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Abazagorath | Full Album Lyrics

Abazagorath - Abazagorath cover art


GenresBlack Metal
LabelsNovisible Scars
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-21)
1. Intro (1:49)
2. The Antigod (5:26)
Man drawing closer to the antigod
The apocalypse a simple chemical formula
Achieve a horrific fate far beyond death and damnation

Time, history are erased, as are all thoughts and emotions
All that was is undone, is never
Man's legacy, existence- no more!

Dimensions are shattered
Abolished are planes and states of being
Entire universe imploded
All that ever was is undone

A distinct combination of the elements tear the sky from earth below
Implode all existence, severe reality to shreds
Undo all past, all future

The greed driven search for knowledge instead unearths armageddon
Offered a chance of existence of pleasure,mankind instead chooses death...
3. Lapse (4:23)
As blood drips from the ceiling of the chapel they echo..... the wallowing screams.....
In these walls they sought sanctuary and found a special damnation.....

Prisoners of a lapse of both space and time forever relive their last moments of grief
An infinite cycle of barbaric torture
So horrific their slaughter, their pain
Among dismembered limbs and crosses that failed them are souls so broken, so slain
Not rescued by death, or the laws they thought bound their existence

Much like tales of Christ descending to hell
Tortured beyond laws of time
Doomed, tormented across eternities
In suffering beyond belief

Their faces so morbid, the blades they had cut so deep
Their repeated deaths their only existence
Those visions of heaven were just a dream
Yet flames of hell-their reality

Their hell..... their eternity.....
4. Immortals (4:58)

Together they stand as immortals, as gods among men eternally enslaved
They walk a path of darkness and damnation guided by their higher consciousness

Together they stand as immortals, as wolves that roam through flocks of prey
Immune to diseases of this world
Their legacy as infinite as space and time
Far beyond a corpse of cross and stone

For they laughed at the hollow lives of men, the empty sights of their gouged out eyes, as they bled and bowed before reflections of their weakness
For the spirit of gods grew within the immortals, who tasted sweetness in forbidden fruit

Fading away.....
Their legacy....

5. Storms of Destruction (6:21)
Wallowing through the flawed evolution of chaos
The imprisoning chains of metaphysical suffering drain my strength and are drowning my will
I prepare to abandon hope of reasoning

How sweet the blissful taste of ignorance must be
To wear a blindfold of optimism
To breathe the air as if untainted
Unstained by man's endless failures

Oh sorrow must I spread my wings in oceans of blood and storms of pain to cleanse my soul serene?
For the poisons of knowledge, truth's acid rains, have washed all my worth away

The fruits of knowledge unveiled a hidden path
A choice unknown to lives of instinct
So strong one is, to wield the grandest power
The spirit realm's key, and the will to use it

These violent storms have cleansed my fears away
I open the gates to eternity
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