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Unheard Prayer | Full Album Lyrics

Amederia - Unheard Prayer cover art

Unheard Prayer

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsBadmoonman Record
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Eden 03:04
2. Who We Are 09:46
Having disobeyed the God,we found our own way
Having crossed the threshold,forget about Paradise
Through the time and death,through the pain and sorrow
The wings are broken,Judgement Day has come

Am I like they?
Like these people,banished for their foolishness,
Wearing the masks, they lie to themselves
It is time to show the face undr the mask!

We have forgotten who brought us the light
In the shadows of our lives
The hearts have forgotten the words, the words of Truth
There is only grey mesquerade left...

Oh Eden, the happiness was so close
We live, we suffer, we have broken our wings ourselves
3. Loneliness in Heaven 10:35
Living in a dying dream, I‘ve tried to wake up
Abandon this reality, but this has only made me cry
Oh, this theater of death
P1cture of blazing fire, burning down your memories with its voice
having fallen into the depths of endless sky; having found peace
You are looking for the part of your ocean but can’t find it
My plan is for heaven, my sacrifice is for love, my sorrow - my World

Loneliness in Heaven...
Even oceans of my hope are drowning in the depths of my despair

I hear their singing
I hear their screams
Night follows the day
Life is Pandora's chest

My pain follows me
My tears fall down and split on the every day that passes by
The fragments of my m1nd assemble the picture of suffering
My world will open its door to the rainy day
And no one will see the traces I've left
4. The Dance of Two Swans 07:15
Wrapped into the moonlight,
Like swans dancing on the water
Her sweet lips, thousands of stars

Sky is like a mirror, roses are in her arms
This night, will remain
Forever in our hearts

...Follow me, stay with me,
Walk the path of shadows,
Leave the doubts behind...

The dance of two swans...
Will never stop
Under the well of cold, cold sky
The two ardent hearts will burn

Like thousands of silver tears
The Masquerade of dead souls
The rain will cover their kiss with tears
And the light will lit up their last night
This night will remain forever in our hearts...
5. Forbidden Love 07:42
Her cry bleeds my heart
There's nothing to hear except the vulnerable music of love
O, how i want to return
To return and fall asleep under the falls of dreams

You have left my hope,
My dream and pain.
The night will pass, start will go out
And my star will fall... forever

The sun will blind
The moon will see
How her children will fall
The lie will cover the sky
But one the them will say to cry

So why we die?
Why we cry?
And love what we shouldn't
6. Angel's Fall 08:41
Through the darkness of the night I'm drifting in the air flow
Plunged in the melancholy of the misty morning
Having scarcely touched the rays of rising sun
The thread of poor soul has been broken

I hear their screams,hear my cries
I spread wings heading into Unknown
behind dead words I'll find salvation
The granted freedom will give me oblivion

Insanity of this world is around me
I want to fly to the sky to see the dawn
To feel the freedom,to touch the cold sky again
But wings won't grow for the second time

The wings are broken,the way back is blocked
The shadows of the despair will come for you
Washing off the blood on my hands,
I'm falling....forever


Given the wings once,but thrown down
-For your sins, you will be punished.
Dethroned to the earth of sinful and wretches
The Land of those who have cursed themselves,Fathers of Lies.


And now we are afraid of nothing
The chains are broken,
bitter memories are covered with the midnight fog

Cry for our hearts and yield to the pain,
bidding farewell to our life

7. Together 11:00
I couldn't stay under
the pressure of the life's hell
I turned into the plunder!
it was the Death's smell..

I know,it was my weakness...
but what could I do?
My soul was broken by the vengeance..
but I am still with you

I come to Death..
I'll kill myself...
what can I do?
I must die for you...

Cold deep inside...
without you..
in me.

I couldn't live in this rotten world
and I give my liberty to a fraud
I know,it was your weakness...
but what I could I do?
my soul was broken by the vengeance..

But I am still with you...
8. Sunset 03:35
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