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Вызов Full Album Lyrics

Лютомысл - Вызов cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 12 MasterChef (2018-08-14)
1. Intro (1:06)
2. Как можно спать спокойно? (6:22)
How can one sleep peacefully?
When the revenge has not taken place yet,
But the eyes are closed
How can one live without pain?
When the Pride is lost
Hundreds of years ago.

How can one devour, without thinking
About the life
So poor and dumb
Not seeing the light's rays -
The Sun's afraid
To give the keys to the life.

In loneliness truly
Raising the Truth
To break the perfect line
Of lies
Not believing humans
Forthy are pitful -
Are afraid to think
Are afraid to go

Screw the relics-for peace is only in destruction!
Fighting is life, dream's a mute horror!
Perceive to reject, having rejected - to exceed
Marching with dignity to the triumph

Fight for only yourself
The steel of the spirit does not bend
The sword is stronger than hauberk
The arrow is faster than the thief

The blame is on every snout
In the abscence of strength
jewish leprosy
Needs to be thrown off, the slimy creature!

How can one rise?
Seeing the crucifixion of a jew
It pulls everyone down
Writing poems with Freedom
And be dependent on it
"Hold it tight!"

It is frightening to live without a table
And the crumbs that the masters give you
Who needs Truth
If the guts are empty
And the wall breathes with cold?
3. Правда в себе (5:43)
Love to the Land
To yours? To somebody else's!
Should everyone submit?
Will the repose come?

Never have
Free slaves
Lived well
Like humble livestock

Begging with tears
Howling and sobbing,
The priest will teach -
If only to devour in peace.

He, who has grown a belly,
Who has never stood up for himself,
Who is talking lies,
Who's teaching death!

Raise your spirit - bring it back into your heart
Fill it with fire! Throw out your soul
Sufferings of christ - are the hypocrisy of a dog!
He has not died for you! He hasn't paid for you!

Sun does not shine -
The man will not notice
The Truth in himself
And he looks for it in the darkness

He will trip over a hundred times
And will drink his own blood
Before he finds the piece
And takes it away with him

Death! Darkness!
Slowly the herd is going mad!
Hypocrisy! Lies!
You won't find the Truth
Even in the broad daylight
Scream! Moan!
Obediently, silently
Drag after the christ!
Pride and Honor!
Have no more place here.
4. Вызов (5:20)
People are vessels
They don't need to be filled
With dirt up the top
Frozen with the severe cold
Will the end to the patience ever come?
Throw off the blackthorn wreath
Of a jewish god

Being always ready
To defend you home
Not having the aim of just eating
Sleeping peacefully
Give everything away
Yourself, your goods, and the home
To fight means live
And not being a blank sheet
Where everyone is ready to write down
His own thought
And fill you with himself,
As in the herd of sheep
A human's habit
To be a thinker
But mostly people riot
Only against their wives

A cross on a hill
Despondency's in the eyes
And fear's looking at everyone
Out of every corner
One out of two thousands
Is the mind that thinks
All the rest are the rubbish -
The breed of a crowd
Speechless herd
Is waiting for a herder
Who will receive the prize
When the time comes?

The race of degeneration
Is called the people
Dragging like lambs
After the shepherd
Will the end
To the human patience ever come?
Or will not?
And will pass by as a shadow?!
Let there not be a fight
And everyone is ready
To riot with themselves
And sleep peacefully at night.
5. Отчуждение (2:54)
6. Оцепенение (7:50)
Slavonic Truth -
Is my pride
Slavonic Honor
Is Blood and the Land

Was washed with the shame
And has been buried by it
By the talentless people
By the pitiable and mute

The Glory is forgotten
It's in the past a long time ago
And what is left today
Are only the recollections about the false

Pride for the alien
Ideals are alien
Decaying moral
Mute faces

Are praising the warriors
Of the past times
Are ready to smother
The today's ones
(but will they have enough strength?)

You praise the Ancestors
But are you, yourself
Worth of their Glory
As your faces are numb

Dirt and shame
Have they always been ours?
How can one survive
Living only in the past?

Slavonic Truth
Has been forgotten by all
The Truth has been hid
By the mendacious names

Numbness... Loneliness...
Are covered with mud...Don't you want death?
Can you survive, can you be
A fire in the hopelessnes, a shadow in the sky?

A shadow over the earth
Has openedits wings
jewish pus
Is the power for you now!

The road is opened
for the jewish god
Get out of the Slavonic land,
But the faces are still numb!!

To the truthful Gods!
Give the power
To the free words
Truth and Freedom
Are ready to be everyone's
But are you prepared
To die for them?!
7. Outro (2:31)
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