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Beyond the Dark Lyrics

Ancara - Beyond the Dark cover art

Beyond the Dark

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Hard Rock
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-06)
1. Circles (4:36)
It's dark enough now step outside
Full moon guides our night
No one sees and no one hears us
Leaving this place behind

There is no chance of looking back
I'm here with you so don't feel sad

Take my hand and hold on tight
We need to run, not hide
You can go on, you can go on

We seek the truth, still never find
In our life time
You can't go on, you can't go on

You ask for how long we are running
"Half the way I think we are"
Find the footprints from the sand
Just circles we've done this far
2. Deny (3:51)
Second time came with a warning
All I hear is a scream
Feel the way I love you
Why you never say that to me

Wipe that look now off your face
You don't stand a chance
I won't let you leave this place
Have some other plans

Hope you're not just wasting my time
Never know what goes through my mind

Deny me, and I will never let you go
You find me here now and forever more
Deny me, and I will never let you go
You find me watching you wherever you will go

The last time, now it's too late
All apologies are mine
I make the cut you watch me bleed
Was it all worth a while

Wipe that grind now off your face
You don't have a chance
You won't ever leave this place
Have some other plans

It was all just waste of my time
Now you know what goes through my mind
3. Snowflower (4:53)
We walk out to the cold air
To watch the northern lights
The frost snow was shining on us
Like nothing compared to your eyes

I know you've heard these words before
I'm in love with you but I'm not a fool
You can't keep me waiting forever

Somewhere in the desert one flower standing alone
It doesn't bloom like the others, it's meant to be all alone

Alone I climb up to the mountain
I see you there, down there far below
Why does the sun shine upon you
While I am up here in the snow

Say you don't have to go
My flower on the snow

So this is how it ends
I thought we were more than just friends...
4. Scarred (3:31)
One thing I don't want to hear
That some wounds will never heal

You left the biggest scar on me
Made me love, then left me be

Mistakes I did but so did you
Couldn't know you'd be untrue

After all what was said and done
I thought I'm the chosen one

"So what about me?"
Don't say you're
"So what about me?"
Sorry for
Letting me go and leaving it all behind

"So what about me?"
Don't say you're
"So what about me?"
Sorry for
Letting it flow, I could be scarred for life

Revenge is sweet they say
That's just not my way

You won't find me from your door
Hurting you would hurt me more
5. Just For Me (3:55)
You see their faces on the cover of the magazines
Politicians, movie stars and beauty queens
All your life you've dreamed of being one of them
Do anything to make it happen

Dream? Or was it for real
I'll get much higher than anyone else has been
If only for real
I can get everything I want and just for me

Dream? It could be real
I'm on my way where sun sets, that's the place for me
If only for real
I wouldn't waste my life for wasting my time completely

Fast cars, faster bikes are what I adore
Fast women always leave me wanting more
Best drugs are good to keep me up all night
Bodyguards to help me when I'm up for a fight

Rock star! That's what my name should be
Nothing else is not enough for me
Tattoos and piercings all around my skin
First class ticket to fame is what I'll win
6. Cranium Tension (4:15)
Yes I'm happy to see you too
You don't know what I've been going through
I hope that I can stay with you
So I can get through this noose

I know
You know that
I know you
You know
That I know
All the stupid things you do

Yes I'm happy to stay with you
I know it's been a month or two
I see this is pretty hard on you too
I'll be gone really soon

You are walking to a quicksand
If you never tell the truth

So I know now how good are you
To fool your brothers and live through others
No matter what I say to you
You're never listening just always whistling
You fool...
7. When Everyone Else Is Gone (3:59)
Freezing, the outside air is cold
Feeling, only calmness in my soul
I'll be awake before the sun sets down below
I need a change, I find a peace when I'm alone

I want to stay in the dark
Never wake me around at day
Guess I'm falling apart from everything

Playing that no one wants me anymore
Waiting, the time is ticking on and on
I should show my love for you my light
But I know my words never come out right
8. In Silence (4:42)
Only hallow eyes, something else I'd love to find
Dead inside, there's nothing left, no light

How could I believe, the things that he had seen
Should I believe, does it really matter to me

So he lived too long to die, from the inside of his mind
I don't know or do not care, why is he so scared

All your shattered dreams, and all the stories that you told
What did they mean and how you grew so cold

She did leave you, you never showed her love
Face the truth, she won't come back for more

Hey now, understand, there's no light beyond the dark
I'm still here by your side in silence

Hey now, understand, there's no light beyond the dark
I'm waiting by your side in silence
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