woman
Show me where it´s at!

Some men got their subtletics
Some men got tact
Well, I ain´t got none of these
Baby, I´m a batterin ram!

I got the right connection
I got the will of steel
There´s only one direction
When I´m behind the wheel

Storm the gates!

I´m living in a ram´s head
I got the monkey on my back
A prehensile nightmare
When I attack!

Hungry like a wolf
Demanding like a prince
Well, all I know here
That life´s a bitch!

Some men got their subtletics
Some men got tact
Well, I ain´t got none of these
Baby, I´m a batterin ram!

Raise the stakes now one more time
Before we kick the can
Way to play, your place or mine
Baby I´m a battering ram!
2. The Lord of R'lyeh (7:08)
The strangest rumblings, underground
That old crow Titus, he knows the sound
Three thousand miles, across the sea
Something stirring, the legions deep!

Cthulhu rises from his grave
The Lord of R'lyeh lives again
That not dead, eternal lie
And with strange eons, even death may die!

Once saw the horror, made from clay
And cherished madness, ´til this dark day
Now after a million, sleeping years
We all shall realise, our deepest fears

A shape immortal, a dreaming god
Tentacled horror, raise pseudopod
And ive the hail, dark rage unfurled
Servants of Chaos - to take the worlds!

A sunken city beneath the waves
A hungry horror - destruction craves
A Strange dimension, an outer dark
Ye gods of evil, this power hark

Upon the surface, Cthulhu rise
And once acknowledged, the fear dies
Through Arkham madness, and lunacy
In gibbous frenzy - we are free!
3. Burn the Witch (4:39)
The people stand and stare, they drag the woman by her hair
Parade her through the town, they´re gonna take a witch woman down!

C´mon and burn the witch!

They tie her to the stake, her eyes flask with ice cold hate
Storm clouds claim the sky, signs ward off her evil eye

Witch woman I loved you don´t you know
Your fire burns inside my soul
Repent my child before it´s too late
See how the devil can steal your fate

When we burn the witch!

The wytchfinde lights the pyre, the leaping flames get higher and higher
Spells foat on the wind - a strange nightmare settles in!

Lightning strikes the ground, storm clouds burst, the rain comes down
The witch she stands unscathed, but the village huts are all ablaze!
4. The Phantom Bowmen (5:25)
Shades of iron grey against a mustard sky
The world´s a weary corpse out leant
Through the thickening gas, some men are born to die
And some their country´s rage to vent

The heaviest burden that a soldier has to bear
The crushing weight of his defeat
To save an empire, men offer up their prayer
To strive, to fight, and not to yield

Adsit Anglis, Sanctus Georgius
The Phantom Bowmen of Agincourt

Overwhelming odds too Englishmen are bait
Outnumbered, figures soldier on
But prayers of sout hearts are heard by noble dead
And soon begins the battlesong!

´Ye ghosts of England that lay grounded in the soil
Take your hope and look to the skies
And all old lions that once roared at Agincourt
I now command thee to arise!

Adis Anglais, Sanctus Georgius
The Phantom Bowmen of Agincourt

A raining tide of arrows born on spectral wings
Array, Array, Array, Array!
Falling from the sky was angel steel divine
To wash the enemy away

The noble German dead lay littered on the soul
And none to bar the soldiers´ path
But no mortal wound on these men could be found
Just Merry England´s hearty laugh!

Adsit Anlias, Sanctus Georgius
High chevalier - defend us all!
5. Dagon's Bell (6:58)
Grey sombre bell
Tolling weird foglight
Follow to dwell
In the weeds of her caress

Gold in her hair
The priestess is calling
In darkness she glows
In dark spectral bethel

Submarine churches
Order esoteric
Mother Hydra´s spell
Coiling in old father Dagon´s Bell

Brooding fishhead
Chthonic scholar
Moontide philosopher

My body bursts and swells
in unknown calling
Transformed into
Oily wrath of the sea

Submarine churches
Order esoteric
Mother Hydra´s spell
Coiling in old father Dagon´s bell
6. March for War (4:32)
Can you see the destruction that the future holds?
The systematic destruction, of the brace and the bold
Words of slumber not battle, what the leaders talk
And as machine guns rattle, you run, you can walk or...

