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Finnish Legends

Created :  Feb 17, 2021      Last updated :  Feb 17, 2021      6 items
Man, I wish I was Finnish. Polite, reserved and skilled at seemingly anything. Unrivaled in rallying and even better when it comes to Metal.
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Sonata Arctica
I genuinely don't know what to say about Sonata Arctica. They've been my favorites ever since I was a little kid. Going to one of their concerts and even getting to meet them in the backstage was a dream come true for me, especially during THE worst period of my life. They're absolutely amazing people and I will never not be grateful to them. And with recent releases like The Ninth Hour and Talviyö I can safely say that they're FINALLY starting (key word is starting) to return to their old glory. Bless you, you wolves-loving madlads.
One Desire
I started to play Wreckfest one day and I remember thinking "man, the music in this really isn't my cup of tea". And then "Buried Alive" started playing, immediately followed by "Hurt" during one of the most difficult races in the game. I was immediately hooked. They remind me a lot of early Sonata Arctica and so far there isn't a single track from them that isn't at the very least a solid 8 out of 10. Hurt, Buried Alive, Shadowman, Through The Fire and After You're Gone are some of my favorite tracks EVER. In that order.
Nightwish's early discography (including Dark Passion Play) is what I'd define as classics. There isn't a single metal fan on earth that doesn't know about Nightwish and for a good reason.
But man, I'd be lying if I said that Human Nature didn't leave an incredibly bitter taste in my mouth. Leave the Two Steps From Hell to.. well, Two Steps From Hell.
Twilight Guardians
I like to think about Lordi as Powerwolf's weird cousins who watched way too many horror movies. Sorry, I kinda don't have anything to say about them.
I like Stratovarius. Or at least I think I like them. They're pleasant enough to listen to but honestly no song of theirs really stuck with me except for Hunting High And Low. I still wouldn't skip their songs in a mix but I never really find myself wanting to listen to them *specifically*.

Still good though.
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