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Steel Inferno Full Album Lyrics

Ammit - Steel Inferno cover art

Steel Inferno

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 17 서태지 (2016-11-07)
1. Plagues of Death (3:10)
2. Vengeance Command (2:40)
Vengeance command

The raven had coursed the sky
And the moon turn to red the bloody
Anger and hatred against your soul
Anger, destruction, fear of the son

Rage of god / ciclon force
The slaves of anguish on the cattle
The wolves of sin awaiting your ruin
Weapons of silent spells
On the air.

Rage of god/
Ciclon force

Our bodies complete the circle
Of the evil aura sinners bleed
Demoniac chanting into my vault
The trap summoning the carnage

No one alive we fell
The final wrath of iron
Sinners crawling fucking usa
Evil summoning
Vengeance command.
3. Black Candles (3:54)
Black candles

The war in blackness
Is a path on desert shore
The black cementeries are closed to our soul
The souls of war and hate

Black candles
Melted in my coffin
For me, you
Death !

Evil spirits come arising
In the damned days of my life.
Darkness of forbidden places
Will comdemn your soul
Blood on the sky
Blood on the ground
Blood on my hands
Of the wicked faith

Boiling the poison
Behold the black sign
Black candles
Melted in my coffin
For my you death

Azazel an marduk
Hear the sound of the damned
Evil rising wich never dies.

Revenge is my cause
Black candles of hate
4. Violent Poison (2:57)
Violent poison

C on
Thousand knights and warheads
In the crown of the winged demon
Way out of the universe
No way out for you this timefrom the house

Trust on the girl !
Let my rip you soul apart
Violent poison on your knees
Violent poison in my veins
You gotta die !!

Incredible essence of death
Of a past of ashes and evil
Now you are tied up into my vault
Violent poison for your faith
Violent poison in my veins
You gotta die !!!

On my mouth the deads cry
Over my ashes my hell.
5. Death Moon (2:49)
6. Conspiracy (3:59)

Hail legion of destruction
Here lies your servants
Feel how the dark wind blows below the cross
Serpents all around to fuck your soul.

Vail of blood - vault of war
King on the altar – pleasure of blood
Reborn in the ancient empire
Satanic conspiracy on the sand.

Digging the graves of the sons of lust
Feeding the hungry flames of war
With the blood and milk of abomination
A tower of death coursed by the thunder.

Reborn on the ancient empire
Satanic conspiracy on the sand
I been buried ander the sky
The stone last the speel
For the race of the south.
7. Possessed by Evil (4:30)
Possessed by evil

No more sound - we need to fall
No more poison – shall remain
Sons and sans – of the damned faith
Unburned child - waiting the flesh to

Horses on fire
You are mass of carrion
Awaiting the files of baal
Sun missed down the mountains.

Coming south – blackened ways
White brown ashes – to burn
Now its late to pray
Follow - the path – of death.

Never repent – never ask
About the traitors way
Too many bodies – need to burn
Jailed on hell – the empire call

Chaos and eternal war – cast of shadows
Never dies
Eternal hate – desire of lust
Nor of the deads – will enchant the goat
Mix her blood – give me more.

The servants of sin – is on this place once again
The rign of the legion – crush all the boundaries
Reaping the soul away – all away
Destroy the ancient sand – nothing will last

Possessed by evil
Goat lust on the blackway
Possessed by evil.
8. Ritualistic Crime (4:22)
Ritualistic Crime

Towers of wrath
Lead to victory
Darkness an oscurity
Realm of our master.

Coming out from the grave
To desecrate the human race
Fucking trinity
Black Metal torn to hell.

Into the altar sorcers ride
Of the damned infernal force
Creating the chamber
Of revel souls.

Ho.... Ritualistic Crime

Azazel !
Evil mensagger through my veins
Beyond this ground I create
For the tribes that lies broken.
This is the fucking trinity
And fuck JC.

Ho.... Ritualistic Crime

Fuck you !

This is the demonic ritul
This is or the lord
involved on satanic crimes !!!

This is the weak JC.
9. Steel Inferno (Outro) (2:52)
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