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Seolfkwyllen Full Album Lyrics

Ahpdegma - Seolfkwyllen cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  77.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2016-07-27)
1. Despite All Your Pain (3:41)
Despite All Your Pain
O how tragic are the humans to live just in order to live!
Your desire to make a god of yourself is time-honoured.
On your lettre to your friend, however, so far as you were conscious, never attempted this
On the contrary, even you considered yourself one of the most common humans
One of the most common humans!
Thirty years ago... under the maidenhair trees...
Although you had been one who had wished to create a god of yourself.
O how tragic are the humans to live just in order to live!
Voluntary death would give you some peace, if not happiness
When you were ready, you found the nature more beautiful than ever.
You were sure that you had seen, loved, and understood a lot more than others.
In this at least you had a measure of safisfaction,
despite all the pain you had thus far had to endure.
Despite all your pain!
2. Inside Iridescent Illusion (6:31)
You only used to smile in your weakness
You wanted to die
You had to die
You wanted to die more than ever
You had nomore chances to recover
No matter what sort of thing you did, no matter what you did...
Humiliating sin would be piled on another
and your sufferings would only become more acute
it was sure to be a failure
just the final coating of your shame
for you, life itself was only the source of sin...
social iridescent noxiousness
Your sin, what was your sin?
First, it was what held you in bondage,
Then, it was the violation of the ideal relationship
between you and God
But God was dead
God remained dead
And it were only you that had murdered him
You are such a living corpse of an imbecile society
Inside iridescent illusion
Where you were only and idiot, ghost, what was society?
Was it only the plural of human beings?
You are a dead to shame to the society
Where was the substance of what was called "society?"
It was certainly something mighty, harsh and fearful
The imcomprehensibility of society is the plural of incomprehensibility
of the inviduals coated inside the illusion.
Didnt he mean himself by society?
Society would not forgive you.
It was not society, but it was him who won't forgive you
If you did such a thing, society would force you to suffer for it
It was not society, but it was him who wont forgive you
You would be soon ostracised by society
No, it was not society, but it was him who was going to ostracise you
Inside iridescent illusion
So what was society?
3. W.O.E. (6:28)
So you are chained...
So where to die...
You strove with nobody.
And as this dreamworld was also full of fulfilled people,
there was nobody to strife.
For you, there was nobody to strife.
Although in woe, you loved the romance.
Therefore you were alright to dive on the carousel taking charge, with your hands held.
Although in work you both loved the nature.
Therefore by unfastening the lifeline and from the back of Leviathan,
you could dive in the nightsky.
The Ferris Wheel represents the great Wheel of Ezekiel.
And at its bottom, there is Darvaza with woes and bustle brighter than the stars
The Ferris Wheel represents the great Wheel of Ezekiel.
Caught by its twinkle, the fire of your lives is about to be extinguished.
... Burnt...
Again it's time to go.
You strove with nobody.
And as this gaudynight was also full of fulfilled people.
You are chained.
Then, where to go... Where to die...
You were chained...
You are unchained.
4. ... and So Everything Passes (3:03)
... and so everything passes.
Time of humans is hastened to the end.
Each minute change places with that which were going before.
You neither could choose them well, nor receive them.
In this world of light, time once gave his gift to you in your childhood,
and in this same world of light, he is now about to destroy all of you.
You had neither happiness nor unhappiness anymore.
The vessel of your suffering have become empty.
You have lost even the ability to suffer.
... and so everything passes
5. May Hémèrokallis (4:55)
May God Bless you the discoverer.
Before telling it to anybody...
You entrusted it all to him.
The gravest thing for you a woman
Isn't it unclean around you?
All must die out tomorrow
Aren't your dress disorderly?
All must die out tomorrow.
O arent your eyes properly open?
Beyond the window, she is dead and you are with him
In eternity
This flower is smiling today but tomorrow...Its the same as snipping the bud of the flower
Fairer than a cryptomeria to fall after hundreds years.
In being released from your suffering
And are you in your most beautiful shape?
Before being too late...
The same as a Hémèrokallis fairer far in May
With your eternal life, no more quarrels to her occur
After having stood for four hundred years...
You want him to discover you.
You want him to make you frozen
In eternity
So you decided to snip the bud before being too late
May God Bless you the dicoverer
To leave here in your most beautiful shape
Beyond the window
Frozen are the tears of May Hémèrokallis
Into eternity
6. Death Wake Eternal (5:01)
Beyond your nebulous doze to the world where no pain goes on.
O your ugliness.
You cannot sleep also tonight.
Not because how much the pain itself pains,
but because the unsureness pains of how long the pain goes on.
You take the same pain as yours for granted for all those
whom required you further progressions.
All those who claim you are weak deserve the same pain as yours.
To the very same pain as yours!
O such beauty of your world that fights one evil with another.
O such ugliness of you who try to flee from the pain...
Such pain because of your ugliness...
You required the first and final understanding to your decision somebody...
no, anybody...
You just wanted to fall in a nebulous sleep...
You wanted to lie untroubling and untroubled.
... A peaceful sleep like in your childhood...
... Unbothering and unbothered...
Death, he shall die.
You wanted to wake up from your doze transient but full of pain.
You excuse yourself from the innermost depths of your heart.
You excuse yourself to the final fragment of your spirit.
Beyond your nebulous doze, to the world no hands reaches.
O your absence.
7. Peccata Mortalia (0:55)
8. Sable Statue, Silent Satiation (4:46)
You survived in longing for fame and love.
Nobody cared about you, however.
Your friends forsook you like they had lost their memory.
Nobody called you up today.
With sadness you had shortened your life.
You, however, had all your sadness and regret run out.
O Such a tiresome game called life.
Nobody called you up today.
Your past sadness was forming a flock of past ghosts.
Those nostalgic shadows forgotten by somebody.
And the shadow of the death.
And then you entered in the white world with no contempt,
no abuse, no fame and no love.
You believed your parameters decided by a die were not low at all.
But only you had lack of luck.
You stood on the place you chose to decay calmly like sable statue.
On the place where nobody would find your faults.
Both your familiar ones and your beloved ones were now cold...
even colder than strangers.
There were no signs nor delights of life.
After you had struggled during your whole life,
there was only your wracked figure.
You prayed so that your posthumous works would not see the light
as a result from your death.
In boredom for your role of the sable statue.
You lived yet what you were none cared or knew.
9. Seolfkwyllen: by Throwing a Die (6:57)
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