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Dissect, Molest, Ingest Lyrics

Amputated - Dissect, Molest, Ingest cover art

Dissect, Molest, Ingest

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
Lyrics > A > Amputated Lyrics (10) > Dissect, Molest, Ingest Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-10)
1. Body of Work (Intro) (1:00)
2. Gorging on Putrid Discharge (Septic Felch, Wretched Belch) (3:26)
I remember the first time that I saw her, I knew I had to be inside,
from that moment I have lived for one purpose, to taste her as she putrefies,

Every time I close my eyes I can see her, mutilated in my mind,
patiently await my chance embrace her, soon enough she will be mine

follow and wait for my moment, to strike at my prey

trying to contain my lust for her anus, as I approach her from behind,
I clench her throat and start to choke her unconscious, her desperate screams are so divine,

now that I have her in my grasp, the ritual begins

bound and beaten, stripped and gagged,
salivating as I spread her legs,
slip my knife blade deep into her ass,
and maim her cunt with shards of broken glass

hack and thrust, slash and fuck, wounds will fester, I will felch her!

suck the fluids out of her putrid rectum, wont stop till I taste her guts,
gorge myself on rotting shit, pus and semen, until the gag reflex cant be denied

regurgitating the discharge into her cunt

septic felch, wretched belch
3. The Local Flavour (2:55)
Fashioned from flesh, an infinite source of meats,
My children flock, to this familiar feast,
never suspecting, their love for me is blinding,
to them a saint, the doting hand that feeds,
but history will mark me as a beast,

Hiding my true nature, whilst amongst the sheep,
like lambs to slaughter upon them I will feast,

watching the lost wander, without direction,
I bless them with purpose, to be my sustenance

In my kitchen countless victims, I dine upon them, and dredge their shame

carving the flesh from their bones so tenderly

I have mastered the art of butchery,
all my victims, selected carefully,
I document them and then preserve their organs,
I claim the best, the finest cuts for me,
I stew the rest, and feed it to the pure

never think to question, the source of this treat,
unwitting communion, of this divine cuisine
4. Infanticidal Dysmorphia (2:46)
In this age of perfection, morality's surpassed by beauty,
appearance breeds obsession, an all consuming need to compete

your prime is behind you

I can make you younger, if you so desire

I have perfected my recipe for your consumption,
in my kitchen sink i'm performing late term abortions

expertly dicing the foetus, into a paste, consuming the flesh of infants rejuvenates

try not to think of its contents, just its effects,
so many swear by my dumplings, you wont regret

try to hide in denial, but in time all beauty decays, now there is a solution, how far would you go to achieve?
5. Skullfuck Lobotomy (2:28)
So long have I waited to fulfill this, twisted desire to desecrate your innocence, penetrating your inner sanctum, inch at a time ill corrupt your mind,

I must violate, I must destroy, ejaculation, is your salvation

I rip your eye out of the socket, unsheathe my meat and penetrate the bleeding orifice
I impregnate your mental state, as you succumb to the perversion

balls deep, violently thrusting, deflower, erotically lobotomised, taking control through glory holes into your soul

Smashing my choad through your frontal lobe, your sickness grows as I blow my load, ejaculate into your brain,

throbbing erection, indoctrination.
6. Psychotropic Suicide (3:34)
My mind is scarred by the memories of ecstasy,
I've tried to free myself of these vile illusions,
always in search of the next trip, to fulfill my
impossible expectation to relive the
divine lysergic majesty of the first time,

the dosage must be increased

piercing the vain to medicate my desires,
shudder as it enters my bloodstream, creeping through me,
burning and clouding my psyche, in the worst way,
skin crawls as psychosis grips me, what have i done?

horror's of the mind torture me

demons under my flesh, writhe as my blood screams, everything I detest comes now to haunt me

