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The Dying of the Light Full Album Lyrics

Amidst the Withering - The Dying of the Light cover art

The Dying of the Light

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal, Doom Metal
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Lyrics > A > Amidst the Withering Lyrics (16) > The Dying of the Light Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-09-10)
1. A Prelude to Darkness (1:28)
2. Auri Sacra Fames (7:53)
Struck down upon these hateful sands
Drawing my last breath in this foreign wasteland
So far from my home. Led to die for his gold
They filled our ears with lies
Painting an image of people with freedom denied

So we left our families and homes behind
Never once suspecting the treachery which lies
Beneath the veil so cleverly they disguised
Greed entombed, the motive in your lies

Lies desecrate the memories of our lives
Feigning grief, you profit as we die

Heroes heed your emperor's call to arms
Question not what you're fighting for
Your fate is mine alone

Red sand, red sun, my life has come undone

A bleak day beneath a raging sun
If ever a hell there was, I've found it here
I've traveled both land and sea to see my life undone
And pour into oblivion

Where they make a wasteland they call it peace

Vox clamantis in deserto. Qui tacet consentire videtur.
3. The Clarion Light (4:31)
Bleary this world does seem through eyes yet to awake
Though I focus on something still, I reel from a dream that leads to other dreams
so nothing is certain within this cage

Shadows did converge in my cryptic slumber, coalescing into withering scenes of fate
Yearning to awake from the visions portrayed by the poisonous minds of regression’s ascent
Then did the Clarion speak and all was revealed. My world itself did shake at the power of its shriek
The apples laid before my feet, so splendidly arrayed, with a harrowing taste for a dead mind

I've lost innocence, clove dreams, raged and despaired for a mad world deafened by apathy
These wisdoms never sleep and they're tearing through me. Only pain lies beyond ignorance

There is no night where lies cannot exist. No rest beneath the Clarion's light. No strength to know the darkness

Shadows did converge in my cryptic slumber, coalescing into withering scenes of fate
Yearning to sleep again, though the vision is betrayed by the white searing call of the haunting Clarion

Then came the siren's entreat and I was transfixed by a poisoned lullaby of the sweetest deceit
The last vestiges of light now shrank beyond sight. Sleep's dark mantle descended and pulled me beneath again

Where is the light to burn away these mists? It lies beyond veils of lies behind the fear in our minds
4. The Withering (7:36)
Wilt for me, in my presence. Grow cold for me, and wear your sadness

An undying love can be a blessed thing, unless it's not returned. Then you're damned all the same

You'll fall to me in your weakness. You'll cry to me in your sadness
Fall to your knees and beg for me. Hurt you I will, but you need me

You will never leave. Your love will always bind you. There is no escape, for I can always find you
I will watch your pain and stay the same

Your love shall drown you

I shall never grieve for you, for you mean nothing. I shall never change. I'll do whatever I please
I will never care for you

Your love means nothing to me

When time doth steal your will, you'll wither as a flower unearthed and severed

Desolate is this place, barren of that which matters and void of all those who would care

Trust in me, trust me blindly and crawl to me. Now know your place is at my feet

An undying love can bring a thousand pains and when it’s not returned on yourself you'll place the blame
5. Aegri Somnia (6:15)
Embrace of night. Across mist and moor, she draws ever near. Behind austere walls I lay, longing
Come the midnight hour, I feel her cold caress. Her eyes shall pierce my soul tonight

Cold shrouds of earth, beneath she sleeps. At her cold visage, my heart still weeps
Though in my mind and tortured sheets, she comes to me in lust we meet

Aegri somnia
At her cold touch I shiver

Dark is the night, though darker still are the times, that seem ever so unclear and fogged with thoughts of her, reminding me
But for the dreadful sun, the light would never find my bed. I could remain in peace with thee

With unearthly light, thou art lovely still. Though beautiful in life, now flawless in death
Thy lips beckon me as desire flames. My will dissolves in your cold embrace

Aegri somnia
Within my ear she whispers, "awaken and be with me forever"

Shaking, I await for her sight. Through fever, my eyes search the room
Empty. When shall my lover return? Hell's fury shall come dawning soon
I beg thee to claim me tonight, so that I need not suffer the light
The sun's fire brings with it no respite. Embrace me in unending night, my love

The days seem longer without her touch. Awake and dreaming of her presence
I know she will come to me tonight. I'll wait for her again
For in life or death, I'll be with her forever
6. Autumnal Lament (5:15)
Let pass and fade her vernal hues that once quelled my life’s despair
Only shades remain now lingering on a fell air, an empty fell air
Waning within her thoughts. I betrayed, my misdeeds, my shame
As these leaves, shall I wither the same and fall within an eternity?

