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Through the Cervix of Hawwah Full Album Lyrics

Antediluvian - Through the Cervix of Hawwah cover art

Through the Cervix of Hawwah

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > A > Antediluvian Lyrics (22) > Through the Cervix of Hawwah Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-21)
1. Rephaim Sceptre...
2. ...Through the Cervix of Hawwah
Scales bejewel the hinderer's hand
Shimmering inhuman erection
Seed eruption vision awaked
YHWH disgraced

The hand of the serpent
Ophidian phalanges thrust
Plunges the spore
Of antithesis
Carnal discernment
Through the cervix of Hawaah

Shining pores betray
Averse origins
Seraph sceptre bludgeons
Gates to holy bloodline

Adversarial nucleus
Demonic line of splendour
Destructive conspirators wake
YHWH disgraced
3. Intuitus Mortuus
Recurrance splayed
Mind consumes flesh
In pursuit of renewal
As vision formulates lucidity

Bones erupt through flesh
Rancid capitulum leers
Impending dissolution divulged

Desecrated neurons concede
Imprecation impending

Eyes burned open
In acid eclipse
Split tongue ingestion
Disguises divisive lips

Eventide zephyr arise
Torsos eclipsed
De-bold and bare no more
Reborn like as to God

Intuitus Mortuus

Inhalation anew
The gift sepelible
Blessed intoxicants taste
Nature unveiled

Intuitus Mortuus
4. Scions of Ha Nachash (Spectre of the Burning Valley) (3:37)
Quaking from the throne of the North
Assembled in blasphemy
In the wake of the enemies of Elohim

Impreccable army born
Broken line of demiurge
Seed of Hawaah trampled
Under ranks of Gehinnom

Sutured scales embrace
The shorn sixth finger
Digits sewn in grace
Hidden hand of Anakim

Spectre of the burning valley
Origins disgraced
Shifting in the shadow
Of sons long forgotten


From the root
There sprouts a firey asp
Winged seraph branch
Invincible foe

Scions of Ha Nachash
Tendrils of smoke
Ascent from Zaphon
Sheol stirs under feet of giants

"In the streets
they bind on sackcloth
on the housetops
and in the squares
everyone wails and melts in tears."
5. From Seraphic Embrace
Radiance spewed
From seraphic embrace
Tongues of angels lash
From he who hovers between

To stem the servants of ash
Released upon the earth
Arc of poison carried forth
To inflame them

Iron death mask
Uranium placard
Nailed to gold
Utopian pole axis
Plutonic ambassadors
Radiational march

Feet of clay unfired, shattered
Before the tempering flames of Topeth

Their children will burn
Still born
6. Luminous Harvest
The morning stars rejoiced
The Bene Ha Elohim sang for joy
The watched the cord stretched
Cognizant reaping would come

Luminous harvest
Knowledge bestowed
Resplendent inception
Sapience nascent

Storms of light
Deployment: Watchers' Reign
Despoiling the line of the ancients
Ghosts of Gehinnom
Phallic extensions in descent
7. Turquoise Infidel
Turquoise infidel
Writhing pain
Shedding torment
Reflection in time - reborn

Other side existence
Past passages fade
Secular wisdom
In a new shell - disdain

De-winged angels
Taste carnal fruit
Take flight again

Demigods vibrate
Proclamations resound
Illumined sutures
Rejoice aflame
8. Gomorrah Entity (Perversion Reborn)
Charred horns penetrate
Buried beneath the sands

Gomorrah entity
Perversion reborn
Perfect derision
Howling of the damned

Thrown into the wild
Effigy of sacrificial ecstasy
Devourer of the sacrifice

Progenitor of our cult
Original antimatter initiate
Azazel of the wilds
9. Erect Reflection (Abyss of Organic Matter)
Reversed abyss - expanding host
Uncountable fractured thoughts

Dark age of knowledge
Twisting arms
Luminous dance

Great womb imploding
Inverted matter
Fleshly ascent

Spread upon
The membrane
Of implosion

Twisted figure reckons
Erected reflection
Out over Ain

Reversed abyss - expanding host
Uncountable fractured thoughts

Charred finger
Stretched the cord
Inverting the hole
Into limitless (b)light
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