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Satanica Productions

19 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Demonic PossessionLyricsDoom Metal, Atmospheric Black MetalSweden1600
AbadoomGothic MetalColombia100
Black UndertowHeavy MetalUnited States500
Infectious DelusionsBlack MetalSyria500
The EyeBlack Metal, Death MetalMexico500
Walpurgi/Satanic ForestPagan Black MetalAustria1300
Last Chance for SanityTechnical Death MetalUnited States100
Into the Nocturnal Bliss...Blackened Folk MetalCanada100
Tree of WoeBrutal Death MetalUnited Kingdom100
Link's RetributionDeath MetalUnited Kingdom100
In a State of Full ConsciousnessProgressive Metal, Blackened Death MetalChile100
Pronounced the Evil DeadDeath Metal, Thrash MetalArgentina300
They Shall Be DrownedDepressive Black Metal, AmbientUnited States100
A Better Life Next Time...Melodic Progressive MetalSyria100
Dawn of the Aryan AgeBlack MetalNew Zealand100
You Don't Have to Believe in Evil, It Believes in You!Black MetalUnited States100
Four Slits to FreedomDepressive Black MetalUnited States600
Lucifuge 414Black MetalUnited States600
Unrelenting Persuit of AnnihilationBrutal Death MetalUnited States100
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Artists : 38,226
Reviews : 8,960
Albums : 137,236
Lyrics : 182,133