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666 Sided Dice Full Album Lyrics

+3 Broadsword - 666 Sided Dice cover art

666 Sided Dice

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-09)
1. Goblin King (4:06)
Goblin King!
Goblin King!
Sitting in the darkest forest,
in the deep ancient forest,
up in the highest mountain you rule!

Goblin King!
Goblin King!
King of all the goblins!
You rule with your bastard sword,
You rule with your Cloak of Invisibility!

Ancient Goblin King!

Kill the Elves!
Kill the Humans!
Kill the Halflings!
Kill the Wizards!
Kill the Dragons!
Slay them all!
Mighty Goblin King!

Goblin King!
Goblin King!
You dwell in the forest with the Goblins,
your strength are:
you can be silent,
you can steal - steal their souls,
with your goblin dagger!
Kill the Humans with your Goblin dagger!
Kill the Elves with your Goblin dagger!

Goblin King!
Goblin King!
2. Battle Between Orcs and Humans (3:05)
The battle between orcs and humans
Sword of steel cuts leather armour
Damage by grim fist and mace
Steel is always stronger than courage

Storming the gates of the stronghold
The smell of human flesh makes orcs hunger
The village has been burnt
The Vampire Lords will prevail
3. Dragon Blood Will Spill (1:47)
Dragon blood will spill
With my broadsword drawn I prepare to kill

Blinding, gleaming blade,
This is the purpose for which I was made

Hellfire coming down
But no dragon will seize my viking crown

Oden will protect
My sacred die and my glorious sect

So now my broadsword cries for vengeance
For all the villages you razed

Oh yeah my broadsword cries for justice
And it will be forever raised
4. Cloak of Invisibility (2:28)
Is he in the highest mountains?
Is he in the darkest deep woods?
Is he underground with Drow Elves?
I can not see him, can not find him!

I wish I had a Ring of Power
to help me see through
this Cloak of Invisibility!
5. Magical Weapons (1:47)
The spellbook of witchcraft
more precious than silver and gold
a ring of power
a singing blade or even a cloak

A magic wand, a magical staff
a blessed weapon for fighting
no one of these will help you
when you face the rage of death-mage
6. Troll vs. Knight (3:31)
7. To Hit Armour Class Zero (2:56)
It takes more than skill
It takes more than a sharp sword
It takes more than strategy
To hit armour class zero

The gods are playing dice!

It takes more than a paladin's lance
It takes more than a thief's dagger
It takes more than elven arrows
to hit armour class zero
8. Backstab (3:19)
I'm hiding in the shadows
a second level thief
only got a few hit points left
down to my last gold piece


I'm chaotic neutral
neither good nor bad
I'm sneaking up behind you
your back I'm going to stab


You're lying in your own blood
you mean nothing to me
I take your platinum pieces
you're now an NPC


Back at the Adventurers' Guild
drinking dwarfish mead
I spend your platinum pieces
and now I'm level 3...
9. Strange Beliefs (5:07)
The priests, the sages
all the mages
all the wizards of the ages
all hold strange beliefs!

Priests of dark wisdom
creatures of shadow or light
warriors on path of adventure
all hold strange beliefs!


Different gods!
Different worlds!
Different planes of existence
I've seen them all
They all hold strange beliefs!
10. Quo Vadis (4:51)
Quo Vadis?
Lawful Good
Quo Vadis?
Lawful Neutral
Quo Vadis?
Lawful Evil

Quo Vadis?
Neutral Good
Quo Vadis?
Quo Vadis?
Neutral Evil

Quo Vadis?
Chaotic Good
Quo Vadis?
Chaotic Neutral
Quo Vadis?
Chaotic Evil!
11. Alone in the Forest (1:52)
She's alone in the forest
the forest where the spiders live
tattered dress, hair a mess
her weapon lost
and so is her mind...

She hears voices
Are they real?
Are they human or elves?
Even dwarves would do...

But they're trolls
and there are many of them...
12. I Am Dungeon Master (11:52)
Elven princess, human mage, a warrior priest and a thief
the path of danger dare they tread,
with leather, steel and magic!
I chronicle they perilous journey
advise them from here to yonder,
I am the master manipulator,
I am Dungeon Master!

I see many battles before you
I see the ruin of countless lives
I see the death of one of you
and I see others in levels rise

(DM:) Behold! A Dragon!
(Goblin King:) My cloak of invisibility shall protect me!
(Warrior:) My broadsword cries for justice! Tis dragon-blood I seek!
(DM:) The dragon still stands! Who dares defy it?
(Elven Princess:) Tis elven magic I bring - this dragon I will slay!
(DM:) And still the dragon stands! Will the thief finish the job?
(Thief:) In the shadows I will stay - from the shadows I will slay...

Who will live?
Who will die?

The mage stands!
The warrior lives!
The thief stands!
the princess dies!

A journey fraught with danger,
path of thorns and sorrows,
good friends lost but treasures gained,
who has suffered most?
I chronicle the stories, but I also shape the lives,
advise them from here to yonder,
I am Dungen Master!
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