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My Best Black Metal Albums

Created :  Aug 24, 2019      Last updated :  Oct 23, 2019      120 items
처음 블랙메탈을 접했을 때부터 지금까지 좋아했고, 좋아하는 앨범들로 정했고(밴드당 각 하나씩만)
그 중엔 한 때 즐겨들었고 좋아했었던(지금도 뭐 듣긴하지만) NS앨범들도 포함했으니 양해바랍니다.
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120Black Metal Ist Krieg (A Dedication Monument)
118Tempus Mortis
(2005)  [Compilation]
115Advent of the Black Omen
114Death Cult Armageddon
113Achieve Brilliant Results in Unholy War
112They Awoke to the Scent of Spring
110Voimasta Ja Kunniasta
109The Insignificance of Life
107Jaktens Tid
105Gospel of the Insane
104The Path of the Eternal Years
103Upheaval of Satanic Might
102Perpetrators of Genocide
101Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
100Disciple of the Heinous Path
99By the Blessing of Satan
98Nuklear Ritual
97Mass Destruction
96흉가 (The Haunted House)
95Dying Emotions Domain
94Aspera Hiems Symfonia
(2011)  [Compilation]
92Ab Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protecti
91Scorn Defeat
90Spectres over Transylvania
89Storm of the Light's Bane
88Death Before Dishonour
87Tabellae Defixionum
86Dictius te necare
85the orphean lyre
84Heart of the Ages
83Satan's Cross
82Forests of Witchery
81For kunsten maa vi evig vike
79Голос Сталі (The Voice of Steel)
78Make a Change... Kill Yourself
77The Fire of Awakening
76Empires of Ash
75Fas- Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum
74Summon the Age of Supremacy
72Carelian Satanist Madness
70Fire Burns in Our Hearts
69On the Edge
68Destruction Ritual
67Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes / Konflict
66Blut und Krieg
65Pandemic Transgression
64To Fly with Demons
63Harakiri for the Sky
62In the Nightside Eclipse
61The Oath of Black Blood
(1991)  [Compilation]
60Dark Space III
59Follow the Calls for Battle
58Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm
57Desperate Dreams
56Anno Reunion Nigris: in Misanthropy Regis "I"
55Turpistyczne wizje końca
54Satanic Morbid Metal
53邪悪を讃えよ (Rites of Evil)
52Endless Dismal Moan
51Oriental Hell Rhythmics
50Pure Holocaust
49Mirium Occultum
48Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz
46Whore of Bethlehem
45Contemplation Misanthropique de l´Humanité...
43Welcome to Hell
40Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege
39Sweet Dreams
38Omen Ex Simulacra
37Heaven in Flames
36Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
35Profanatitas De Domonatia
34War Cult Supremacy
33Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix
32To Mega Therion
31靈樹林 (Forest of Ghost)
30Light of a Dead Star
29Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse
28Vengeance War Till Death
27They Became the Falling Ash
24Furor Teutonicus
(2004)  [Compilation]
23The Codex Necro
22Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica
21Demonic Incursion
20Melting Sun
19March to the Black Holocaust
18Skullfucking Armageddon
17मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान
16Sad Legend
15Damned Journey for the Unholy War
14Under the Sign of the Black Mark
13Écailles de lune
12Torn Beyond Reason
11Intercourse and Lust
10Cruelty and the Beast
9IV - The Eerie Cold
7Satanik Eon
4De mysteriis dom Sathanas
3Hvis lyset tar oss
2A Blaze in the Northern Sky
1Fallen Angel of Doom
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