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Siege of Amida Records

26 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
With All Their MightLyricsDeath MetalUnited Kingdom5110
In Waking: DivinityLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Black MetalUnited States650
NadirLyricsBeatdown DeathcoreUnited Kingdom350
Suicide As Self ExpressionLyricsBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreUnited States542
Descent Into ArcologiesTechnical Death MetalFrance320
Almost ThereMelodic MetalcoreUnited Kingdom420
Engage the MechanicalityTechnical Death Metal, GrindcoreUnited States210
Temples of Transcendent EvolutionTechnical Death Metal, Progressive MetalUnited Kingdom210
Dreams of RealityMelodic Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Thrash MetalUnited Kingdom210
No Hope No MoralityDeathcoreUnited Kingdom1010
While You Were Sleeping, the World Forever Changed in an InstantTechnical Death Metal, GrindcoreCanada200
DepthsDeath MetalGermany300
InterludeLyricsBrutal Death Metal, Black MetalCanada300
Inhailing the AshesDeath MetalUnited Kingdom100
On Broken FoundationsLyricsBrutal Deathcore, Death MetalUnited Kingdom400
Fragments of a Shattered SkullBrutal Death Metal, Grindcore, DeathcoreUnited Kingdom100
The Dark EraLyricsBrutal Death MetalUnited Kingdom500
Chapters: ReduxBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreUnited States400
Among FliesLyricsBrutal Deathcore, Death MetalUnited States300
Lex TalionisTechnical Death Metal, Grindcore, DeathcoreUnited Kingdom400
Catastrophic EctasyTechnical Death MetalUnited States200
ViatrophyLyricsBrutal Death Metal, MetalcoreUnited Kingdom300
DemoMelodic Death MetalUnited States300
Home TruthsMetalcore, DeathcoreUnited Kingdom200
Reign of SufferingMetalcoreUnited Kingdom100
no imageBeatdown Metalcore, Doom Metal, Stoner MetalUnited Kingdom700
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Artists : 38,844
Reviews : 9,062
Albums : 139,660
Lyrics : 185,651