I must

escape from this nightmare, no matter the cost, panic clouds my judgement, fear strangles my thoughts

clawing at my skin, I cant bare it,
desperate I take up a razor and start to slice,
franticly gouging strips of flesh from my body,
flaying myself to the bone but still no reprieve,
scream as I open my throat and pray for release

begging for death just to be free

as I bleed out my madness, the end takes me.
7. When Whores Meet Saws (2:47)
I trawl, through the gutter, always in search of fresh whore's, to realise my desires

one by one, their flesh will succumb,
they suffer, for my brutal lust,

at last I have found her, a new delicious young whore, drool like a hound as I strap her down,
clutching at my bonesaw, I start to modify her, her body parts become morbid art.

cauterize, seal her stumps with flame,

silenced, by the stitches in her lips, pluck her eyes from the sockets, hoist her up ready to be fucked

from hooks she is hanging, no eyes, no mouth and no limbs, nothing but stumps and a juicy cunt,

I defile every orifice,

trying to scream with her last breath,
as I slowly fuck her to death,

she dies like so many others
bleeding, with my cock in her anus.
8. Subatomic Insemination (3:33)
subatomic blast fills the sky with ash, lethal particles, bind to helpless souls,
the ramifications, beyond comprehension, future generations, cursed now with mutation

the unborn will suffer, the vile consequences of this atrocity

wretched fluids spew, from the tainted womb's, maternal horrors, addled with tumors,
deformed monstrosity's, creatures so unsightly, countless mothers weeping, for the freaks.

product's of the radiation,
twisted spawn of the fallout,
disabled by mutations,
crooked, repugnant monsters,

sons of Chernobyl, rise from the ashes,
born in desolation, cursed to live as beasts

contamination of insemination, fuels the creation of abomination's

behold the children of calamity, scorned with malformations, born in agony

mothers torn wide open, by foetal corruption, birth and death become one, but who is the victim?
every impregnation is a condemnation, living breathing symptoms of the devastation

product's of the radiation,
twisted spawn of the fallout,
disabled by mutations,
crooked, repugnant monsters.
9. Six Feet Deep (3:46)
missing victims, caged and disgraced , blinded and gagged, then Bled To Death,

feast on the blood of the insane, from the flesh I cannot abstain, sick and twisted torture killer, a cadaver mutilator,

As The Blade Turns they are Frozen At the Moment of Death on a Journey Into Darkness in the Shadow Of The Reaper

The Edge Of The Hatchet,
victims, torn to the born,
butchered, Hacked To Pieces,
Murdered In The Basement

with the force of ten deadly plagues, psychotic mass murder rampage, surrounded by human targets, from my hatred none will escape

suffering in ecstasy, reckless lycanthropy, haunted by the enemy inside, burning blood beneath a black sky,

impulse to disembowel rising

I will tear you up and fuck the holes that i cut into you, 18 days waiting for decay, rape the corpse when skin turns blue
10. Dissect, Molest, Ingest (2:59)
beaten unconscious, pacified and dragged to the basement, shackled down and prepped for surgery,

under my knife they expire

from their final breath, begins absolute consumption, I carve through the flesh, to their insides, projecting my sickness onto the flesh of my victims, I dissect their corpses and proceed to fuck their organs

masturbate with entrails

sexually abusing their internal organs

Dissect Molest Ingest

ingesting their liver seasoned with my semen

Dissect Molest Ingest

gruesome lubricant, crimson fluid under my foreskin, my penis erupts, throbbing with lust,

Dissect Molest Ingest.
11. Toolbox Abortionist (3:33)
stalking through the slums, and filthy streets for scum to abort,
purging, society of the unborn addicts and whores,

cleanse, the fucking leeches, of their worthless spawn, drugged and abducted, bound, ripped and sawn

clenching the head of the foetus, with my forceps, crushing and twisting as I rip it out of her cunt

gangrene rejected the womb has been infected, twisted and wretched the foetus is decrepit, I smash its head in and rip off all its limbs, sinking my teeth in, i rip out its intestines

cleanse, the filthy bitches, of their legacy, ill show no mercy, to the scrounging whores,

yes there are some who would call me a murderer, but that will not stop me from culling this worthless scourge

blight on a nation, retarded fornication, foul impregnation, grotesque insemination, foregone conclusion, for their fate I have chosen, gutted and broken, their first words never spoken

purge the scum

toolbox abortionist.
12. Outro (1:19)
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