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Dawn of Neon | Full Album Lyrics

Abzofran - Dawn of Neon cover art

Dawn of Neon

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal, Groove Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-05-29)
1. Leap of Faith (3:21)
Empty road in
golden snow I see.
A closure to my dreams.
It’s time.
As I fall behind, they send me to you.
And I hate my mind.
And I'm lost inside myself,
but I'm tryin' to hear.
And I don't know what I am,
but I'm starting to feel.
Help me find a
lonely man in me.
A man who can not see
2. How Much for Freedom (4:34)
The days go by and I’m glad to see them.
The odds are breaking.
It’s on my mind but I won’t say it.
The words escape me.
The door is closed now. It’s sealed with anger.
I tried to break it.
And I don’t bother to lay my head down.
I know you’ll wake me up.
Oooh, it’s a broken dream that I live within.
Oooh, it’s a symphony of a life to be.
How much for
my freedom?
One last cold before a change.
It lasts forever.
And all the small things that I found strange
are my own endeavour.
I’ll paint a picture so I can hide
my imperfection.
I’m tryin’ to tell you I’m in control of
my own reflection.
3. Will to Be (4:45)
Time, it is slowly passing by.
Moments everlasting.
I am the only one inside.
And I fall behind
every time that I try
to compose a simple reassuring lie.
Fall behind every time that I try...
All the answers that I fear.
All the words that I can't hear.
All about to disappear.
Are you watching me?
Smile! Am I only faking
while pain is overtaking
my will to be once more revived?
And you won’t let go,
but I feel like you know
you’re the only one that’s keeping my soul.
Won’t let go, but I feel like you know...
4. Working Class Zero (3:48)
Inside a shelter, a song remained.
Words carved in memory.
Words counting days.
Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like
if I could only be one more time?
No! Don't look up to me!
I never had a dream of being a hero.
No! I will never be
more than a working class fucking zero.
Inside my heart I've
died many times.
Raised to be broken.
To satisfy.
Inside my mind I've
thought it through again.
I hate the dream now.
I've seen how it ends.
5. Aeon (3:45)
Only you can see my face.
You're the one with everything.
You're the one that fills my days.
You're the deepest I could sink
in the crossfire of my prejudice.
Teach me now that I am cored!
Show me where I lost my faith!
Guide the life that I've ignored!
Watch me now how I betray
all the Amens that I said before!
All the Amens that I stand before.
You're the broken piece I see.
Every step I try to pull.
The fingers keep it, but it's free-
sand of time that's slipping through.
Still believin' in the silent sky.
6. 27 (4:03)
Close your eyes and try to see
all the expectations from me!
All the guilt. And I'm to blame!
Well, you must be a fuckin' saint.
It's written down
between the lines.
Creation of a man in disguise.
Although I'd like to see it white,
the darkest colours enter my sight.
Tryin' to find my piece of heaven.
Don't wanna! Don't wanna be 27!
Go ahead and push the weak!
You'll find no satisfaction you seek.
It's down below, within a soul.
It's nothing I'd expect you to know.
Still, we share a common fate.
Despize me now for what I am!
7. The Last of the Mohicans (4:28)
A sinner reaches for the stars
in a hole within his heart.
No one's there to hold a hand along the way.
Empty walls surround his Sun,
as it burns itself. It's gone.
Could've sworn that he believed it yesterday.
Lyin' in anger,
I sigh for you-
sweetest of all dreams that never came true.
Holy one
in the skies,
bring back tears to their eyes!
However true
this nightmare seemed,
it's nothing more than just a dream.
What's so sad inside a man
to kill an infant boy he's been?
A shadow smiles upon the fate no longer here.
When it's calm before the storm,
what there is will be no more.
Silver linings of my clouds have disappeared.
Now that it's over,
for what it's worth-
the meek shall never inherit the Earth!
8. Homo Non Sapiens (2:24)
9. Mannequin's Eyes (4:20)
As you crawl under the stone of sorrow
remember that you're but a man!
And though you share the doubt of tomorrow,
you made it today, after all.
A picture rises from the shade.
The door is open again.
The smile is fake. It's not your friend.
It was created betrayed. And it's cold.
Won't you set me free?
I'm not who I wanted to be.
I no longer swear
on these mannequin's eyes that I bear.
I'm losing my mind. I'm losing my head.
Lying awake. I'm so afraid.
Can you hear the doleful voices?
They speak of fortunes we haunted.
'Cause in the end, we are the choices
we made and desperately wanted to believe.
King of pretending on his throne,
ruling the kingdom of doubt.
The stage is set. The make up's on.
There's nothing special about you and me.
10. Inner Fear (3:26)
What is left?
A seat to share.
A stranger born to go nowhere.
An empty space behind a smile.
A memory baptized in denial.
Wait for me and I shall come
when blinded eyes embrace the Sun!
I can not save you
before you save yourself
and leave your inner fear.
Behind the walls
where life is forged in fire,
you'll meet your one desire.
Believe in me!
I'll set you free
to run across your destiny.
When hope is gone.
When all is lost.
Don't let the silence break your trust!
Find the pride within your soul
for who you once were. Nevermore.
I can not save you
before you save yourself
and leave your inner fear.
Behind the walls
where life is forged in fire,
you'll meet your one desire.
I can not save you
before you save yourself
and leave your inner fear.
Behind the walls
where life is forged in fire,
you'll meet yourself.
11. Can't Swallow (4:14)
I thought I knew about it-
the way you shape the star.
The way you smile when it hurts.
I see no ending so far.
In need of an easy answer,
the mind is reaching for the sky
to guide it, die without it.
And, still, not wondering why.
Find me a sanctuary
to lock my senses in.
Just more than ordinary,
this feeling deep within.
I no longer hide behind my hollow.
‘Cause I've got'em six inside and can't swallow.
You hope to die an old man
and, now, you’ve reached the end.
Could it be that you’re dreamin’
the dream of someone else?
I never knew about it.
I knew it all along.
I guess I’ll die without it.
I guess it’s nothing wrong.
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