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Interior Chaos Full Album Lyrics

Apokefale - Interior Chaos cover art

Interior Chaos

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  45 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level ― (2013-03-17)
1. Absorb the Astral Dimension (4:37)
Bring to me mighty of planets
Open the silence of centuries
In my empire of evil
And I shall take your black gift

I am crawling through the nonsense
I am eating the roots of grief,
Suffering by emptiness

I am the empire of darkness
I am with it, it is within me
Empire! Empire! Empire!
We have been absorbed by roaring pulse

Together we call the pain

Listen to my truth
And you will hear our whisper behind your back
It will drink you slowly.
2. Destination: The Source of Infinity (5:01)
3. Cold Apostasy (6:52)
4. Fast Frozen Future (7:07)
Black book of dead is means of life
Life after death
Death queen is symbol of darkness
Fast Frozen Future
The rain in the night you fell, you must die
You see emptiness and the death slowly arrives

Clod wind
Tired, sad it carries with itself human rage
It trusts in destiny, it the wander of ground

My frozen body
Wishes new god
Bite my neck and it my soul
Moon is lighting bleeding face

Open the black book and summon ancient gods
Take away your anger through a return door in a hell

Open the grave and save in my ashes
I will to me a hand and drink my blood
Fast Frozen Future

Blood for satan

I hate this future
I want this Fast Frozen Future
Kill me god, kill me, kill
5. Triumphal Eclipse (7:19)
North, west, south in disorder
The thrones, empire right behind have fallen
On east set off distant, air to drink
In edge of destiny, change death
Be not afraid to die you see you only part of the world power
By meeting its person to the person light fire in soul
And it of signs you

To new life there revive
Learn to see the truth
As it difficulty to see such it
Such what it is actually

Know, true near to you
If you under guillotine
Does not trust be tormented
Shout about the nature

The nature is higher than us
What you did not do
Realize its authority or die for ever

The opposition is not meaningful
The bloody river of time
Has flooded your
You are dead

Study and think-
-Who will tell that the world is empty
Who will tell that the world is awful,
Who will answer your questions,
Be able to survive

But I now one
We cannot resist to power of a nature
The spirit of a nature is high so,
That can operate us.

The nature is higher than us
6. Afflatus Afreet (3:41)
From useful through valid to fine
Its simply death
Cry about a pardon of sin is not present

The torment living are a pain
Cry and repent sinister afreet
Your divine relation close
Afflatus Afreet

Do not hurry up to burn down
In furry of the gods your hour will reach
The flesh will decay but the soul will wander
In labyrinths of life

Afreet you free
Fight till death
Afreet you free
In a name of torment

Being heaped up
In anything erased
The past decays as ashes
Like piece of coal in fire

Nothing will rescue you repent
Laughing in the person to the gods
Has come your verdict,
You have made a step
7. Cult of the Damned (5:14)
Destroy a canon-dogma
I tell you for a wisdom
I stand on a crossroad of spheres
Look up to the sky
And it will specify
Your own gateways

Your mind is caught by the hook of clarity
And shock is o deadly for the ways of subconscious
Now insanity reigns on ruins of thy reality
And faceless avenger makes the curtains fall

Panic is a most unexpected guest
You try to dont loose control, hopes suffocated
But ambiguous shades and hazy roads
Do you remember it, isnt you?

Voice proclaims the end of your illusions, its crushed to dust
Knowledge reveals, its pressing cells of horrified brain, no road to cast
The majesty of god, what are you talking about?
No logic, no reason, no matter no exit
And after forever, at flickering depths you will find the truth


And then he will start talking also he will be compelled to give the truthful answer


Conquered wisdom - cult of damned

Sail to the grave of Aloha
Die for the might of Omega
Drain their peace for my reborn
Gain their war for my reborn
8. Woman of Dark Desires (Bathory cover) (5:20)
All dressed in gold and purple the beauty awaits the night
Knowing what will satisfy
Aware of Her delight
The thought of young fresh blood makes the hours go so slow
But the yearn for eternal life and beautyÊmakes her hazelbrown eyes glow

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory......

Now the hour is comed, the time is right for the feast to take its roll
And by the sunrise 60 bodies will be found raped from their blood and souls
The beauty patiently selects the victims for the night
Innocent blood will give eternal beauty eternal life

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory......

Now the life you have lived have comed to light and unfold is your perversity
Now the end is near still death is real
No more beauty or life for eternity
Cold walls entombs your secrets but there's nothing you regret
Embrace death with a smile as the highlands face sunset

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory......

[Repeat chorus]
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