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Fight Until Death Full Album Lyrics

Ancestral Myth - Fight Until Death cover art

Fight Until Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMedieval Black Metal
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2017-07-01)
1. Curse of the Wolf (4:18)
A pleasant warmth is filling my body
As appears the pallid full moon light

This night I release the beast
And I need to seize my share of life

Sharp fangs grow beyond my jaw
Pointed claws tear my fingers

My metamorphosis manhandles my entrails
But the power I feel justifies the pain

I got rid of my human disguise
The demon has escaped from its jail

A dark brown fur covers my skin
The deadly hunt begins now

I smell your blood I want to rip you alive

I run in the night like the dead himself
Cutting the throats, getting drunk on blood
I delightfully maim everyone in my path
My rage and my wrath have no end

Join my dance of Death

I prowl about the streets, reaping the life
Baying at the moon and its freezing light
At last I've recovered my true shape
I am the beast, free of all hindrance

But soon will come this damned eternal dawn Trapping again my lethal demon might

I don't want to be weak again
Unable to crush bones in my hands
I don't want to lose my strenght
Unable to grind skulls with my fist
I need taste of blood on my lips
And to read the fear in your eyes

The bestial warmth leaves my body
As the dawn tolls the knell of this night
Once again the wolf must give way
But its return is just a matter of time

All my being is slowly distorted
I'm writhing with pain on the ground

Which dark power plays with me
And has made of me this abomination
But each day I feel the wolf 's getting stronger
And soon I know it will break the curse.
2. March of the Walking Dead (6:50)
Lords of darkness and of the kingdom of death
Of what is rotting and decaying
Hear my call and my blasphemous prayers
May the walking dead rise

In your name sacrifice has been done
Thousand times the sacred knife has struck
On your altar has been shed
Pure and innocent blood

I summon the old souls
Go back to your last resting place
Have your righteous revenge
On those whose the heart is beating
Leave your grave and your dusty burial vault
To walk in the sun

Open the gates

A freezing wind rise suddenly
As rustling and scratching surround me
Emaciated hands are pushing the soil
As stripped of flesh corpses free themself from the ground

Look at my sons
Hellfire burns deep in their sockets
Obcess by a necrophiliac and cannibalistic hunger Wriggling maggots rush in their veins

March of the walking dead

Boundless is the power of the necromancy
As will be the number of my swarm of undeads Soon I'll let them on the world
And the living will be my slaves

Limping and strumbling,
crawling and dragging themselve
They are slowly coming up to you
My mind has made them alive and starving
Ready to serve and desirous to kill
They will be the incarnation of my wrath
Sublime perverted souls

Walk, children of the nether regions
I free you from the chains of death
Follow me towards your first meal
To wallow in blood

Limping and strumbling,
crawling and dragging themselve
They are slowly surrounding you

The first creatures appear at the horizon
Groaning hideously

Limping and strumbling,
crawling and dragging themselve
They are slowly clutching at you

Atrocious and dreadfull monsters
Fiends escaped from hell

People try to flee from the repulsive cadavers
But the undeads are thousands
Smell of putrefaction fills the air
As cries of terror and of entreaty echoes

Victims are overrun and cut to shreds
As the ghouls devour their flesh
The smell of decay is gradually hidden
By the odour of fresh blood

Insane, greedy, gory saraband
What a pleasure and a delight
I summon the new souls
Stay in your slashed corpses
Have your righteous revenge
On those who didn't help you
Stop laying in your gore
And join all my sons

The gates are gaping
A freezing wind rise suddenly
As rustling and scratching surround me
Emaciated hands are pushing the soil
As stripped of flesh corpses free themself from the ground
Look at my sons Hellfire burns deep in their sockets Obcess by a necrophiliac and cannibalistic hunger Wriggling maggots rush in their veins

March of the walking

dead Boundless is the power of the necromancy As is the number of my swarm of undeads Now they walk on the world And the living are my slaves
3. Within the Flames of the Blaze (3:50)
I remember the smell of my blood
Spilled all around me I remember the pain disappearing
As I laps into unconsciousness I find myself in a strange place
On a cold and dark wasted land
There's no sun no moon above me I've got a nasty feeling
A hole appears in front of me and qickly widens Stench and moan are leaking from it
I'm irrepaparably drawn and…

I fall in the dark depths
Towards the heart of the earth
Where the blaze waits for me
Hands as hard as iron brutally seize me
And throw me at the burning ground

Voices explode in my head
Admire before to join them
Half-starved men are nailed to the walls
Pitifull silhouettes twist on stakes

