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Reclaimed by the Forest Full Album Lyrics

Algoma - Reclaimed by the Forest cover art

Reclaimed by the Forest

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  -
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-10-10)
1. Bedsores (9:59)
Welcome to the "home"
This is where I live
Or should I say exist?
Everyday I sit alone

There's nothing left for me
My husband, I buried
Five years ago today
Ever since I've been alone

The kids never got to grow old
A car crash took'em
Brothers and Sisters, they're all dead
Curse of the youngest sibling
No friends left to pay me a visit
Retirement home feels more like a prison
I'll just sit in my cell
Serve out this death sentence called life

My only friends are the staff now
I know they're stealing from me
They let me sit in my filth
These bedsores just grow larger
The Pain!
The Pain!
I'll just lie here and hope for death
2. Fell Down a Well (5:25)
I fell down a well
And no one will find me
I'll slowly starve to death
I know it's futile to bother screaming

I'm in the middle of nowhere
I'll just cry and think
Of what's likely broken
And all of my mistakes

I think it's been a few days now
I'm fading fast, I'll go to sleep
I'm just a child
I'm just a child
Fell down a well
I'm just a child
3. Reclaimed by the Forest (5:12)
Finally coming to
How long was I out?
My back hurts
Oh god, how my back hurts!
I can't get up
I think my back's broken
What happened?
I think I must have fallen

Should I crawl for help?
But which way to go?
Why did I
Ever do this alone?
I know the odds
They're all stacked against me
As night falls
The darkness surrounds me

The forest is thick
I know I won't be found
My body will rot
Be returned to the ground
When nothing's left
I'll be reclaimed by the forest
Will be reclaimed by the forest
4. Tertiary Syphilis (5:16)
Who are you? I don't know you
My nurse? You make no sense
Sit down? I might as well
Give me pills that dull the burn

Down There
So blue it's turning black
Down There
A life of lust's worst mark

Look! My friends are here
Don't worry they won't bite
How am I, Joe? Dying I think
No one's here? That's absurd


You sure it's tertiary?
Well, it isn't secondary
Tertiary Syphilis
It's 1914!

Is he still babbling? x4
Oh, there he goes...
5. Go On, Git! (4:24)
Who's this man at my house?
Yelling "GO ON GIT!!!"
Where'd my food keepers go?
How am I supposed to live?
The family before him left
Dropped me off down the road
Now he yells at me!
"Dog this ain't your home!"


Go on, Git x4

Up and down the highway
Everybody hates me
Snap and snarl at children
They throw rocks at me
Goin' through the garbage
Think that steak was poisoned
Pukin' up my insides
Man, they got me good!


Go on, GIT!!! x7
6. Extinct Volcanoes (11:30)
Young people now appear senile
With a demented greasy face
Dripping mouth, trembling chin
Inflammation of the brain
Some die in days, some in months
Deep periods of sleep and a coma
If they survive they sit with no motion
Aware but lethargic, unresponsive
Like extinct volcanoes
Extinct Volcanoes

Sit the volcanoes facing the window
I get a sense they enjoy it
Demented greasy faces are shining
Dripping mouths, trembling chins
Potential and promise eternally paused
Nobody writes and nobody calls
Aware but lethargic, unresponsive
Like extinct volcanoes
Extinct Volcanoes

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