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Substratum Lyrics

Anatomy of I - Substratum cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-11-16)
1. Organic Machine (4:22)
Force fed thoughts
Force fed lies
Force fed guilt

Stripped of all that is
Stripped of all
Stripped of all that was
Stripped of all that never will

I am cloud
I am breath
I am truth
I am lust

I close my eyes to hide myself
I close my eyes to hide my flame
I close my eyes to hide my world

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Force fed sins
Force fed shame
Thank God for I can walk?
Thank God for I can walk away

2. Harvest the Fallen (3:33)
Ill with fear,
Never dreaming

Skies turn black
Into the nothingness

Seeds of hate
In the garden of deception
Fallen tears
Harvesting but leaves

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Frozen by fear,
Lifeless they stare

3. Drowning (4:27)
Nailed to the ground
Do you feel the eye
Crawling on your skin
Trapped in your grave
You're going under
Pulling you down
Dragging you in

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Wake up, torn Apart
Broken, destroyed
Streaming to the core
Faceless, you're falling

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Now, you're falling to your knees
Now, you're begging for mercy
Nothing but Revenge

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Forcing your way
Through the water
A breath of air
To escape
No way out of this spiral
Subjected to your own game

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

4. Dimensions (3:42)
Explosion of an age behind me
Going higher
Past me, they fall down

Dreams and screams
Unearthly light
In movement and alive
I'm going further

Wave after wave
Sailing endless winds
Like the steady wheel of erosion
Reaching further Dimensions

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Just a channel through dimensions
Am I free or falling?

Shades of light and grey
Sounds of high and low
Smile and tear
So near, still I climb

5. Washed Away (3:53)
Six eyes on the seventh hand
Merging path, break it all

Fly through the grey of doubt
Irony smiles in my face

All the blood spilled

When all dreams dead,
What's left to fight for?
When concrete turns to dust
And the dirt is washed away

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Feel, breathe, see
Feel, breathe, live
Diverge, converge, diverge
Implode, explode, implode

Turning to an open space
Just one stare at the sky,

All the tears shed
6. Fluid River (3:43)
What horror must invade the mind,
Standing high and tall
Through the tombs of all around,
Making them the throne surround.

Death is struck and nature quaking,
All creation is awaking,
Nothing shall remain unpunished.
Let so much toil not be in vain.

Day of wrath and terror looming!
Heaven and earth to ash consuming.
Like sheep in a herd
Follow the fashion
Erode to the Fluid River

Just judge of vengeance,
Before the day of reckoning.
To be consumed by eternal fire,
Burn forever!

Grant them a place among the sheep,
Separate them from the goats,
When the accursed are silenced,
Sentenced to piercing flames,

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Walls of fire all around
Burning cities to the ground
Dark clouds, no horizon
Sunlight erased

7. Banished Messiah (3:41)
Their greed becomes your need
Their greed becomes your creed

Their coils holding onto you
Their veins digging into you


Not worth your energy
No giving, no taking
Quench your hunger
Satisfy your thirst

Ignore, despise, reject the spineless

Prophet of the weak
Banished Messiah
Silence is contempt
Banished Messiah

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]


Don't sacrifice the present
For a future that will no happen
Our very existence
Is a work of art

Useless, worthless, no salvation


Banished Messiah
8. Substratum (4:17)
Recurrence, ripple effect
Chain reaction, chaotic motion

The essence,
The pattern,
The structure,
The system.

Exponential increase
Nonlinear trajectories

Cause is the effect concealed,
Effect is the cause revealed.
Cause is the effect unmanifested,
Effect is the cause manifested.

Concrete manifestation of energy
Gnostic duality within the microcosm
The opposite, soul and matter
Substratum, individual cosmos

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]

Bursting chaos
Purity embraced
We're heading
To the source

A sequence transitioning
Within a state


Variations of a
Dynamical system

9. As Eternity Ends (4:29)
[Solo: Steve Di Giorgio]

Entropy, unity, clarity, purity

Transcend the conscious
Perpetual flow
Climbing beyond the limits
Inches from infinity


Micro cosmos,
Macro cosmos
Encased in a cosmic shell

Insignificant free motion
Infinite chain,
Deconstruct the design.
Astral awakening
As Eternity ends.

Where once was a universe
Going its clockwork way,
Now is only nothing
Now is nothing

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]
10. Bound in Flesh (5:14)
Hermetic empathy
Stuck in your cocoon,
Incomplete differentiation
of the self and the world.

Praising media frenzy,
Your 21st century Übermensch
Decadent narcissist
Begging for respect

Pretentious Iconophile

Delusions of grandeur
Bound in Flesh
Self Proclaimed God
Bound in Flesh

[Solo: Michael Dorrian]
[Solo: Simone Mularoni]

Paradoxical realism
Polluted Thoughts
Emotionless Cancer
Cut off my wings
And burn the feathers

[Solo: Dirk Verbeuren]
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