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Portraits Full Album Lyrics

A Novelist - Portraits cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-01-17)
1. A Progression of Hands (2:21)
2. Rectilinear Acceleration (6:19)
The most subtle
Of Changes
In an atom leads to propagation
Imbued by a rest frame in decay
The speciation of a universe is born
As the body moving
Becomes the body collective
Homogeneity reveals a constant
The traits of aeons compilate
To enter cosmic mitosis
And yet
Transmutate fantastic
And embrace me in your galactic arms
From the horizon
A spiral is formed
You here bear witness to a revolutionary metaphase
Alas for I'm but a creature of the modern age
In this light what's there not to regale of
We are all but cellular gamma rays
From the oceans to the caves
In exponential increments
A ternary interface
From the dawn of the neolith
And to no one's pleasure might I owe this platitude
The end of a civilization is marked by a stillness
A dying star collapses
To be smeared across the singularity
As if conducted by gravity
The mergers begin to dance
And in the end of this
Was there ever consciousness
Was there ever reality
Or could this be unparalleled
Was there ever intention
Or consequence
Or cognizance
Was there ever consciousness
3. Function Unknown (7:01)
To see the life leaving human eyes
Haunted by your presence
Cradled in such demented machinations
To see the life leaving human eyes
Encrypting nexus translations universal
Into the infinite
Mortal Immortal
To witness fourteen billion years
And affining eleven dimensions
We formed a geodesic antigen
Extended or Subtracted
All things defined by the constraints of time
The great eroder
We live to dissipate
As icons of fragility
But if you don't have the time
To erase this measurement
A detriment integral to space and providence
A relative interstellar heretic
Beckoning the fall
Only to catch you with
Its phantom limbs
Whose reach are infinite
And always leaves you
Leaving you lifeless
4. The Hall (3:44)
A true disease with bitter fangs that cling to me
You start a fire in our temporal lobe
And nullify me with a tepid gaze
When the voices call your name
I saw your workings in a photograph
You shined a light that robbed me blind
Relegated by a stray command
The unknown motives of a rabid mind
When the voices call your name
5. Birth (Minor Hallucinations) (6:56)
In vitro
We squirm with anticipation
Until the tides change
A mere dendritic hiss
In this virtual space
Brings forth a genesis
From the anti-phase
The tides change
Enveloped in ectoderm
Enveloped in ectoderm
Tumultuous and tethered
From birth
Until I reintegrate this experience
With the mind of a child
Until I disintegrate in fusiform
Lytic cognizance
Subjugates the pregnant mind
Deciduous realities
Intertwine this nascency
As we dance around the spectral line
There is no definition
Of this angular resonance
Created by the simulation
As we dance around the spectral line
This is the first opening
Kill me don't kill me
But the answer is still terminal
Reflect refract in temporal
Invert exact in vacuo
No longer am I occupied
I return back again from the other side
Take me back
Take me back again
Rang the cries of the Doppler shift amnesiac
6. Lumen (The Light) (9:04)
Hypodermic legions
Crawling under my skin
I'll dream of you tonight
I'll go to sleep
When paralytic patrons carry me to arrest
What's the answer
What's the question
I've never known
Transient signals innervate this amputee excavation
There is no soul
In this temple you speak of
Nebulous is the essence of all
Of all our existences
I've asked before I'll ask again
What's the nature of this aberration
You ask why but why is not the question
Thrust into existence once more
Ancient twisted tongues of disease unfold and rearrange
To whisper to me
Thrust into existence once more
Once more I feel their teeth grip with a hiss
To whisper to me
Can you see it
Beaming brilliance
Tissues left under fingernails
Scraping the surface
As you make your way through this progression of hands
And when the tide arrives bringing you back again
7. Parts per Million (7:22)
Infiltration of an action
A mind wandering through suspension
So familiar this ardent post
My old friend to what depths have you brought me
Parallel to parallel
A trillion options coalesce to form a single motive
Endless relentless
Creating atmospheres marked with a slit wrist
Five prime to three prime the polymerase compromise
Forever taken by the most abstract of thieves
Ligase the lagging strand in retrograde
All the pieces join together
Memories decorate the room like portaits in equilibria
Valence of the visuospatial
Helicase the eyes that prion switch the light fantastic
A mean to no end
Just seems to surreal
Saltatory modulations
Propelled in variation
Contiguous obscurities
From fractions to fractals
To this mind it's but parts per million
Scattering my faculties
Destroying tissue
A mirror image changed before my very eyes
I trace the inverse allowed within the borders
Where once a voice grew into voices
Where once a whisper bloomed into a scream
Compromising what we call reality
Compromising what we know is sanity
A dream to harvest
Harvest all the veins that you see collapsing
I came back from the other side
Here lies a man broken inside
Here lies the grave of a mind
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