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Ruins of Empires Full Album Lyrics

Aeternam - Ruins of Empires cover art

Ruins of Empires

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Folk Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-02)
1. Damascus Gate (4:51)
Quis est homo, qui non in melius

Tigris and Euphrates
Witness the royal flames
The enemy of the cross has smashed the gates
Blood drops flowing from our swords
We marched as a savage horde
We died and died until we planted our flag

War drums have sealed the fate
Of thousand condemned disciples
We shall defend the land aginst the saracens
Blood drops flowing from their swords
They marched as a savage horde
They died and died until they planted their flag

The lion walking in the heaven's door
Waking all the ancient sons of the fallen ones
Defying the ruthless tyrants of the sun
Elder protectors have kneeled before his majesty again

Jerusalem under siege
Entering Damascus gate
2. Paropamisadae (4:11)
Crown of thorns
Extents to the northernmost reaches
Burdened by the weight of the Persian gold
Follow the path
Of the One that slayed the titan
Ascend to the throne of Olympus

Prometheus in chains
The limits of a mortal god

Now promised
The road to the end of the world
Led an army to the verge of starvation
Pride and pain
The emperor's fortunes changed
Deep in the sparkling snows of India

Now I terribly dread the son of Peleus
Achilles! Warrior!
Why do you chase me in the speed of your feet?

Gaea! Terra!
Oh primordial beings
This land is one of giants
Where does it end?
3. Sun Shield (5:48)
Lost is the Divine Lady
Lost is the Lord
When times of oblivion
Are drowning our path into the unknown

Cosmic tree of life on fire
The ladders to the sky are burning in our hands
I was sent to save our ancient kingdom
And I will be the seeder of our lands barren wastes

Nagas! Reptilians! Behold!
The watery shield of hate will crush your bones
The sky will fall and the shadows will rise
Bacab will bless my legions for their sacrifice

Heavenly Load
The Nine Skies of the Sun
The Earthly Load
The Righteous Dynastic Lords

Come forth! Oh man! With you misery
Chaos and death as the Ceiba Tree is burning
Mighty Skybearers! On your throne of stars
Witness the rise of the city of Great Waters

As the next season of corn replaces the old
A Mask of life is crafted in the lord's wake
Jade ornaments are bestowed upon red stained bones
A sprouting tree reborn as the Maize God

The reconciliation of circle and square
The cube and sphere awoken as a divine guidance
Terrestrial Tree of Life, cyclical process
Through Nine sacred layers of telestial space
4. The Keeper of Shangri-La (4:26)
Deep in a long forgotten land
Away from desire and sight
In a garden of eternal bloom
Forever in silence

Once was briefly seen
In the rays of a paling gleam
The Enchantress of the wild
The Mistress of wonders

Bringer of war and despair
Designed as a mortal, ensnared
Could your blinded eyes see
The light of a diamond

I will drown in the fountain of youth
Smothered by the forbidden fruit
Wake me from life
Take me to heaven

I belong in the remains
Deep in the mountains
In the land of the rising, blazing sun
5. Fallen is the Simulacrum of Bel (5:35)
Riding on the edge of Babylon
Fighting to death as we pray the sun
Living for the one who taught us all
The essence of justice and law

Darius! Atossa! Glorious Achaemenidians
Symbiosis of royal blood, infused life into a child
Who was born with the mark of annihilation
Whose destiny is molding with the fall of Babylon

EA ! Enlil! Cosmic Fusion incarnated
Your anger has been defied under Marduk's legacy
A god amongst all men, a lion among lambs
A sacrilege to embrace his greatness


People of Babylon!
Hear my voice!
Embrace your new god!
Or perish in Jahanam!

Ahasuerus, father of Media
The end of a virgin innocence
Defying the guidance of Aesma Daeva
Your demise is of a moral essence
6. Colossus (4:15)
Royal figure crafted
Dynasty that left its mark
Throughout history of Men and Gods

Teshub! Rise out of your grave
Worshipers of rain and thunder
Tarhunt! Ruler of skies
Maker of the seven wonders

I am eternal and bound to no loss

I am the everlasting splendor
Builder of mighty wonders
Blazing coal through my evil eyes
To testify for my lies

Marids! Dwellers of night
Anger of Hattian gods
Ifrits! Wielding the fires
Dervishes to the lords of light

On that night I will
Strike down the first born sons
And I shall bring down my wrath
I am the Lord!
7. Nightfall on Numidia (2:59)

Do you see?
She who rises from the ashes
Like a virgin of paradise
She who speaks with a thousand voices
With a burning and crying heart

I give you a history
In the hands of my children
The night falls on Numidia
8. Praetor of Mercury (4:46)
Red lights eclipse the sun
To Rome!
Called by the messenger of gods

A wind of plague is blowing
The stench of mass extinction
The raise of a Red flag augurs
Upsurging rivers of blood
Surrendered by starvation
They marched there before dawn
The spoils of war delivered
Unworthy lives of men

This is an era of warfare
The absolution demise
Leaders of the world sacrifying their men
With fear and craven guiding their way

The throne is deified
The Law becomes the faith
Power is given to the hand of the divine
Butchering the savages, slaughtering the innocents
Praetor of the void is negating their lives

Deities taking abode in new sanctuaries
Ritual of summoning away divinities
The idols are hammered, broken
Sacrilegious scorn of the enemy shrines

Fortified settlements
Erected to the sky
Hostages beheaded
Their limbs are fed to the hounds
Surrendered by starvation
They marched there before dawn
The spoils of war delivered
Unworthy lives of men
9. Zadyin Arga (6:43)
Here in my ocean of sorrow
I bleed of this emptyness, this neverending cold
I hear you scream from the bursting sun
I feel your desperate, everlasting moan
In the eyes of Tengri
Reveal me the essence of souls
Bring me oracular prophecy

I've found my path to everywhere
I've casted my mind ever since from within

I will decimate the written steps of my destiny
The evil in my mind spread me away
From darkness to light
From my lands down to the sky
From my earthly empire

I was born of Iron
Forging my name
Blood clot twisitng my fist
Omen of domination

Drowning in this ocean of sorrow
And freezing of this neverending cold
The eternal blue sky has set aside the world

A cloud of dust is veiling the lights
Is there nothing to wind up the tide?
As the days are turned to ashes
Like a river of time

Heaven fading as I walk into nameless places
Led astray by a gentle breeze
Spreading me away
From darkness to light
From my lands down to the sky

The shaman that carried the saddle
And rode to the edge of the world
Has lit up a radiant fire
To heighten the sullen gods
The shaman that carried the saddle
And rode to the edge of the world
Has joint his lifelong wisdom
With the holy spirit of Dayisun
To erase the past of men
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