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Rising Nemesis Records

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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
DeathwishLyricsSlamming Brutal DeathcoreSlovenia8253
Atrocities From BeyondLyricsBrutal Death MetalPortugal560
On Top of the Food ChainLyricsBrutal Death MetalSwitzerland950
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalUnited States450
When Mutation Becomes HomicidalLyricsBrutal Deathcore, Brutal Death MetalGermany640
Fucking Is a Great Way to Get to Know New PeopleGrindcore, Death MetalFinland1340
Bestial Void InevitabilityTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalSlovakia110
A Blueprint for AnnihilationLyricsDeath MetalGermany110
Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic InfestationBrutal Death MetalGermany210
Spiritual SickeningLyricsBrutal Death MetalSwitzerland410
Rise of the DeadTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalGermany100
IncesticideBrutal Death MetalGermany100
no imageBrutal Death MetalGermany300
Rotten Body ReanimationLyricsBrutal Death MetalGermany510
Human DiseaseBrutal Death Metal, DeathcoreGermany100
Moral DecayLyricsBrutal Death MetalRussia300
Operation: Mental CastrationLyricsDeath Metal, DeathcoreGermany600
Parasitic DecayBrutal Death MetalGermany300
Forging the SanctuaryDeath MetalSwitzerland200
Process of a Rotting WorldLyricsDeath MetalGermany100
Deep into the DarkLyricsDeathcoreGermany500
The Will to CreateProgressive DeathcoreRussia200
Drowned in Human FluidsBrutal Death MetalGermany100
The Art of SicknessLyricsDeath MetalGermany900
Seeds of OppressionDeath MetalMalta100
Spawned Beyond the Oneiric AbyssBrutal Death MetalFrance100
CathexisBrutal Death MetalSwitzerland400
Sinister DemiseBrutal Death MetalGermany500
no imageDeathcore, Extreme MetalSlovenia000
no imageBrutal Death MetalUnited States000
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Artists : 39,247
Reviews : 9,372
Albums : 141,939
Lyrics : 190,037
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Issue date :  June 18, 2021
Gojira Fortitude (2021)
VOLA Witness (2021)
Epica Omega (2021)
Synsnake Fluxus (2021)