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The Satanic Verses Full Album Lyrics

Abazagorath - The Satanic Verses cover art

The Satanic Verses

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. Mahound (7:47)
A dark figure wanders through the desert
Consumed by a desolate existence of sorrow
Seeking some sort of astral intervention in the most foreboding of caverns

A spiritual monstrosity, cast out like a leper
Emotions decayed like a corpse made in vengeance

Torn by his weak god's burden, he abandons his mission, his morality
Submitting to the dark forces with the deepest hatred for humanity
Mahound summon the end of life!
Mahound summon the end of light!

Seeking power to avenge an alienated existence
To dethrone the most ancient of gods!

What horrors transcended that cold dark desert's night?
In caves where lurked the most horrific of deities
Where the strength of man has once again failed....

Cowering in the presence of great archangel
A tearful plea for power, for dominance, for revenge
It mattered not the children to be slaughtered in his name
For not even those rivers of tears could cleanse the wounds of his soul

In the lightless abyss his spirit was broken
The universal consciousness betrayed
The time tube shattered, flooded
Where the strength of man has once again failed

[LEAD: Maelstrom]

A grotesque being slithers through the desert
A disfigured, mutilated, hallow shell of life

[LEAD: Ciemnosc]

Eyes burn of satanic embers
Defiant of all prophecy and all written destiny
Meant to bring peace to this world, he swears it to it's death

Satanic messenger.... Mahound Summon the end of light!
2. The Satanic Verses (9:09)
The vision came like a paralyzing nightmare
The natural world crumbled as if illusion all along
Now bound in a chamber of terrorizing hallucinations
Tormenting, manipulating the soul

This was unlike the other prophecies
This was more real than anything but death

His thoughts frantically searched for a way
To perceive the winged silhouette standing before him
That spoke in the shrillest of telepathic tongues
A voice that pierced every emotion ever felt

More driven than angels that warred for heaven
He returned with words of fire and ice

A spell to shatter the equilibrium of all being

"Have ye thought upon AL-Lat and Al-Uzza? and Manat, the third, the other? These are the exalted Gharāniq, whose intercession is hoped for."

Is hoped for.....
3. The Angel Gabriel (5:34)
The face morphed into all horrors of the minds eye
Recalled was every tormenting grief and terror
This was human mind's perception of it's true form
But the paralyzed soul showed something so familiar
It bared chains of sorrow and malevolence
Unaware of the potential of its own power
Of the hatred that built the strongest of empires

But it saw a reflection of its shattered self
An entity bound, shackled in despair
But in defying god and heaven, the Angel Gabriel reshaped the future of this world

The trumpet sounded in a fit of rage
The verses were spoken and echoed through space time
Demons crossed a broken spiritual barrier
Invading, warring for the human psyche

In a tongue to rival the voice of god
It bestowed the falsest of prophecies
And with this ultimate, greatest of deceptions
It became the god eternally desired

And so its new champion set out
To reduce the desert's cities to ruin
To deface every last god and idol
4. Revelations (1:44)
Rejoice so gloriously!
Shed blood in savage ecstasy!
Commence orgies of satanic lust for the Goddesses are desired!
Let gore and seamen flow and stain the streets afar!
Oh celebrate with me, the satanic gods within our hearts!

His words of thunder caused the ground to quake
As we butcher and slaughter, and hang their organs in the streets
Offering women, children, and elder man alike
As we toast goblets of their blood in glorious sacrifice!

But while mortal men had raged with Satan in their hearts
War waged throughout the spirit realm
Mahound trembled in fear, deceived into conversing fate
Having committed the greatest universal act... of defiance!
5. Ayesha (1:47) Instrumental
Your fires grow within me.....
6. Visions of Azrael (5:36)
Now as Azrael
Destroyer angel of destruction
My glare shall scorch this world
A need to slaughter more addictive than all the world's heroin
Now numb to all but the burning deaths of man
The survivors' hearts must overflow with sorrow
Their suffering the only cure for the endless pain

Echoing is every torturous memory
Each reliving itself across a thousand centuries
Enough pain and torment
To shut down every organism alive

I destroy all life, creation in sight
And bring enough grief to counter all of history's happiness
Creating paradise- a damning vile inferno
An Earth of fire

Pleasure beyond a million orgasms
As they weep with charred dying loved ones in their arms
An overbearing ecstasy in their slow torturous deaths
and equal torment of their loved ones writhing in pain


Complete defilement of both spirit and body
Violently disfigured astral vessel- mournful, lightless
Genitals of corpses mutilated- souls equally degraded
I build an empire of butchered limbs and severed dreams

This barbaric madness the most euphoric of highs
A state of bliss stronger than all the drugs of man
Yet this resulting thirst for blood and chaos
Will spiral into infinities


Visions of Azrael!
7. Return to Jahilia (8:59)
At last, returned to Jahilia
With war and death at each side
May fire consume all statues of abominations
May their cultures lie crumbled in ruin

Alas, great city of Jahilia
Where birthed the darkest of wisdom and sorcery
I shall paint these walls with the sorrows of forgotten religions
A portrait of this most tyrannical vision

With gruesome violence
Ears to deaf to their cries
A new region of terror shall arise
With absolute hatred, and hell in our eyes
Show their beloved gods their demise

Deconsecrate all blessings from the land
Disenchant their weak spiritual forces
With a corrupted army at my back
Demonic lords commanding their thoughts and souls!

Lit fires mirror the storied depths of hell
Infinite minions lie cloaked in the shadows
Bloodiest of wars, most barbaric of deaths
All religions perish in oceans of tears

"Truth has arrived and falsehood has perished
For falsehood is by its nature bound to perish"

To perish with the falsest of prophecies
Poisoned by the Earth he forsake
Withering away with the cultures he destroyed
His soul now at the mercy of pagan deities

Corrupt Jahlia now hold the darkest of empires
A City Visible but not Seen
Fortress of the most malevolent of deities
The mouth of hell

With gruesome violence
And ears to deaf to their cries
A new region of terror in our eyes
With absolute hatred, I see hell arise
Show their beloved world its demise!
8. A City Visible but Unseen (4:39)
Exalted birds of satanic light
Pagan goddesses of desire
May your satanic fire consume the Earth
May my soul become filled with your darkness

Oh Gharaniq I kneel before thee
I offer the souls of those who worship me
For you I'll lead the world into its end
My satanic heart bleeds for thee!

For you I will sacrifice the good of man
I'll steer all life to nuclear death
I'll bury the future of the human race
As a great offering of sacrifice!

[LEAD: Ciemnosc]

May all my followers submit their souls
For you Gharaniq I'll defame my legacy
I'll wage war to conquer all for you
Or in your name bring it's end!
9. Ghanariq (4:30)
10. Conclusion (2:13)
The verses were spoken and echoed through the sands of time
Mortals became vengeful bloodthirsty gods
Mahound and Gabriel have brought the end times of man
Opened wide the gates of damnation!
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