March! for! War!
Evil the law!

The secret puppet masters, pull like thugs on the strings
And as we drown in their laughter, people become things
We might have what we wanted, we don´t have what we need
The only people truly alive, the one´s prepared to bleed and ...

March! for! War!
Evil the law!

Electronic messiah, from a prehistoric land
Fan the flames of their fire, for the masters plan
Ancient dominator, the individual dies
And sooner or later, a new collective cries ...

March! for! War!
Evil the law!
7. Waterfront Fists (3:16)
A bloodthirsty lunge
A right wing swing
To the striped Cat Club
for Gloria Flynn

Smack ´em in the eye
Kick ´em in the head
Kill ´em ´til they´re dead

Bloody handed bliss
What you think of this?
Give your pain a kiss

Waterfront fists!

Curly hair and violet eyes
Her Indian club, a hard surprise!

Red Roach makes his move
The pain is coming soon
Fifteen fathoms higher
A portside fist of fire!

Smack ´em in the fuckin´ head
Kick ´em ´til they´re fuckin´ dead
Hit the fuckin´ ref instead!

All three to the canvas fall
All for one and one for all
All of us are born to brawl!

The fourth round tearing in
Sledgehammer to the chin
Southpaw feinting right
Time to hit the lights!

I lost the girl, and the money too
A well thrown fist, my only truth
8. The Necromancer (2:52)
Lies and pain and an evil heart
I walk this world a man apart
Ancient voices crowd my brain
I assure you dear, you´ll live again

The Necromancer!

Lika a black banshee on the winds of death
I walk the road of nightmares on the devils breath
Take my strength from the souls they give
In grey grim world under coffin lid

The Necromancer!

The last vestige of entity leaves you,
and your weary soul welcomes the cold eternal repose of rest
The calm of non-being and the forever dream of secrets
as the scent of heaven drifts in dying nostrils
But through the fleshy cosmos comes a strange groan
and the crackling twitch of stiff dead fingers
You hear the call and your black lungs dusty howl,
as the runes muttered seal you in hell

9. Viking Pirates of Doom (5:18)
Men at arms on the ocean wave
Hell bent on death and rape
Leave now, before it´s too late

In the mist when the thunder strikes
We descend from the Northern Lights
Ride the storm and see what bites!

Odin calls from across the sea
Freya sends her love to me
The best things in life are free

Thor lends his strength to all
Loki answers our wolfen call
Tyr laughs as they fall...

We come in our longships
We don´t take any bullshit
We just take all of your shit
Viking Pirates of Doom!

We come to your island
We come to break the silence
We come for sex and violence!
Viking Pirates of Doom!

The storm our brother and the sea our bride
Pain and death, another wave to ride
We "hail" those who´ve died
In the mist glory awaits
Hand in hand with Hel´s black gates
Only the Norns know our fates

Odin! Odin! Odin!
10. Crom's Mountain (8:53)
I have lived a varied life but never gave
Quarter to any man, nor been a slave
Made many journeys from my homeland
Now, across the border of death I stand

Lightning strikes!
Biting through mist and shadow, Raven's wings!
Beat darkly in the gloom, Grim corpses!
Surround him on his iron throne
A heavy hand! Hammers down my doom!

On Crom's Mountain!

I was a mere boy, when as a man I stood
To repel invaders from our land of woods
I cleaved many a skull, before my sixteenth year
A long and bloody path has brought me here


I grant thee a boon now warrior stand,
To rejoin the world of men,
To venture forth in the realm beyond,
To reap more souls for Mount Crom.

Your passion be fire, and your will be ice
I give you your strength and that will suffice
Trust not women, nor wizards, nor gods
Never give up, whatever the odds


And so, I was born again, born on the battlefield, son of a blacksmith!

So Crom did grant my fate to the Steadfast Ones
Eternal Lord of Mist
To have my name bound in their iron book
Was yet to be my heritage
I'm Alive!
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