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Eternal Depression Full Album Lyrics

Alitor - Eternal Depression cover art

Eternal Depression

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 10 형블블 (2018-08-16)
1. Realm of Grief (4:02)
I cannot
Escape from claws of lunacy
They are
Hunting me since I was born
Throughout life I’ve been searching for
A bit of light, a bit of hope

Living seems so strange, difficult
This life and what we are all born for
Hypocrisy is everywhere, I am trapped
I don’t want to live anymore

So much hatred is sown in me
I’m vanishing into the realm of grief

[Repeat verse]

In front of others' suffering
I turn my head around
I swallow my shame
And I become
I become one of them

[Repeat chorus]

Every human trait has been lost
Conscience abandoned, the line has been crossed

Afraid of judgement
I’ve lost myself
The dream of better times
2. Eternal Depression (5:08)
Will we ever face the truth after all this pain
That we are passing through, live, all in vain
Existence is a constant struggle, never ending brawl
Lack of knowledge, endless battle, consumes us all

Patience running out
Clues are concealed
Life’s a mystery
Could it be revealed

Too many questions
Without answers
Are we really just the puppets
On the strings of destiny

Suspense is killing me!

Will I ever find myself and walk the right path
The more I have the less I give, a bleak life
Will I ever grasp my soul, unveil my quest
Death seems so close, misery puts me to the test

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

I just want to close my eyes, and sink deep inside
To see the other side, to fulfill my desire
And let my fears to fly on
Unleash the pain and heal my broken soul
Uncover the truth and comprehend why

Why was I born?

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]
3. Horror (5:13)
There's a thing
Raging in me
Slowly growing, burning
It must be released

Awaken from the peaceful dream
Struck by the reality of life
Met with death so many times
Uncertainty ripping my mind

I'm afraid of years that come
Of unpredictable turn of events
And loosing the ones that we love

We will never know
What tomorrow will bring us

Words, forever unsaid
Float in in the air
We all die alone
Choked by them

I've made mistakes
In the past
It seems what goes around comes around so fast

Regret devours from the inside
The pain through the sleepless nights
Cleared my mind, revealed the path
Someday I may be a better man

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

Take your chance and make it good
Don't be blind, ‘cause time is cruel
Forget the past, the future's what you have
Hold it tight and live it right

[Repeat chorus]
4. Contorted Existence (5:17)
Why is it so difficult to understand
This game that we play, they call it life

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces
And putting them together again
In new shapes
Of your own choosing

Is this is the real world
Or am I caught in a dream
A terrible nightmare
Locked up and burned by sin

The rule of the all seeing eye
Kingdom of emptiness
Contorted existence
The rule of the all seeing eye

Freedom is the freedom to say
That two plus two make four
If that is granted
All else follows

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

Future fortold
So many years ago
5. Embittered (5:30)
Trapped inside
Trapped inside in this world of lies
That brings
That brings my life
To despair, nests inside, takes my will away
Will to plant my roots in this foul place

How can I live it your way
When i just want to take your life away
I just want to see you smashed down by your lies
You will be drowned

Embittered by life
Embittered, I am

How can you
How can you look into my eyes
And say
These words that eat me from inside
I'm rotting, I am dying
I'll travail, but I won't serve you

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]
6. The Artist of Deception (5:30)
Blindly I followed your every word
I believed in you
Never thought that you would
Ever betray me
I wish I could turn back time

There is only one thing that is possible to see
When you look deep into the eyes of greed

Now I’m kneeling down
Down in the dust
With a hundred knives
Resting in my back

Fooled once, but never again
Shed blood calls for revenge

Your words are breeding death
From your lies there’s no escape
But I’ll fight to save my mind
From your evil kind

Beware of the artist of deception

Cunningly hidden lies spread the fire
Crush you with desire
They drain your soul
Empty and torn
Infectious illness of humankind

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

How long do you think this charade will last
When you feed your ego with someone else's suffering

Time wipes out your every trace
All your filthy lies erased
Now I’m watching you chocked
Wretched, crushed and dead

Fooled once but never again
Your toll has been paid
7. Nothing Lasts Forever (5:07)
Your time has come
Painful death awaits you

I don't know
If there's a word
Which can describe
How i feel about you

[1st pre-chorus]
Hunger, pain and misery
The color of your life
Feeding us with lies
You're caught in our endless cries

Justice seeks the truth
And you will find it soon
Nothing lasts forever
No, not even you


Only god knows
How we suffer
Under your fist of democracy

[2nd pre-chorus]
Greed, selfishness and strife
All labels that you are
Blinding us with lies
You'll see hell with your own eyes

[Repeat chorus]

Tell me how can you sleep at night
Bearing all the burden of your victims
Are you not scared of tomorrow
Souls await to pass the final judgement

[Repeat 1st pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

Nothing lasts forever
8. Drained (5:51)
I don’t wanna die
With my eyes closed
I am facing hope
Senses are wide open now

I don’t feel it anymore
Grip is lost, weak
The bitter taste of deceit
Still corroding me from inside
Awaiting the answer

A pleasant lie, ain't the cure
For a stricken heart
The sour truth is the pain
That will carry you on

Spiritually damaged
Infected by eternal falsity
Awaiting judgement
Sink into the sea of delusion

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

Love the life, but tired of being alive
So much agony is hidden beneath the mask
Rotten spirit, covered with dust, varmint
Awaiting answers, I’m just a walking void

[Repeat chorus]
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