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Transcendence of Spiritual Lifeforms | Full Album Lyrics

Aeons of Silence - Transcendence of Spiritual Lifeforms cover art

Transcendence of Spiritual Lifeforms

GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Lyrics > A > Aeons of Silence Lyrics (5) > Transcendence of Spiritual Lifeforms Lyrics (5)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-03-25)
1. Ancestral Continuum, Pt.1 - The Origin of All Singularities (1:21)
2. Ancestral Continuum, Pt.2 - Time-Space Alquimia (5:11)
There was no beginning, and there will be no end
Time is but illusions always messing up your head
Deal with your existence, the present time is on
Prepare to walk the path to the infinite unknown

The seed sound, the original sound from which all other songs and worlds come from. (x2)

We shall be ascended
Or we will pay the price
Our lifespan will be extended
And thy Universe shall raise

We are the voices, who speak without tongues of our own
We are sources of that energy from which you come

We are creators, yet we have also been created (x2)

We long to break the ties with the mortality to become eternal
We long to break the tie with the mortality to become the ancient ones!

No evolutionary line is (a) dead (one) (x2)
3. Ancestral Continuum, Pt.3 - Microcosmos (4:34)
They try to take the source
Steal the energy from which creation is formed
Within flows, the movement that holds life and death, foreign to some age
Open up, the spheres of light, let the snake rise
Need to rewire, bring the purpose back
Need rewire, their brains and end this disgrace

The God within awakes
Take back your own power

Machines, sentient beings
Dormant is their DNA, bring a new frequency
Bring a new light
It's God's mind (x2)

A kaleidoscope of life, through which God and you are one
Eliminate the race that sleeps with open eyes (x2)

You have been deceived and turned away from the truth.
They’ve tried to make you see yet not to be free.
They went the wrong way, they’ve missed their path
Their systems were altered, they were hacked

Eliminate the race that sleeps with open eyes (x2)
4. Transcendence (5:04)
Where am i?, why is so cold?
Hands so warm, pressing a side of my chest and pull me back
To this sea of dying minds, beat of Illusion
Trying to keep me on this forest of dust
Fearing the unknown, rejecting the path
Blinded, by brighter light

I, leaving the mortality behind
Lightings on shadows are fallen (x2)

What is this?....where am I?....my eyes...

What kind of state is this?...coma?
No, he's in a unknown state, he's everywhere and nowhere at the same time
But, what about his brain signals?... where are they?
Your mind is more than that son...remember that...always
Yes, i guess you're right
Don't worry, he isn't dead
He just...transcended

All the pain has gone through the destruction of corrupted lies
My soul is upon to the skies
Endless times, are now part of
Traveler of these dimensions
My dual form, is extinct (x2)

Binary dreams
Leaving the mortality
Behind (x3)
5. Ascension to the Source (4:24)
The three axis of time ,melted as one
Synched with the hive net, and joined to the stars
Part of antimatter, consentient to amplify
More and more, each time

The fulcrum of being converges and ascends
Spiritual theatre in which time elapses in an omnipresent way
Cell's of the Multiverse organism

"The pineal substratum overwhelms the physical receptacle that involves consciousness, waters such plant, the individuality Is left without turning collective yet, intermediate state in which everything is accessed, to the space between spaces and time between times"

Pillars of reality, don't mean anything anymore
Melted spirit migrating to source

The limits transcend and surrender to God' s neuronal net, the horizon of events
Thin line between those states

A profound insight, such energies
Ancestral rivers change place with the blood
Feeding knowledge, molding and forging the curse of life

The 3 axis of time, melted as one (x2)

Pillars of reality, don 't mean anything anymore
Melted spirits migrating to Source (x3)
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