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Odyssey Full Album Lyrics

11th Dimension - Odyssey cover art


GenresProgressive Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-05-27)
1. Adrift (6:46)
Remember the time when you held your head up high
And the pride that is gone and buried inside
All that you've conquered you lost in a destructive spiral down
Now you're still drowning in your despair
Without a hope but...

Have you ever tried fighting instead?
Have you ever tried raising your head?
Have you ever tried asking for help?
Have you ever tried learning again?
Break down your desperation.

Break the chains that embrace you
Raise and change the direction
Find your way

It's tight here
I'm breathless

Looking inside, I am just like you
Open your eyes, come and face the truth
We're wasting a lifetime, we play and lose

Facing the future may seem a very hard task
Leaving the comfort zone in the past
Face the fact that you don't have a massive amount of time
To heal inside and clean all the mess

We can't be adrift forever... (4x)

All that I had I threw away along the shore
All that will come I fear I cannot control

So we remain adrift
In a stagnant stream
Forever afraid of changing

So lost
Wandering so far away (2x)
2. Shades of Personality (5:04)
Could you believe
that you can be like this?
A broken mask,
the true face revealed

No need to hide
behind a character
Just the world and you
to face each other

Changing shades of personality
Trying to delight
by choosing who to be

This day unveiled
your most secret weakness
This fake and empty soul
you tried to cover
is now shown

Could you just leave
your face uncovered?
Burning your disguise
would not reduce you to nothing

There is no harm
in being yourself
Oh, if only you had
your own way...

Changing shades of personality
Trying to delight
by choosing who to be

There is no use
In hiding yourself
Your disguise
Won't fool us anymore

Changing shades of personality
Trying to delight
by choosing who to be
3. Misanthropy (4:11)
It may seem that I’m crazy, for some.
I scream my words in silence
I warm my heart in cold

Is it a crime
To crave some time for myself?
I feel comfort in space
When there's no one there.
And the faces around me
Look all the same.
There is no place inside me
To welcome them.

Solitude seems so peaceful
When voices only crush me
Against the floor
Let me be free
In my own misery

I'm not crumbling
Instead, I'm building my fortress
In my lonely moments
I'm hunting time just to find in me
A new strength
A shine of life where I’m fearless
I'm diving in my dreams
To find my inner being

There, where agony haunts me till death
Lies a society drowning in shame
Better be closed in me than be drowned with them
4. Odyssey to a Change (4:24)
It feels like I need to fly
Far away from here
To some place totally new to me
And burn all my debris

Sometimes I catch my breath when I wonder
Can I break the rules
And cut all the roots?
I need to free myself from this world now
There’s nothing new
Under this moon

To seek a new vision, I awake, I awake…
I start an odyssey to a change, to a change…
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