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Tower Records

13 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Victim of DeceptionDeathcoreJapan630
ALTERED DIZAINMetalcore, Visual KeiJapan1000
no imageSymphonic, Melodic, Power Metal, Visual KeiJapan400
幻の聖剣Melodic Death Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy MetalJapan500
no imageHardcore PunkJapan000
Another DimensionMetalcore, DeathcoreJapan300
meniscusPost-Hardcore, MetalcoreJapan700
Five,RegenerationThrash MetalJapan500
ZODIACGothic RockJapan300
The MinceMetalcore, Visual KeiJapan200
ワルガキSUMMER!!Trancecore, Visual KeiJapan200
PROOF OF EXISTENCEMetalcore, Deathcore, Visual KeiJapan600
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Reviews : 9,006
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