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Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est Full Album Lyrics

Ad Nauseam - Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est cover art

Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > A > Ad Nauseam Lyrics (8) > Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-11-27)
1. My Buried Dream (6:31)
I'm close.
I'm blooming.
Obsessing odyssey of material
Conducted by an aimless instinct.
The only thing to perceive.
Life percolate from veins.

Victim of the exposition to reality
I'm suffocating far away
from the essence of purity.

Expanding without any boundaries
Limited only by mind's freedom.
Thoughts are spreading as spores
Infecting the reason, tormenting.

there, where feelings don't exist
there, where nobody is and will
there, where everything is so pure
there, where only equilibrium reigns.

there, the outermost place from the body
infinitely near to the spirit
far from the missing of nothing
nowise near to nowhere

Rain-worm of seeds melted
in bright mental solutions

Broken and sewed up
My buried dream
Close again.
2. Key to Timeless Laws (5:31)
Dissonances reflect
into harmonic sequences.
As the profile of hills
they're disposed
in this new vastness.
Structured as monuments
pyramids of knowledge
inconceivable immensity.

The melody embedded in their geometry
slowly reveals itself.
Its rhythm is the code to unveil
the meaning of primordial creation.

Timeless laws wrap those mysteries
that generated religions behind the mirror

Dissonances reflect
into harmonic sequences.
As the profile of hills
they're disposed
in this new vastness.
Structured as monuments
Pyramids of knowledge
Inconceivable immensity.

Infinity is coming down (to) fundamental chains
Colours are nothing but combinations

I thanks the generations that sacrificed their time
without finding concrete answers

I admire the magic line of symmetry
in which the basis of Nature reflect itself
Infinity is coming down (to) fundamental chains
Colours are nothing but combinations

I've broken the mirror
I denied the connection with my past world
I signed to remain over
Meditating between the columns of eternity.
3. La Maison Diev (6:12)
Nothing is worth it indeed
My dreams go adrift
I continue to repeat that's ok
But I'm strapped for hope anyway
and more and more sick of waiting
a sop that isn't and won't thrown to me.

Let the laying low roam
It feeds my endless obsession
Sank in the moan
In a bath of depression

I'm itching to cross the streets barefoot
in a perfect day of foolish apathy.
A grey cup blooms
Grown from a dead bud

Engulfed by time waves
As the silent fall of leaves
My tower is falling down
No one is waiting me at the god home

Stiff flesh swings half-lightened
My memory will wiped off

It won't do harm
to nobody but me
Nothing is worth it indeed
My dreams went adrift
Let the wheel roll
The taunting has no end at all
4. Into the Void Eye (7:37)
Diseases, an entire system twisting around
an infinite multispace built on single points of no
return. Diseases, from the begin till the end,
a-non conservative process.

Sucking life from other life,
trained by evolution
to be a parasite.

Beings themselves are based on sickness,
every species are at the same time kind
and disease for another leafless genetic tree branch.

Man versus man, contrasting interests
will reset to zero the entire system.

Destabilized once for all,
on the edge of instability
men will fall into the void eye.

Man versus man, contrasting interests
will reset to zero the entire system.
This will be the last survival prove,
men will write the final chapter

into the void eye.
5. Terror Haze (6:03)
I hear their coverings creaking under my feet
Old bones
breaks at my every single step inside this fucking pit.

Let it flow.
It's just the rut.
Now they're numb.
Snuffed out.

I reach the bottom of the pyramid,
taking orders from insects,
crawling like them,
craving to renew that mechanism of dependence.

Control breeds nothing but control
arranged just in the same manner.
The relation between master and slave is a vector
which points always downwards.

Automatic movements are the consequence
of the inducted absolute obedience.
Organisms reduced to feel no need and will,
their metabolism's regulated
by massive injections of morphine.

Let it flow.
Don't kick against the rut.
Now they're numb.
Embedded down.

Those dry mouths don't remember the relief of water
Such vacuum stares are unable to transmit any real emotion.
And their terrible smile is worse
than the most blood curdling scream I've ever heard.

Black birds are flying swirling
waiting for an eye to bleed.
Wrapped in a terror haze.
6. Lost in the Antiverse (4:48)
A pearly white sky surround me
my heart is freezing from inside,
I'm floating motionless in the void
where darkness had become cold light.

Obscure eyes on fire are pointed at me
observing every single wave in my head.

I'm falling in the absolute whiteout
where darkness had become dazzling light,
my self image dips in the shining void
where my consciousness is drowning.

Surrounded by dark burning stars
my massless body is scattered in time.
My figure is shaded by gloomy suns,
deformed by their unknown fields.

Dazed in eternal blank
of this inverted reality,
wishing to find the eternal peace
I melt into black light tears.
7. The Black Veil of Original Flaw (7:58)
Darkness cannot be seen by those without eyes,
eternal laws cannot be perceived by the comatose,
the black ray is unseen
for those whom look for the essence.

Every vibration, every fluctuation
every wave is covert.

And those, aborted souls, regrets.
And those, dismayed worms, waits

begging the universe for a sign,
screaming in the never ending silence,
looking for an answer in the skies,
digging the sludge to reach the heart.

They try to conceive the resplendent fall,
the cycling spiral of never ending begins
and ends, waiting forever for
a relief from the great insane dance.

The chapter shall close once for all
the relief shall come and embrace them

'cause there is no darkness for those without eyes.
The marsh shall swallow its leeches.
The viper shall swallow its own bane
'cause there is no light without darkness.
8. Superimposing Mere Will and Sheer Need (10:59)
White noises whisper along incandescent deserts
almost forgotten humanized fears revert.
The fluid oozes from my hands
falling down in a draining dance.

Corrupted by the honey sweet recall
the worst sins I'm going to invoke.
Every single attempt to resist
is rejected by acid puke.

Come closer, get slower,
the time is nearly over.

An instant which lasted for the eternity
when the totality had been curbed in a crystal.
Lighted up fuse of chain reaction
Having changed its primordial direction.

The missing scene preserved in resin.
A fossilised domino is going to fall
Tipped mountain upon the ocean floor.

We will see behind the director's shoulders,
Over the angle covered by emphasized senses,
On boundless horizons dressed in acrylic
Epileptic sequences of blackness.

My North is pointing down
It's the end of the last round.
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