Apathetic stars mill in their spheres. An overture to the bleak
Waking to this silent discord and an autumn chill of disparity

Shadows stirring in her wake apprise me she is well
I bide this austere flower. A forlorn wind doth sunder to bone

Beneath a dark uncaring sky, I watched her close for her eyes to bespeak
a telling sign that her soul doth not seek another's comfort, beyond my heart's reach

That night I died. She was my light, my Luna. Like I was the sun, away in flight fled Luna
My skies now bare. Far from my sight, crying Luna. Forever gone. Black empty night. I lost Luna

The night falls with one breath and delivers me to the cold, to her cold

Shadows stirring in her wake apprise me she is well
I bide this austere flower. A forlorn heart doth sunder and fall away
7. Infinitus Dolor Amoris (3:32)
8. Seraph Enslaved (5:55)
My love, an endless seduction in a play of affliction. Embracing our sin to replace what we've lost
You will feel my grievous touch, once again

With your ephemeral breath witness you must heaven’s end. Portrait of a queen, perfection in flesh, my seraph enslaved

Only through blood and tears can a vision of heaven reach us
Where choirs of light sing our names, you're an angel and I am god

You would say anything and sustain these stinging wounds for the slightest hope that I might again know the bliss to chain you

You would give anything, even step within your own tomb, just so I could hear your final cries end

That we may find cataclysmic relief, you bleed within this aberration of our hearts growing decay

When will I become at once undone, swallowed by your abysmal pains?
So close to the stars, yet heaven's so far with you chained to me

Seraph, I need you enslaved at the edge of life and you need me, your guide
9. The Acolyte (6:49)
I beheld my life in all its mortality, and I knew I could not tread the same path
We often mistake the horizon for the journey's end, though ever farther it does recede

So I plunged myself into the deepest wood far beyond the haunts of men
There I learned it's not the beasts without that they fear, but the demons within

You come bearing gifts and lofty words. Peace in your countenance but a sword at your side
I can see the worm burrowing behind your eyes. They hover about you, the poisonous flies

I need not your contempt for life, nor the plagues of your guilt
Your cruel path towards enlightenment shall reap thee perpetual misery

In my cathedral of the forest, the vaults of green rise before me
A tremulous light weaves through the trees and illuminates their leaves

It is here that I reign and am humbled just the same
I fall to my knees and resonate with the impulse of this vernal wood

The sea, the earth, the sun elevates me above the sky,
where I can see the storm coming to cleanse this world of all which it fears
A violent wind gathers in the darkness. Coiled and poised to strike upon the beast

I shall not kneel before your words of fear, nor the blood upon your throne
All I need is before me, all I have is within. I lift my eyes beyond your poisoned schemes

I need not your contempt for life, nor your need for absolution
Your false hopes of enlightenment shall not chain me in misery
10. Prologue (0:43)
11. A Love Benighted (7:41)
Returned from afar with the queen of the stars standing by his side
Her beauty unmatched in all the land, with piercing emerald eyes
Lascivious thoughts born from the start challenged my loyalty
though the malice in my broken heart must remain unseen

Jealously flew on gilded wings and silenced defiance for hell's offering. Thoughts of betrayal plagued the night

I've asked not god's forgiveness for these wanton dreams

Moonless black autumn skies held intent unforeseen
So my blade found his throat before he had the notion to scream

Bleed free, my king

Unbeknownst to me, within her lay your seed and soon would walk the earth your heir, by blood my enemy
How long can I lie before she sees beneath this mask of sorrow that conceals my wicked deeds?

One sleepless night filled with lust haunted scenes found me outside her door with a gift for my queen
A wine the deepest red as a rose picked in June. With a tongue just as wicked as the blade for my king
My words and my wine painting my heart serene. Sweet empathy twisting her broken heart into mine

Between her thighs we bred the sighs that would soon consume us whole
That night my seed of treachery spawned the flame that scorched my soul
The night burned through, yet the hours few passed as an eternity
When morning broke and she awoke my fate was sealed, with no return

Guilt stained with blood beneath secrets to keep, bear often in dreams most lucid and deep
An insidious heart in the fires that such reap, may give full confession in the soundness of sleep

Pierced by these lies, the thrust of my deceit. Now rage is the altar at which she prays
Her silence is as a razor's edge. Fury must drink of crimson red

Late one eve she came to me at last. Though a violent storm, she hid her scorn steadfast
Lascivious thoughts born from the start challenged my loyalty. So the Ferocity of a broken heart I was doomed to see

Inviting as ever my queen dressed in red. Her skin pale and flawless as young painted dead
Emerald eyes transfixed in mine and hungering deep. Writhing and twisting in motions obscene
Her fury preparing for thrusts unforeseen. The tears within her eyes mistaken for me

Between her thighs we bred the lies that would soon consume me whole
That night my seed of blasphemy spawned the flame that scorched my soul
As dawn approached and dared encroach, on this night that would be my last
Her eyes betrayed the dagger’s raid and she left me with my life fading fast
12. Epilogue (A Defiant Succumbing) (1:52)
Her rage bit deep in my flesh, though her blade not true as her flame
So my heart's slowing rhythm still beats for her as she weeps upon my chest in shame
My life sinks into my sheets. This canvas upon which I lay
holds an image of rage and desire portrayed both carnal and sinful to her soul's dismay

My fiery red angel of death did come and claim my breath

Now I die by candlelight as she runs to him to pray within the snow

Lord of light, I beseech thee. Entreat your right and claim me
Though please grant me one final gift and claim her as well while she is weak

Shrieking, come devils for me and take me away at my last breath's command
to where hellfire doth feast beyond death on black twisted dreams and the flesh of the damned

In red firelight shall our tattered forms dance in lust upon the hot winds of despair
13. The Dying of the Light (3:49)
Though love may live eternal behind eyes that give mine chase, not so for its grace. Dwindling at every touch,
at every breath, our lies wither the fabric of its nature

Causing love to grow old and plain and the kisses to grow dull and meaningless
Making love holds no sweetness or beauty for faceless lovers call our hearts to waste

I pray the dawn will bring us sight and save us both from endless night

So love may claim eternity beneath the vines of lust's behest, where choking pain shall bring no death
Though forever shall our love glow faintly as a dying light, holding no protection from the darkness
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