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Dawn of the Enforcer Full Album Lyrics

After All - Dawn of the Enforcer cover art

Dawn of the Enforcer

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > A > After All Lyrics (39) > Dawn of the Enforcer Lyrics (11)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-08)
1. Parasite Within (3:39)
Fallacious, fastidious
Ready to submit
Extracting the truth from the core
I am alive in this savagery

Covetous, imperative
Your wishful demise
Witness the power to unlock
The secrets inside

No power, no control
All splendours revealed in time
Twisted spectators bring you death

One forged divinity
Leave no stone unturned
Exploring the maze of the mind
Am I alive in this savagery

Servants, impious
They dwell in a waging war
Uprising from all that is evil
To feast on your flesh

Come out and play
In debauchery
To implore total control
The end you will see
My will to be
Inferior to none
Infamous deadly enforcer
2. Timeless Machine (3:26)
If this is me, then who are you
Too blind to see, the emptiness confounds me
Bold as we are as we dare to speak
And fill our heads with false ideologies

Twisting and turning
The cradle to the grave
You're trapped, bound and useless
This timeless machine

If this is me, then who are you
Am I bound to be a reject of society
When all hope is gone, to persevere at all
A new thought restrained as you decide to fal

This time we will break you

You're trapped inside
This timeless machine
3. Digital War (4:11)
They watch me as I fall
Oh, how they crave in spite
A new world disorder
Creating this digital war

Seize control
Digital war
Seize control

From eager obsessive minds
Exceeding the expectations
Transcending the boundaries
Of this totalitarian digital war

I realize there's no return
We're born to rise
This wretched world

Injecting the parasite
This is the end of the line
Nothing can stop this
Blind leading the blind
You belong to this digital war

The end is approaching
One powerful display
You keep on yearning for life
Free from this digital war

Prepare for digital war
4. Spread the Infamy (4:06)
Just another night, without warning
Lost and left to bleed, slowly dying
Do you feel the pain, can you relate
Who's the one to blame, do I care

I can't take this no more now
I'm bound to fall
Desperation consumes my desire
My heart is breaking

Just another night, without warning
Spread the infamy, no way out

Pulling me one step closer to the edge
While you bathe in apathy

Free me from this endless shame
Take me away
I don't want to live my life this way
Just let me go

As darkness descends
I can't no more I can't hold on

The people are in despair
Feeling only pain
Lost in their laughter
Surviving the game

Do you feel the pain, can you relate
Who's the one to blame, do you care
5. Becoming the Martyr (4:11)
Persevere without a trace
Holding on to your true belief
So accept this mischief once for all
Or pay the price, redeem control

When two worlds collide as one
I fear for what I'll be

Out of the silence
Into the core
A vision appears
To blacken my soul
No more illusions
A shade in the dark
Surrounded by death
While the wolf leaves its mark

So caught up in desire
Emphasize your hatred
Thoughts entwine in this collision
Still I wonder what went wrong

In favour of deceit
I'll become the martyr

Revelations come to life
To blow the fuse, piece by piece
Holding out, accept the pain
We are one in this life

As if it starts again
This burning fever deep inside
I know the time has come
To leave this world behind
6. To Breach and Grieve (3:46)
Another dream foreclosed
As time goes by
Only shades of grey
Far beyond these walls
Anyone out there
In this den of fools
Time to make a stand
You've got nothing to lose

Hollow world, take command
And realize there's no one left to save you
Four walls caving in
Genocide, mass destruction
You taste the fear, unfold the mask
Numb the pain

Can I borrow time
To remove the course
Breach the sacrament
And the fall of life
I just want to live
In this wretched hole
Every new day dawn
Brings another sacrifice

Four walls caving in
A new design, without warning
You taste the fear, unfold the mask
Numb the pain

Wake up my friend
There will be no tomorrow
To breach and grieve
7. Demolition Course (3:41)
My hate is rising
Beyond control
Pushed to the limit, got nowhere to go
I feel no mercy
For your pathetic lies
You're on the edge with your state of min

When all is lost
Can't find your way
Never back down
Wake up, step inside
Consuming all
Demolition course

Forced to implore
The truth concealed
Escalating tensions are now revealed
Be just and fear not
Stand your ground
Another force of habit, another violation

Witness my fury upon you now
As I disgust your deity

My hate is rising
Out of control
Pushed to the limit, got nowhere to go
A sense of purpose
Leaves you blind for what is coming
Except the fear that feeds you
8. Betrayed by the Gods (5:23)
Scream believers
With morning glory comes another day
Don't be deceiving
They are entitled to a different view

Invincible we are
Vengeance not known to us
Invincible we are
Betrayed by the gods

Feel the grievance
So you will understand what not to do
Touching evil
And darkness will uncover light itself

Master teach us
The rules to live by
And to obey

So we can answer
The calls of hate
And close the black hole gate


Master leave us
No rules to live by
Never to obey

'Cause we will answer
The hate inside
And be the black hole gate
9. My Own Sacrifice (4:01)
See the clouds divide
Remove myself from sight
Times I've fallen
Into pools of remorse
Dark sandy beaches
Thorns hurt my side
I realize my own sacrifice

No gun to play with
No bullets flying around

Not done to me
As I stand my ground

A sea of twisted shapes
White lines between them
The waves of passion
Collide in the stars
A dark and twisted tale
Of halves and of wholes
I realize my own sacrifice

As I reach my target
I back down again
For this is my playground
For sinners and saints

Lay down my face
Surrender heart and soul
Glide down the pathway
To a certain fall
No fear to enter
Just to end it all
I realize my own sacrifice
10. Devastation Done (3:56)
I declare this area forgotten ground
Come and spread the word
You're running out of time

Dig up all the hatches present past
Smother non-believers
Fallen from your grace

Scream, wake up
Bleed, make up
Breed, enough
Devastation done

Worlds colliding singing different song
Of histories rewritten
And unholy lullabies

I'll compensate your hate as we agreed
With begging, cobblestones
And a bag of bloody souls

Please let me know
If you agree
To the terms we set
In all honesty

The burning feeling in your eyes
The soreness of the throat
Will never fade
And never leave your mind
11. End of Your World (4:09)
There's no return and no concern
No reason to conceal it
Throw it in the air
And let it blow away

Contain yourself today
Let the shadows run
Be the better man
Grab all your courage and

Slowly dive
You go and ride

There's no slide and there's no beat
No fear to repeat it
Let's kick it out of here
To safely touch the ground

Just think outside the box
Don't live on misery
Be the conqueror
Take all your suffering and

Don't beat around the bush
The sign will lead the way
To darker worlds that disappear
Safe from harm you go and

This is the end of your world
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