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All Hail the King Full Album Lyrics

Against Evil - All Hail the King cover art

All Hail the King

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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1. Enemy at the Gates (0:48)
2. The Army of Four (4:47)
Guardians of the kingdom, we are soldiers to the throne
Sworn to protect and defend
Born to the brave all the traitors we enslave
Loyal to the king and his crown

So we ride into the wild all allied
With the king by our side on galloping horses
We rise breathing fire from the depths
Of the blood red skies and the battle begins

War is calling, time to fight
Run when you hear the horses roar
Fear the army of four

Together we ride, we conquer with pride
Brothers in arms and steel
Death to dictators and the enemy hordes
They will all die by our swords

So we march into the night with all our might
To fight the evil in sight with fire and fury
We hunt, we confront, we slay, we tear through our prey
Prepare for the end
3. All Hail the King (5:01)
Let me tell you the legend of Zoltan
There's war in his blood and wrath in his eyes
The earth shakes at the sound of his horses
With a swirl of his steel, the enemies they kneel

Run Hide Fight - Fight to survive till death comes finding
Run Hide Fight - But your fate has been sealed
Run Hide Fight - The gods of all might can't save you
Run Hide Fight - Say your prayers, All hail the mighty king

He marches with valor, the slayer of beast and man
Colossal in size, victory his pride
Gather your forces cause there's nowhere to run
The skin is his shield and his blade he will wield

And for centuries together
He ruled the mountains and the seas
Immortal was his soul, vicious was his sword
Sentence was served to all those who deserved
Battle was his game as he put his enemies to shame
Behold the king, the mighty king of kings
4. Stand Up and Fight! (4:17)
What will you do when war is coming to you
Will you run for your life or save another?
Walking in the shadows, death is what i see
Waiting for the hour and death is what ill be

Stand Up and Fight!
In the Dead of Night
Prepare to Strike
Time to do What's Right

You don't have a clue that there's a warrior in you
All it takes is to find and face your fears
Rising from the ashes, fighting for the truth
Screaming for vengeance, the gates of hell break lose

Stand Up and Fight!
In the Dead of Night
Prepare to Strike
Time to do What's Right
You have the will to survive
5. Sentenced to Death (4:16)
Execution at the gallows pole
Where they hang you down to die
They pull the lever, take you out of control
Hold your breath for one last time

The system
Has failed
You've been betrayed

You have
No rights
Nobody cares

Guilty or not, you will be shot
Your lives don’t matter
They hide the truth in plain sight
You pay the price

Do you hear our voices calling in pain?
Our freedom choked with domination
All our sacrifices have been in vain
Hear the tyrants call your name
You’re sentenced to death!

No escape from the clutches of death
You’re trapped like rats in a cage
Fooled by traitors who corrupt your minds
Watch your soul as it slips away
6. Bad Luck (3:57)
Gone are those days when fate was fair
Chasing my wildest dreams
Ran outta luck, life knocked me down
Trapped in this tragic haven
Gold turned to ash, light turned me blind
Rough is the road im on
I found the key to a broken lock
Misfortune keeps succeeding

And it goes on and on and on...
The devils' got my soul

Bad Luck gets you to your knees
Bad Luck breaks the chains of your desire
Bad Luck you can't escape from me
Bad Luck your life burns like fuel to fire

Just don't give up, surrender not
To sayings and prophecies
Don't take the fall, give it all you've got
Bad Luck is overrated
Maybe it's time to win the fight
Against the odds of life
Cause in the end, all it would take
Is your determination

And it goes on and on and on...
Don't let that devil through the door
7. We Won't Stop (4:33)
You have broke down the hopes of a million lives
Won't those regrets haunt you in the night?
We are the victims of your hideous crimes
Now is the time we fight for what's right

Run while you can, we won't stop hunting you down
Run as far as you can, cause we won't stop
We'll take you down!

To fight for this cause, we have all aligned
United by leaving our differences behind
The flag has been raised against your governance
This nation is marching towards your decadence

There is a storm coming to take you down
Driven by hatred to strip you off your crown
This is the end, it's time for victory
Tonight is the night we make history
8. Gods of Metal (4:00)
We are war, our turf we defend
Ten thousand men, fiercely ascend
We are fire, in darkness we strike
With the power of light and might on our side

We decide the fate of our kind
With thunder and light, all forces combined
We ignite the notions of faith
Religion and race for glory and grace

We slay through disease and defeat with our steel
We swore to protect and preserve prophecies
We stand through the siege and destroy the faces of deceit
Join the fray, on this crusade, raise your blades!

We are gods of metal, raise your fists into the air
We are gods of metal, sing our songs and march till the end

We are legion, sworn to the seal
Our armies revealed with blades forged in steel
We are immortal, the keepers of faith
Warriors await to seal your fate

We attack, at the crack of dawn
Arrows drawn into the storm
When we strike, there's nowhere to hide
When the armies collide we fight for our pride
9. Mean Machine (4:06)
Too much of power
Too much of torque
She's one of a kind, Oh yeah!
She's a mean machine

Two lane blacktop
True wheels of steel
Rip it up, feel the flames burn
It’s so unreal

The road is ours today
Here we come, make way
The saint's are here to stay
Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go!

Kings of the highway
The road is our home
Black vests, denim and leather
Steel and chrome

Knights of the streets
We ride till we die
Full throttle, full speed ahead
Into the sky
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