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Rites of Separation Full Album Lyrics

Agrimonia - Rites of Separation cover art

Rites of Separation

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPost-Metal, Sludge Metal, Crust
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-01-21)
1. Talion (10:59)
Elevated souls of gloom
In between woken and dead
Stories are told to the deaf
Witnesses breaking an oath
Of secrets forlorn

Her tongue split in two
With threats to kill
Visions of violence
I see through the lies

An army at her command
Brutal and weak, hand in hand
Chained to the shadows
A breath still warm
Bleed, burn you beast
Breathe while you can

And bring your storm of ice
The pictures enclosed
A sentence taking shape
The message dissolves

Where lies the answer
Your appearance is vanishing
The tears you fear will heal your hate
To wake up the anger
Swallowing dust to flood your heart

A healing process like vast fields in flames
Molding parts and making marks
Traces your body

An outline that is you
A revisit at the bottom
Icy cold, darkness falls
Drips of rain
Like a worm you find your path in the soil
Dig the earth

Reach for the light
Fingers and nails do the work
Your aim is revenge
This war has no victory

An eye for an eye leaves you blind

Talion, a blood feud
Fueled by retribution
2. Hunted (15:39)
Handed down to us
A deeper lie we can not name
Your fabricated truth
Diseased and absent of meaning
A script so devoid,
of truth, of mercy, of compassion
Empty threats
A souvenir of remembrance

Those not undead but unseen
Of unknown name and origin
Hunted, pursued, hated

The black death
In the eyes of the ignorant
Who hunt in packs
In the empty nothingness
The mill of our times grinds a story
About lives lived and hollow apathy

Where solitude is sacred
And where by greed they command
Hunted, pursued, hated
They command
They command

Skeleton structures
Born to be ruins
Smeared histories
and scratched timelines

Underlying impulses
Once deserted
Gazing at the bolted door
A map leading you
Hunting you to taking a fall
Pull the trigger
On angst and wasted time
Fire to fear their associates

Your decisions carry the weight of them
Laying bare their thoughts
Soft murmurs spiraling through
Migrates to those willing to hear

Our voice speaks so low
Never owned our past
Wander the long road through
3. While Life Lies (10:43)
Claws carving a story in the ground
Moss holding it down
Moulded memories abstained

Freaks with bare teeth
Grin and tear with violent intent
Wardens of terror

The makers of sorrow
and violators of space
Load the chamber
Aim through the fumes

Striving forwards
Turning, touching, trembling
Sliding backwards
Together but alone

Hearts pounding on

The air is hard to breath
Like a nightmare
The escape is slow and unreal
The taste of blood
Like iron in your mouth
Thorns weaving an armor
to protect you from peril

The prey becomes the predator
Thousands will fall on this earth
When the tyrants become the hunted

Severed foes
A hurricane of fire
Fall in line
Adapt to everyday's chants

Hold on while life lies
High praised men take your life
4. The Battle Fought (6:44)
Rites of separation
Cutting away my former self
Ticking like heartbeats
The theft of my time

Pictures of danger entangle my thoughts
Screaming so useless, my mouth is a trap
Choking on words, your name is a blur
Sedated, nightmares, phobia

Emotional landscapes
Their cure is a hoax
My blood is on fire
My lungs filled with water

Skin burns of fever but my body is cold as ice
Cold like I am dead
Unable to speak, my brain burst to flames
Bring on the madness, it whispers so close

A transplant feeding off me
Filling the circles, pus seeping through

Minutes became hours, days, months
Eternal night, my back to the sun
The battle fought
In hindsight, an uneven fight

Change needs to come after death has been seen
I remain motionless, awaiting my peace
Sleepless nights and woken days
Writing testimonies from the dead
5. Awaiting (15:40)
When fall is falling and winter weeps
They stand alone on the hills blackened by waste

Frostbitten faces and fanatic screams, syllables masked as words
Carrying the burden on their wings
Dreams mirrored in vast promises
This desert land, these stones have stood for a thousand years
But on our watch a lethal doze was injected

The wheels turn on this scorched earth, end it here or walk away

Forced back to the trenches, a gateway to a world that rots
A discussion in mono, case closed
The secret is out, the favors asked
They corrode, disintegrate to nothing
We have been proven guilty, bail refused

When spring sighs and summer sleeps
The roots will turn and dig the graves
Awaiting the dead hour
They will rise, reach for our throats
Bloodthirsty, ready for battle
The waves will sweep the wreckage away

As parasites we lose control
A smooth passage to the world to come

In the silence lies the naked truth
Our words ring hollow
Awaiting the timeless, nameless void
In the sky, beneath the black soil
The stones that have stood for a thousand years, disintegrates
Becoming one with us

The fires are still burning
Like warnings for the lost
Echoes of forgotten eras
Fade away into nothing
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