Victims scream out with pain and terror
As eyes are gouged out and skin peeled
Now they take me and slowly drag me
Towards the flames

My face is brought near the fire
And a pain never reached submerge me
My flesh crackles as my eyes boil
All my features are melting I've lost my human appearance

I'm a ludicrous deformed creature
I try to crawl but my agony has not end I join all the others To suffer new torments
I'm just one among billions
Screaming again and again Endlessly.
4. Fight Until Death (3:13)
take my sword out of its sheath
And delightfully look at its lethal blade
As I stare the horizon, the dawn is breaking
And dark thoughts invade my mind
Soon will begin the great battle
It could be a good day to die
I asked myself if it's really worth
So many lives are involved
But now it's too late to give way
And I have to accept my fate
May my wrath fall upon my ennemies
They are arrived at the bottom of the valley
It's time for me to sound the charge
The two armies are surging one on the other There's no more questions, just the desire to kill
I impale the first soldier
I cross I decapite, maim and slash
My sword is stained with blood and flesh
It is so good I will never stop
I scream my inhuman hatred
As the bloodthirsty beast I became
Scarlet blood hypnotizes myself
Weird visions are filling my mind
I hear a voice, I feel the thirst
Friends or ennemies, there's no more
I don't recognize anyone,
I've no more homeland or mission
Just the compelling need to slay
Slay them all, they are nothing
Bring them to my kingdom
A freezing pain explodes in my back
The metal has split my bones and my skin
But before to fall and to feed the soil
I will take a last existence
I am the one who can put an end to my life
My hightest murder will be the mine
I know that the battle has made me insane
But so good is the bite of my dagger.
5. Face Collection (7:55)
Let me seize your body and your mind
Make of you a real work of art I am the one who can reveal you
Through death and torture, pain and torments
Please be my toy
Don't try to flee I have all the required tools to fashion you
Knife, razor and scalpel, nails and hammer I'm not afraid to get dirty
Without blood and gore, there's no good work
Now, tied and gaged
Feel the cold of my blade
Walking alone in the heart of the night
You penetrate my territory
Don't you see that I'm following you
Playing the old game of predator and prey
You start to run as I laugh I see your skull, under face
You start to cry as I grap you I see your skin separated of your corpse
Now you try to resist to me
Don't you know I like it
You belong to me
Carrying your vulnerable unconscious body I head for my reassuring lair
Thinking of what I will make of you
Excitement is growing in me I set out my tools in front of you
Soon they will make part of you
I install some mirrors all around
Nothing must be out of your sight
I take my stapler
Now your eyelid will stay open
We can begin I slowly take my hammer
And nail you to the wall
As I drill your body
Spurts of blood spronkle me
I begin to incise your face
To drive dozens of hooks
I will just have to draw the chains
To pull out your skin
I draw and free your flesh
From your skin It's so pretty
I love your distorted mask
New face in my collection.
6. Ravaged by the Horde (9:13)
Ghastly sight for the survivors
A ravaged land covered with dismembered corpses Children, parents, brothers and friends
They're all lying in a huge pool of blood Disemboweled corpses
Crushed skulls
All bodies have been dreadfully maimed
Legs and arms are lying here and there
Severed heads strew the ground
A somptuous feast for the ravenous vermin
They well know who're the butchers
The victims have never had a chance to escape death
Frantic, insane, bloodthirsty murderers
The horde crossed their town and let only desolation mutilation
Among the corpses, a space has been made Where are stacked dozens of skulls
Each of them has been carefully filled
With the dead's eyes
A funeral pyre is slowly erected
Where are pilled up all the dead bodies
A noxious wind prevails in the grave
Til the cleansing fire devours the putrid flesh
In the distance, the land loses gradually its tranquillity
The air resounds with a continuous roaring
Howling of wolves, bawling of troopers
Yelling of trolls and war cry of the fighters
Growling of orks, snarling of warlords
The threatening voice of the teeming crowd
Thousands of warriors are hammering the ground In search of a new massacre
All their weapons are gleaming in the sun
Swords and battleaxes are waiting for blood
The steep is speeding up, a prey is in sight
A human village, a pleasant titbit I can smell their flesh,
I can hear their screams
Stab, knife, sever, kill and slay
Make spill the blood, feed the horde
Death to life
No one can stop us on the way of death
We're here to purge the land of human race Tortures and ruins is what we need
There's no day of grace in our war.
Onslaught is our way of living And extermination our dream…
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