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Sinful Birth Full Album Lyrics

Antichrist - Sinful Birth cover art

Sinful Birth

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
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1. Instruments of Sadism (1:12)
2. Savage Mutilations (5:21)
Beneath the darkened cloak of nightfall
Insanity reveals
The embryo of senseless horrors
Breeds behind their eyes
Under the moon a growning lust
A hunger starts to rise
A satanic need to stalk and kill
In shelter of the night

A violent end of tragic life, a sacrificial gift
The demon owns her tortured soul
The torment never stops

A twisted sexual desire
To slit a tender throat
And to feel the life escape the body
As death takes his freezing hold
Raise the shining sword of conquest
The mutilator's blade
Her lifeblood runs in rivers
As she dies on the altar of ail

Savagely killed as a sacrament of blood
Revel in the treasures of the flesh
Below the eyes of a mournful god
Exploring the ultimate pleasures of death

Beyond the door of Satan's house
Rituals of death proceed
The Devil holds their certain fate
Controls their wicked needs

Minds are warped by the presenceof the fallen one
He will never let them go
She knows too well the meaning of pain
And now her anguish will only grow

They cannot resist, the hunger is too strong
This seems the only solution
But never enough, prowling the streets again
Obscured by the shadows
They hunt for the weak, the lonely and lost
In the aphotic abyss of the city
From twilight till dawn, but then they are gone
But soon to return again

She felt the shapeless darkness
In the eyes of the disturbed
In the flowing river of blood
Her fate eternally was sealed

Life after life they offer to him
Their master still beckons for more
His voice can be heard in the silence of night
His thirst will never be quenched

Savage mutilations
The nightmare is no dream at all
Victim of Lucifer's work
Her faith is of no avail
The cry of a prostitute
Slaughtered like a helpless lamb
Savage mutilations
3. The Entity (4:28)
The magic hour is here at last
Spirit rise in spectral flight
Ethereal presence in midnight winds
There is no rest even in death

Empty vessel must be found
Human host shall be bound
Parasite of unwary souls
Wicked power takes control

Wailing cries from the graveyard at night
Can you hear the lamentations of the dead

Temple conquered by demon fiend
Fleshless ghoul never redeemed
Doomed room the realms beyond
It returns to steal your breath

To revert from amorphous existence
Incarnation, the final deliverance

There is only one purpose in ageless oblivion
Biding time - wait for the gate to appear

In this moment the passage is complete
What was you now never will be again

Perverted into an injurious sinner
Morbid blood flows inside the shell
Your soul has been banished forever to dwell
But the body lives on infested by darkness
Infernal intentions now master your mind
Sucumb to the godless, malefic desires
Planted there by a malevolent force

Hidden in a world of obscurity
Cast into the incromprehensible void
drowning into the impious sea of nothingness
The mysterious eternity revealed
Your plaint of sorrow cannot be heard
The gate is closed, you belong to the shadows of death
4. Under the Cross (3:43)
In the night he returns
To claim their souls to be burned
With his scepter and his eyes
Evoke the graves of those who died

Reanimated from their tombs
Enslave them all in hateful gloom
Hear the words of his command
Behold the power within his hands

Bewitched with a fiery web
Death shall not be the end
Through dimensions unknown to man
he leads the corpses to his land

Possession - of their minds
Soul abduction - into the burning jaws of hell

Tormented screams dwells in the deep
Beyond the door of final sleep
The laughing fate of tyranny
Slaves for all eternity

Under the cross of Baphomet,
his kingdom they will serve
In the heart of an infernal maze
Hear the trumpets of the damned,
obey the endless wrath
Of the destroyer of rest and of mind
Imprisoned in another world
where god is held in chains
In the abyss of the heretic
Forced to fall into the depths
Of fire and of black
At the sharp edge of no coming back
Oppressor of the undead,
dictator of the night
Ruler in the vast realms of time
Slaves under the pentagram,
now kneel towards the throne
Preachers of heaven, now servants in hell
5. The Black Pharaoh (5:53)
In the fading glow of the final twilight
I sense the coming of undying evil
For aeons brooding in timeless silence
Soon the radiant darkness will hatch
Awaiting the ultimate night to arrive
Mankind is fettered and held, in cold suspense
Gathering shadows of the holocaust
He has entered into the realm of the living

I am the vessel, I am the sentinel
I know the prophecy must be fulfilled

Usurpers of the throne
Descending from the stars
from beyond the gate of Yog-Sothoth

