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Sidereus Nuncius Full Album Lyrics

Apocynthion - Sidereus Nuncius cover art

Sidereus Nuncius

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Black Metal, Post-Rock
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Submitted by level 9 Illudead (2013-07-06)
1. Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One (1:55)
2. Redshift (10:17)
Originating a beginning of the journey,
crossing these invisible boundaries.
Raising my retinas to infinity,
and finding so small possibilities.

Expands its soul near to me
within this ceiling, this gray prison.
Observe these slow hours passing
as the sky opens up to you.

Open your eyes to this redshift.
Let the dreams fly free to the stars.

Prevail, we, pass the start
by joining our horizons at the end.
All this chaos in order converge
in a universe which we call sinful.

Open your eyes to this redshift.
Let this thought fly free, my gift.

“A través del tiempo tu mente vuela al olvido.
Extrañando esos parajes nebulares moteados.
Te acercas y tocas la fina capa fría del vacío,
Donde nunca podrá encontrarte la melancolía.”

No word, for those who travel endlessly,
without knowing what's the truth that will come.
Sadly and tenderly caress these last verses,
and turn your head looking towards the future.

Inexorable paths through knowledge
provided for years and years of displacement.
And the sun, sinking in the dark night,
embrace us among her radiant understanding.
3. Nothing Important Happened Today - Part I (10:51)
Streams of life turns to shine
tall and strong.

From my vantage point I see
the slow movements of the sun.

But dreams are interrupted
by a clear vision from the past.

Something is changing in the Cosmos
and they want to hide it all...

From the storming of the Bastille.
Until the end of existence.
From the primordial vacuum of universe,
even the most recent events

Among racks they always wanted to be,
hiding each of the truths,
indoctrinating frail and feeble minds
of those who have faith, but no reason.

You poison my food
and then tend me your hand.
Your poison is acting
in the veins of Humanity.

They injected a pandemic virus
of fake intelligence and wisdom.
And managed to make us feel
owners of a story that was written
(long time ago).

Do not turn to shine.
Ignorance is total.
Feeling like a doll,
acting at their mercy.

And yet, I keep dancing
this sound of celestial music.
As much as I try to envision,
Nothing important happened today.

Rien d'important s'est passé aujourd'hui,
pour avoir écrit la vérité.
Rien d'important s'est passé aujourd'hui,
rien d'important, rien de plus.
4. Nothing Important Happened Today - Part II (7:24)
Rien d'important s'est passé aujourd'hui,
pour avoir écrit la vérité.
Rien d'important s'est passé aujourd'hui,
rien d'important, rien de plus.
5. MDSCC (9:46)
Come with the dark
all the elements floating in the stars.
Soon, in the land,
receiving all connections with your eyes.

Surely comes, surely comes...

Far away in the deep space
we capture lost signals.
Remains of the Background Noise,
which may our six senses perceive.

Born in this sand
I point my arms to the sky.
Turns me apart
and put computers on standby.

Surely comes, surely comes...

Tearing every tear of frustration,
perennially working on finding the Hidden.
And my hands are open to uncertainty
carry on searching for the answer.

Painting the outside with black
and eyelids narrowed inside
faint echoes of something that will never come
define what's expected, almost eternal, to know.

I cling furiously to think
that she turned to me.
And her dark side
It gives us a breath of quiet.

Connections are disabled...
Moon is there in the sky...

Crowning the top of the center hill
I focus my lost gaze to infinity.
Periodically bits of hope come back
in the form of words resulting from the advance...
6. 33.675° N, 106.475° W (4:16)
7. Redux (14:50)
I can see constellations birth and death.
I cannot love life. On any account.
But I envy her persistence,
although it has, like everything, beginning and end.

Watching it grow and distort.
(Born... And grow...)
Cycles of the same universe.
(Past... Far...)

A dawning twilight within another twilight.
An extended end, extended to the end.
Induced by the eternal return of time,
neither Alpha nor Omega, just transition.

Watching it grow and distort.
(Born... And grow...)
Cycles of the same universe.
(Past... Far...)

Repented of this useless futility,
lulled by a constant rebirth.
Another opportunity provided by providence.
Another opportunity to be wasted, for sure...

And your shine, your shine...
And your shine, shine...
On and on, and on...
On and on, on...

Breaking this particles of inert matter
to which we might call existence.
To regenerate each of these gaps
that can never be filled with hope...
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