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Chasing Shadows Lyrics

Ancara - Chasing Shadows cover art

Chasing Shadows

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-06)
1. We Paint December (3:49)
Woke up to the morning news and bell
Welcome to another day in hell
Sorrow, fear and hate are what we sell
Something keeps me locked up in this cell

You bend me with force just to see when I break
How much more can I take?

You will fall, with the profit that you are tending
For as long as you will keep pretending
That the world will be just fine, with only money in our mind
We paint December, we paint December

Looking at the mirror on the wall
Tell me when we all can stand proud and tall
Pray to gods to come and save us all
Truth or fiction, can you even recall
2. Far from Grace (3:38)
The doors are open, let yourself in
We are all here, let the evening begin
This is the place and the time is now
Make a move and make it count somehow

And if you find yourself waking up alone
You know that you have done something wrong

Hey watch the night turn into day
We won't sleep until I say
Better on and not to fail
We are far from grace
Watch the night turn into day
We won't sleep until I say
We are here and we're to stay

Wake up neighbours, let them hear now
You want them to know you in this little town
Falling dark angel, only one thing in mind
She wants to rock the world and leave everything behind

If this is all just imagination
Don't want to clear up from this hallucination
If you want this all to be real
Better stop the dreaming and start to live
3. Chasing Shadows (4:31)
Another day inside my world
Everything seems lost and burned
In this endless fog I try to navigate
A way to get inside your head
I found a way just to hurt
Like a sailor lost at sea I drift away
Through the oceans floating endlessly in vain

My heart will be bleeding out all the love
Let the demons play their part
I'll be dreaming, all out of luck
Chasing shadows from the start
I'll build a wall around myself
And I stay there until the end
So frustrated and jaded of
Chasing Shadows

Then you see me make a turn
To make it right, I have learned
How to live without a lust and without a reason
I'll make you happy in your own religion
4. High Hopes (4:27)
We had time to set things straight
I thought that we could use a brake
I know now, I was wrong
Only a fool won't see the signs
I almost gave up without a fight
I can brake, I can fail, I almost lost myself in vain

High hopes and dreams, nothing new under the sun
But I'm stll here, I won't close it before it's done
High hopes and dreams, nothing new under the sun
How can you tell if you're the chosen one

I have seen the shallow end
But current swept me away again
I know now, I was weak
Somewhere in this solitude
I will learn to tell the truth
I still care, I still need you to love me the way you did
5. Liar (4:01)
Got so tired of that game of yours and I saw, the real you
Your lies are not welcome no more, I now know the whole truth
And you know when you say that you're all right
I know that someday in your life you'll find that you had lost the fight

In the end you're the only one who can say what is right for you
Did you give up to try when you were so far, or did someone told you to
And I know that it's hard, not to give up, but no one wants to lose
So what kind of friends you choose?

Stale, hollow and gray, if you prevail the life of a liar
You will fail to find any friends when you will be needing them
To guide your way

You've been living in the dream world for so long that it blinded you
You've been telling your lies for so long that you believe they're true
And we know, that you think that you can deny all your actions
That you've done but you are not fooling no one
6. Lodestar (3:26)
Coffee's getting cold on the table
I'm waiting for my words to come out right
All the things that I am able
I just can't get this one thing off my mouth

You're my dream come true
I'll do anything for you

One star will be guiding us through the night
And you say baby "that's all right"
We have all the time that we need here tonight
And you know baby you're the light

Take my hand and let me lead you
Girl you make my wildest dreams come alive
If only I tell you
Then you feel the same as I feel for you my love
7. Tears with a Smile (4:23)
This was not what I had in mind
I'm leaving town tonight
Thinking why did I let it go this far

I could tell you I told you so
But I don't want you to go
Will you let me know where you are

Waiting for you is worth a while
And I'm still here
Waiting for you to make me smile

Tears with a smile
Locked up inside
How can I tell that you mean a world to me

Tears with a smile
Cuts like a knife
How can I leave when you mean a world to me

How can you leave this all behind
Now when all is so fragile
With the winds that let you soar, goes out our flame

I've heard a million stories before
About hope, luck and love
They are all the same, only pain remains

I know that everything can change
Don't lose the hope
I know that everything can brake like it did before
You always find the words to say
You're so far
Locked up inside there somewhere and find no where to go

Why you're so scared of me

Baby it's still me...
8. Not Quite Sober (4:36)
Some might say that you were a crazy sight
On the beach acting wild
You asked me that can I stay a while
I can't say no to a perfect crime

Don't be so shy you said
Take me now instead

I don't want the day to be over
The night is young and on the run
Here we are but not quite sober
The heat is on and that sweet sugar liqueur's almost done

Have no memories from yesterday
You got me in to your game to play
Come on and pour me just another shot
Let's have some fun, the night is hot
9. Nicole (3:09)
It is time, here and now, to tell you the truth
I have tried many times to explain like a fool
We can share the night in bed, nothing more
I will call you in names, you can call me a dog

Is that ok when you say, do I believe that is true
Do you think that I care what has happened to you
Fall asleep every time when you open your mouth
I pretend to be nice just to get what I want

Here is the point of no return
This is where my fingers burn
In the end that's fine I'll get what I'm given
Sure, you are feeling fine for now, you are repeating
"Friends for life but nothing more"
And every night behind my door, Nicole, Nicole, Nicole

You could be mine, you're so fine, but too blond to ignore
I need a drink, just to think how to get you to the door
Guess you know, I want you gone every time that we're done
In the end of the day it's all about having fun
10. Wait (3:31)
Tell me are you loosing sleep
For the pain you cost to me this time
Tell me why you lie to me
Without regret, eyes open wide

And now you're asking me to

Wait, let me get this straight
I'm not being afraid
Just tired of this shame
Lines don't work in this act of yours
And curtains about to fall

Tell me did you think of me
When you kissed those lips that were not mine
Tell me how he made you feel
When you shared our bed with him last night

And now you're begging me to

11. Farewell (4:47)
Writings on the wall, each one were a line or two
Where do we belong, so much we've been going through
I don't want to know, if tomorrow will never rise for us
When you pick up the phone and tell me it's over, over, over
Even for just one day...

If you say goodbye I say so long
I hope that I'll see you again someday
Even the nights we spent are gone
I always have you within my heart

Guess I need a drink, don't even remember where we are
Yes I need to think, why do I care who you are
Please turn on the lights and help me to find my way back home
I will hold you tight, if you say you want it, want it, want it
Even for just one moment...

I'm afraid it's time to go now

Time to say so long for now
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