Messenger of death proclaims their arrival
Reciting the words from the book of Azathoth
The rapture will come without salvation
The abolishment of physical laws
I sense the presence of unworldly forces
A phosphorus horror eating the land
Seething nuclear chaos, boiling sea of death
Ascend ancient city from beneath the waves

I am the key, he is the gate
A mystical voyage has only begun

The future is grim, shrouded in death
The world that we know - fruitless and bleak
One thousand masks obscuring his face
Swept by the black wind into the abyss

I am the vessel, I am the sentinel
I know the prophecy must be fulfilled
I am the key, he is the gate
6. Sinful Birth (4:55)
Deep within the convent walls
Blood stains from her torn up cunt
Cries are heard of pain and fear
Birth of sin is drawing near
Night appears with evil host
Calling for the exorcist
Nuns are praying while she screams
Satan's child inside her breeds

Raped and tortured by the priest
Before he tried to kill himself
The Devil took his hallowed soul
And used it as a puppet doll

Behind the cross, a door of Hell
Spectral powers, floods of rage
Ravaging shade in darkness dwell
Into the Devil's hands she fell

Twisted evil brood
Dwells inside her womb
In their holy shrine
Birth of Satan's child

Sinful birth

Deep inside their soul they know
Satan's power will only grow
Still in denial they kneel and pray
Betray themselves till death's day

Nightmare in the whorehouse of God
Soon shall be a dark and horrid memory
Corrupted by the demon of outmost malignancy
Death can be her only solitude

Sinful birth

Plant the evil seed
On her soul it feeds
Murder from within
Kill the nun of sin

Abused by the priest, possessed by the Devil
Betrayed by her sisters, deserted by God

Behind the cross, a door of Hell
Spectral powers, floods of rage
Ravaging shade in darkness dwell
Into the Devil's hands she fell

Demonic growth within her uterus
Reversed oppression of the holy cross
Fertilization of sinful heresy
Traumatic molestation in hateful blasphemy
7. Burned Beyond Recognition (5:41)
The melting of skin
An unspeakable death
Reacting in horror
They're soon out of breath
Victims of arson
Dying in fire
Maliciously burning
Sadistic desire

Lack of compassion
Atrocious assault
Inhumane nature
Kill and exalt
Action of terror
He laughs as they cry
Bodies ablaze
Expire and die

Repulsive behavior
He laughs as they scream
Acting in evil
A mischievous scheme
Aiming to harm
To kill and torment
He'll do it again
With vicious intent

Vindictive presentment
Crushing existence
Merciless games
With cruel decisions
The arsonist trembles
Devastating scene
This living nightmare Could not be foreseen

Burned beyond recognition
Left to die in critical condition

Children scream, a cry of death
Slowly burning, melting away

By conflagration
The haunting results
Of this operation
Nowhere to turn
They have reached their impasse
Scrapping their bodies
And drape them in gas

Trapped in the flames
Blood boils in their veins
Fragments of bones
Mortal remains
Reduce them to ashes
The smell of cremation
Transform them to dust
Through incineration

Burned beyond recognition
Left to die in critical condition

Skin is turning black
And blood is pouring from the face
Flesh is peeling off the corpse,
They slowly burn to death
Buried in Inferno
In the most unpleasant ways ...
... they die!
8. Chernobyl 1986 (10:03)
9. Fall of the Temple of Solomon (4:06)
Prophecies of chaos, misery and pain
Time of desolation arrives
The kingdom of Judah to be destroyed
In the scrolls of Jeremiah

Armies of warriors from Babylon march
The king commands the temple's defeat
Pillage the heart of Jerusalem
Leave suffering and death on the streets

Hekhal Shlomo
Under attack

Terrible screams
Echoes through the night
Behold the wicked skies
The temple turns to dust
Fall of the Temple of Solomon

Brimful of passion, hatred and lust
Like Asakku demons screaming for blood
The children of Abraham praying for death
The bell of Jehova will crack

On the seventh day of Av destruction began
The surrounding city walls began to breach
Blood ran from the blade of Nebuzaradan
Massacred until there were none left alive!

Hekhal Shlomo
Under attack

Terrible screams
Echoes through the night
Behold the wicked skies
The temple turns to dust
Fall of the Temple of Solomon

Hekhal Shlomo
Under attack

Terrible screams
Echoes through the night
Behold the wicked skies
The temple turns to dust
Fall of the Temple of Solomon
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