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Punishment 18 Records

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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Embracing OblivionLyricsThrash MetalGreece340
Hundred Light YearsLyricsMelodic Death MetalItaly650
Drunk or Dead...Thrash MetalItaly451
Endless ArmageddonThrash MetalItaly730
One of ThemBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreItaly730
Operation MisdirectionLyricsThrash MetalItaly450
MolotovLyricsThrash MetalItaly330
Visual ViolenceLyricsThrash MetalUnited Kingdom420
Critical FalloutThrash MetalItaly210
The Actual Worst Has ComeThrash MetalItaly920
Chaos LordLyricsPower MetalItaly930
Reflecting EvilMelodic Death MetalItaly110
Tabula RasaProgressive Thrash Metal, Death MetalItaly210
Unleash the ViolenceThrash MetalItaly110
Ov Tentacles and SpiralsDeath Metal, Black MetalItaly210
The Void UnendingThrash MetalItaly1200
Death's RiverThrash MetalCanada200
Upside DownThrash MetalItaly200
Martial LawLyricsThrash MetalDenmark600
The BeginningThrash MetalItaly500
Under the Flight of CrowsMelodic Death MetalItaly100
Worldwide ExtinctionLyricsBrutal Death MetalItaly100
Conjuring the VoidDeath MetalItaly300
Soulblighter pt.1Technical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalItaly300
Putrefaction EmphasisLyricsDeath MetalItaly500
Habeas CorpusDeath MetalNetherlands100
Frames of AlienationThrash MetalItaly200
PenthagonHeavy Metal, Thrash MetalItaly100
Doomed to AnnihilationThrash MetalBelgium410
One for the RoadLyricsHeavy Metal, Thrash MetalItaly300
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Reviews : 9,936
Albums : 148,447
Lyrics : 197,394