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Thier | Full Album Lyrics

Amestigon - Thier cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsWorld Terror Committee
Album rating :  92.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. Demiurg (13:02)
I am the emptiness without beginning or end. Although somatic I break and I bend. I can't be seen. I am around and I mould/form. I am the builder and the creator. Ruler of things. Form giver and taker I can't be felt. I swallow the sound and rape the silence. I build for peace. call for violence.

I can't be heard I am outside and inside I am flavor and smell. judge and judgment. Heaven and hell.

I can't be tasted. I am nowhere. Existence follows me. I am everywhere. Existence evades me but still I am
2. 358 (10:55)

Sophia descends of the five golden peaks, a drop of luminous force fell into the abyss. Deceiving light trading the life of a god for terrible pain. To follow his order must be the only task seven pates and ten horns swept away one third of his stars. This heist must not be forgotten. O sophia free the slaves. Assume the vessel. Of arcane shape.

O serpent give them the power to see and let the still waters stir o messenger of light.

True liberator provide the deserving pleromic prospect end the separation and unite what belongs together. O opponent you will incur tragedy but with the strength of awakened men every foe will be cursed. The serpent is aware.

Shatters the myth of death from that day you will have eaten of the tree. They will be opened, your eyes perceiving good and evil.
3. Thier (20:01)

Oh brethren and sistren - Await the advent and know thyselves. Creator of the worlds - Immortal serpent. Your light shone in the distance, but was unseen in close proximity. Accumulating the divine, to unite the spear and the chalice. Absorbing the aether until the sun gives birth to jupiter and mercury. Awake the watchman from his slumber. Every tongue shall tell what was witnessed. This spectral power of redeem.


Know thyself. Control thyself. Purify thyself. Come thou to me. Give me thy hands. One less spark is missing. For you to leave behind your hollow shroud.


MANSA MATSYA MUDRA MADYA MAITHUNA The demiurge manifests: as the semen drains into the fire. Inhale the spark and never set it free again. For it won't be the last you will need to set yourself free
4. Hochpolung (14:17)
What have you done to overcome? Ebb of this flood! Turn back into beasts! We are the meaning of the earth. Brethren, remain faithful to the earth! The soul has contempt, cruelty is its lust. Keeps the body meager, ghastly and starved. You flow like a polluted stream. We are the sea to clean this stream. What matters your reason? What matters your virtue? what matters your justice? What matters your pity? The just are flames and fuel. Crowned and nailed for love. We are the lightning, enlighten your path by splitting heaven. You are the rope over the abyss. A dangerous crossing. Your cradle is the beast. You are on the way! Oh brethren, you are the bridge, the arrows longing for the other shore. Don‘t seek reasons behind the stars. Sacrifice yourself to the earth. You are the spirit of your virtue, so stride the bridge as spirit. We are the mouth for your ears, learn to listen with your eyes. Plant the seed of your highest hope, while your soil is still rich enough. You must have chaos in yourselves, to give birth to a dancing star. Unconscious envy speaks out of those with a squint-eyed glance of contempt. Don‘t despise your body, create beyond yourselves. Wake and listen! This is the great noon, when you stand in the middle of your way. Let the sun of our knowledge guide you to the evening. So you will meet the new dawn.

Dead are all gods, now we must live. We must overcome. This is our last will!
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