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Antikatastaseis Full Album Lyrics

Abyssal - Antikatastaseis cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  83.3 / 100
Votes :  3
Lyrics > A > Abyssal Lyrics (20) > Antikatastaseis Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. I Am The Alpha And The Omega
As ancient stone I am
Here I stand for evermore

From high I gaze at this world so frail
And ignore its false pleas

For it is as I
No paltry action can quake this titan
Hewn from might above

Before these gates to higher forms
I marvel at such intricacy
With myself at its center

For all which is here is made
And all which occurs is decided

The kiss of rain
Falling from the skies
Flowing down my face to the shambling ground

Pools grow beneath my feet
Betwixt the crops of stone and earth

Yet the droplets see no wonder
In the majesty of their order

None proclaim their divinity
As they grasp the rock so tight

Floods and fire see my end
Birthed into this realization
Yet flesh rots
And bone dissolves
Before dogma yields its ugly head

I see folly and failing
No longer distant whimpers
But eviscerating howls
Tearing at my eyes and face

But I am Alpha
I am Alpha and Omega
How do I crumble away?

This was to be the death of another
2. The Cornucopian
A trembling sea of bulbs and blossoms
Flowering from dirt
From each, tenfold more burst
And tenfold more from all again

Hear my decree
Let perpetua guide and rule
Look around you
And marvel at the unwritten emergence

These words I take
And hold close to my sunken chest
In comfort I babble my creed

Yet lost I am
In the labyrinthine present
I gaze not into the shrieking caverns of coming time
3. Veil Of Transcendence
From chaos I am forged
Within me a churning maelstrom
Unimaginable in scale

I walk within endless halls
In suffocating cold

On the horizon I behold a pantheon
A speck of light against the sprawling darkness
Immense yet fragile
A structure with no shape
Each facet is me

My gaze widens
Spiralling threads intertwine and unravel
With no beginning nor end
Stretching off to infinity both before and behind me
And in all directions above and below

Winding helices and gnarled nexuses
Conjoined to countless
Ablaze with searing entropy, they burn my eyes
With pulsing tones they scream unlistenable melodies

Each point of light so meaningless
Each tone so trite and drudging
Yet I am awash in a cascade
Of words, ideals and laws
I am bathed in the pale glow
Of whirring thoughts and longings

In majesty I weep
For one moment
Emerging from the howling cold
A silent clarity

I reach out to touch the reflection
But in an instant it shatters
Churning illusion sweeps me away

I am tempered in ancient twilight
My face bears the scars of colliding worlds
And my bones echo the dying roars of archaic stars
4. Telomeric Erosion
With catatonic eyes
And impetuous spirit
We gaze starward
While the wolves of old
Ravage our homesteads
While quicksand devours
Our steadfast stance

Legs of flesh strain to hold aloft
The ill conceived colossus
Chiselled so haphazardly from heroes and idols
Bones crack and buckle
Beneath the crushing weight
Of a yokesworth ambitions piled high

I run
With brittle fingers I claw for the horizon
Untiring death follow
The earth cracks beneath my fumbling gait
Our gazes meet as bodies wither
Indifference is my only courtesy

This death is final
For I am all

How I lament and revel
Within the romance of my decay
As ideals and endeavors become as ashes
Swept aloft in the faltering winds

Dreams of the stars
And intoxicating immortality
Draped like a veil so threadbare
Obscuring a death we share

Beneath this distant sky
In the twilight of our time
The fading light and dulcet tones
As the shadows grow long
And the stars dim

All that was made is unmade
All that was discovered is swept in to obscurity

All that I have been falls from recollection
And all that is ceases to be
5. A Casual Landscape
I am tethered to all
And all to me
With each movement, a cascade of consequence
Propagating about the epicenter
In chaos so amorphous

I watch these cast chains
Tear apart the innocent
Drive sane men to madness
Rip trees from the earth and erode the land

Yet it is us who paint the faces of villains
On the shifting sands

Laplace's demon does baulk
To writhe in helicoidal futility
Ignorant of that beyond

We are complacent
In our end
6. Chrysalis
In black and white
I navigate this journey
With right and wrong upon my back

In black and white
I choose my path
With good and evil on my lips

In black and white
I forge ahead
With truth and lies as my guides

In black and white
I find kinship
With sanity and madness lighting my way

Never faltering
Never wavering

In black and white
I pass my rite
With sanctity and heresy at my flanks

In black and white
I become myself
With otherness and mutuality at my hand

The erstwhile truth
Fading slowly beyond sight
The path obstructed

From the chrysalis I emerge
Into this world of grey
7. Delere Auctorem Rerum Ut Universum Infinitum Noscas
In my infancy I walked the forest paths
My footprints trod the virgin snow
As I was mauled by unending blizzards

Blind and alone
With knees and elbows
Nails, teeth and viscera

I made my way

Beset by storms
Through screaming chasms I ventured
Into the winding caves I chased warmth

The atrium opened before me
Revealing a palace of ice and stone
Of fire, flesh and timber
Alien yet familiar

Halls sprawling off to endlessness
Lined with talismans and amulets
I struggle to walk their length
But I must
After each failed step I summoned another

All at once I was well
The cold not longer beat at my chest

My back writing upward
I stood tall and strong
And with each golden trinket and ornament
I marched faster onwards

Clawing at my feet
They came
Tearing through splintered oaken floors
I fell for eternity
Dragged by sinewy fingers

The skin of my face
Torn off by the stone walls of the pit
As I descended
Screams reverberated in the deep

The earth crumbled under my fall
Dust revealed my destination
This place
where men are conjured by cheap incantations
Where all questions are answered
And all journeys are at an end

The walls of this foul crevasse
Stained with the blood of climbers
Pulled apart by those who speak hollow words
And tell of the nothingness beyond this place
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