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Volume 1 - Manifestations of 99-02 Full Album Lyrics

Aethyria - Volume 1 - Manifestations of 99-02 cover art

Volume 1 - Manifestations of 99-02

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level ― (2013-09-06)
1. January (6:47)
Through you, I slide the sounds of my creation. What is I? I offer to thee. All things are in a state of fluxuation, look within and fly, the self is the deceiver; you are the lie. In death I see liberty; corruption, perdition, I taste freedom! This life is not for me; the thinker in, finite properties! I see farther, past the liar! Stand I alone, the sacred fire! In death I see liberty. What is I? I offer to thee. Hail to the one what wisdom is thus, thus is wisdom one that hails dust! Sympathetic vibration - the gathering of my energy - to release the sensation; of all things flowing through me; angelic masturbation; I offer to thee. My seed is the creation; of the flowers of discovery! The act of salvation, of the universe I bend. In a trance of supplication, the heavens cry out my name again. Fuck, fuck me; fuck, fuck me!
2. February (4:31)
With sadness, I invoke, come forward, and speak to me. In trance, we supplicate, partake in the discovery. The journey is forever, a trail of tears. With sadness, I invoke, come forward, and speak to me. In trance we supplicate, partake in the discovery. Trail of tears, no gods I fear. Trapped souls sing to me. Central axis of creation, a force we no longer feel, lost in our deliberation, what is I is not real. With pain my in my hands I cry, deliverance a joke I sigh. In the movement of a twisted invasion, a connection will appear, spiritual enslavement, gods voice is clear; and it takes our breath away to give up our will is too much to say. I will not feel, I will not give my soul away. I see you never cared. I see you never felt the way I fell. You will never see.
3. March (6:21)
And I awoke to see all things with out meaning; and all was void, emptiness was supreme. The sleep of objects, in a trance, crumbled forever after. Time moved by times glance! No power in the world, no god, no demon. No power in the world can dim the eyes of the awakened! The origin of error, the source of illusion, flames of desire, and the self is the liar. Can the wings of the wind understand? Does the master of time have a dick in his hand? Sons of fury, Daughters of lust, turn the world into dust. I am at rest in the struggle and tribulation! The one with chaos, the one awakened! Forget your name drunk in my delusion, weed out the weak and join the confusion; Sons of fury daughters of lust!
4. Through the Aethyr (3:36)
The lids of cloud pour the tears of hymn. O' Transient ghost, scatter my limbs. Through the Aethyr, salt burnt sulphur. I blaze forever, Immortal...Portal. Destroy all form, formless my wings. It is of not, not of these things. Destroy all form, formless my wings. It is of not; awakening. Earth soaked in grape wine, with our tongues on fire; pouring the tears of dismay.
5. The Thrash of Music Went (4:40)
Far within my Aethyr dark, the thrash of music went, like a call to come in to the dark and lament. Calling to me, a promise of everything! A sacrifice of I! I taste the violence of the waves, intoxicated is my sense! To resonate with the choir the strings of heart begin to bend! Far within my Aethyr dark, the thrash of music went, like a call to come in to the dark and lament. Falling down, violently I went, rapping my soul, forever in torment! Farther still with in my heart, the thrash of music went, it is a mother fuckin charm to my own banishment! Ah-Ha! Forever in the air of my heart, the bitch's call went, struggle through the chain of waves! Misplace the transient! I bow down, together I went, I gave up my soul. I was left enlightenment!!!
6. Into . (0:23)
7. Cyclic Spheres of the First Air (3:57)
8. Pull Out of Air (6:27)
So Angelic is our nature, flesh is our guide. Fragments of our sentient nature are seen in symmetrical chaos. Abandon samsara, clearing the sky of clouds. She who knows embrace our withered heart, as time never moves in your garden and we rest in paradoxal sleep.
9. Suicide Is Sacred (7:10)
This suicide is sacred, to release my immortal spark! See the light full of hatred, soul torn apart! Infintum burning with pain torn eyes, discern the lord of death! Spirit inverted, samsara lies; I take my last breath. Blaspheme the watcher; sincerity's illusion is dispelled by hate! Our souls twisted after, away from scenes revealed to late! In lands of all darkness, my life rests in calm rivers of blood! Carrion feed and prey, my eyes see a way through; floods of light that whisper of dying, sight decays and born again. Eternal chalice unbroken; grail of my death is only your end. Light the fire! Trapped in darkness burning desire! Cast my soul to the wind, pass away transcend! Intrinsic energy, ever flowing free, the eyes are closed; breathe! Rhythmic waves of the ocean, aggressive, uncertain! Glide serenely on the wind, transparent sin! In panoramic view my thoughts spiraling from the center, from a place I knew before I entered. As I slide in and out of her, coalescing in desire. Wrapping and raping my self in illusion. I will not fear my own projections, as I cross the land of the dead! Look at the nature of the world, impermanent like a dream, even the dream does not exist! Therefore, renounce and abandon the world forever! Vapors arise from the earth, become clouds, and vanish into sky, not good, not evil beyond the temporal riddle! Like a wave of water, luminosity is veiled, by the rising of desire; I will not drown in the river, of samsara! No-soul, no-self, all empty! Hatred craving illusion, polishing the black mirror, self luminous confusion; strife born! Like a wave of water, I will not drown in the river. Like a wave of water, I flow from the center!
10. Beyond the Other Shore (7:44)
Am I the ocean or fragments of motion, Chanting the art, my seas must part. Looking within, I fade away, perpetual flux, fallen astray. Pick up the harp of life, strike the keys with might, Open the door within, I live again, the dream never ends, born again. Gone beyond the other shore, awakened forever more, gone beyond the other shore, a pawn to time no more. No more... Step through the hourglass; one remains the many change and pass, no serenity. My tears stain the white radiance of eternity. Make me whole, inside so very cold. Drowning in an ocean, of heightened emotion, chanting the art, my soul torn apart.
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