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Sacrament of Blood Full Album Lyrics

Antichrist - Sacrament of Blood cover art

Sacrament of Blood

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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1. Sacrament of Blood (2:55)
Priest prepares in the house of christ
Slaves pour onto the altar
Sadistic father anticipating butchery
Profane sickness from years of torment
Fetal infant arrives at the altar
Blade of butchery severing flesh
Holy water turning red
Bloody cross dismembered corpse
Priest of deception
Sacrament of blood
Pain and Suffering
For mindless conformers
Corpse is gutted slaughter is done
Blood and flesh splattered around
2. Chopped and Chewed (2:13)
Imaged of the dead
Fantasies of tortured pain
Ravishing corpses
Before and after death
Searching for the bodies
Craving for the dead
Growing in power
Driven by the vision
Tearing at the earth of graves
Bloody fingers bare
Sifting thru the charred ground
Anxieties prevail
Shaking after the first dead victim
Trembling from head to foot
Bodies covered in cold sweat
Feasting on meat
3. Unholy Devourment (2:46)
Bodies torn up pieces of the dead
Madness growing rotting head
Murder is done bodies sawn in half
Cadavers are burned incineration done
Melting blood dripping flesh
Retinas pop cranium dissipates
Dying, now I sit alone at the table
Cutting bodies into little chunks
Placed upon the table prepared for my delight
Beginning my feast I tear out the guts
Devouring arteries festering human gristle
Tearing and severing rip out the esophagus
Anal assault the stiffened corpse cracks
Necrosodomy ashamed at myself
Flesh is digested, evidence incinerated
In ovens made to roast human flesh
Cursed, clean your mess
Salivate lick up the blood
Suck it right off the walls
Daylight approaching, might as well eat it all
Sodomize each corpse unholy penetration
4. Bestial Sacrifice (3:39)
5. Crucified in Flames (1:49)
Body blackened and blistered as your skin melts away
Boiling blood soon you will decay
Surrounded by hooded figures chanting unholy prayers
Burning sacrifice desecrate your death
Pray to god and you will die Holy deception
Pray to god and you will die Crucified in flames
6. Severed Goat's Head (2:57)
Darkness spreads
As the ritual begins
Darkened creatures
Surrounds the growing fire
Burning corpses
Ancient words spoken aloud
Bestial sodomy
The goat screams in pain
Impaled carcass
Hangs in the dark
Sharpen the axe
Empty the guts
Horns held tight
Sever the goat's head
From it's torso
Satanic worship
Of the goat headed demon
Sadistic Perversion
Of ancient rites
7. Vaginal Blood feast (2:16)
8. Bloody Vomit (2:56)
Spewing dissolved organs from your pale face
Cough up bloody chunks
Vomitous attack
9. His Majesty Commands (0:22)
Satan's bloodfire
Grows within us
Listening he breaths
Within our black hearts
Hearing his wish
Is our commandment
Never will we heed
The words of Jesus Christ
His majesty commands me to rape
His majesty commands me to kill
His majesty commands me to their deaths
His majesty commands me to breed
We've got your fetus in our hands
We've got the infant in our hands
You are never getting it back
It's to be the victim of a sacrifice
10. Antichrist (1:15)
11. Burning Crosses (4:18)
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