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Seraph Impaler Full Album Lyrics

Angelscourge - Seraph Impaler cover art

Seraph Impaler

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-09-05)
1. Path to Lightless Dawn (7:43)
Black streams of angelblood I see in my dreams
I stand before the black gates,
earth trembles as they open
Drowned in darkness I am,
horned shadows before me
"Take my hand and ascend to divinity,
leave the world of flesh"

Beyond the sight of mortal eyes
Sea of endless mists
Visions beyond gods
Above the stars of god I see
Thy sigils I wear in your name forever

Accept my offering, enter in my soul
I relinquish my life in the name of the horned lord
In Baphomet's shadows I found the dark salvation
My path is now sealed,
forever I pray to thy eternal glory

We pray to horned, our lord
The immortal king of our world
Sworn to lightbearer, our true god
Embrace him and thy eternal life

Hail Satan - The serpent of old,
guide me through the cleansing fire
Hail Satan - Son of perdition, under the red moon your reign is eternal
2. Seraph Impaler (7:58)
From the unfathomable darkness spawn of black flame ascends
Faceless demon, unbound evil
The Devil's champion

Lucifer awakens
His gates are open
Come forth, the faithful
Drink from his veins

Their hearts torn open
Our prayers are spoken
Snow-white corpses hanging from stakes

Yours is the kingdom, the power, the glory
Your essence flows through us on this night of triumph
Satan spawn - Seraph impaler
The left hand of darkness
One with our lord

High rise the flames in their temples
Burnt feathers lay on this blackening earth
Claws of Asmodai tear into their flesh and we hail his name at this dawn of new age

Soul of Christ, your are unholy
Body of Christ, your are no salvation
Blood of Christ, I spit in your wine
Ave Sathanas - I embrace thy horns
3. Beast of the Satanic Blood (7:02)
From the maelstrom of darkness...
Arise the avatar of satanic might
Cloaked in shadow of devil's fire,
veiled in blackened winds
Ascent from the bottomless pits,
marked by the Devil
Disciple of torment,
darkness and damnation,
wielder of demonic flame

Above the graves of impaled angels,
howling to rising black moon
Wraith of eternal anguish,
of immortal infernal wrath
Lifeless empyrean creations,
fallen from divine realms
Behold the celestial funeral,
in exaltation of satanic blood

Crucifixion of angels with burning blades,
rapture of heaven's distress
Worms of Jehova, swines of Allah,
all will fall in our fathers name
We are the heirs of this world,
the world of wolves, not sheep
The wailing winds silence the cries of angelic voices forever
4. Black Crystal Gardens (6:16)
I wander... through silent freezing night
Celestial burial ground of endless frozen angels
The gardens of crystal darkness hidden in snow-veiled heights
In lightless eternal dominion of azure plains so cold

I wander... among long dead divine souls
Within the astral realms
The silent gardens of the reaper
5. Nails of Evil (5:24)
Another luciferian triumph dawns on road to Golgotha
King of blind sheep carrying his sign,
the price for praying to wrong god
Your only son as an animal sacrifice,
to feed your own vanity
Payment for sins non-existant,
worthless death in your name

Nails of evil sink deep in heavenly flesh
As sanguine tears flow from beneath his crown
Nails of evil sink deep in heavenly flesh
As the betrayed shepherd rots away on his cross

Crucified false messiah finally breathes his last epitaph of worthless lies,
hammered on his corpse
With empty thrones on his side,
El Shaddai smiles
It's too late for his dying son to finally see the truth
6. Verisellä ristillä (9:46)
Paimen sisältä kuollut laumaansa johtaa vihan kielellä rukoilee
Rakkaudesta saarnaten

Hopeakourallisen avoinen kieli kaksihaarainen
Silmät puhkoo lapsiltaan
Kuten isä häntä opettaa

Valolle sarvet hän antaa
Polvilleen muita käskien
Miksi loit meistä syntisen jos sen palkkana on kuolema?

Sokeiden valtakunta veressä uitettu vielä seisoo ristinsä varjossa
Valta taivaan sisältä kuolee
Edessä Valonkantajan

Kun käärme vanha sisällä herää uinuvain karitsain valtaistuin Jahven palaa mustan liekin varjossa

Herramme maljan me nostamme kädellä vasemmalla
Liiton veri meissä virtaa nyt ja ikuisesti

Ave Satanas
Rege Satanas
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