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Noisehead Records

19 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
LegacyLyricsBlack MetalGermany220
Principles of ChaosSymphonic Black MetalGreece220
UnconsciousnessBlack MetalAustria110
As the World Turns BlackThrash Metal, Power MetalGermany810
A Grey MomentDeath MetalFrance200
Beyond ExaminationSludge MetalAustria100
Eleven Reasons to KillMelodic Death Metal, MetalcoreSpain100
Doomsday OdysseyMelodic Death MetalAustria300
Regret of the GodsMelodic Death MetalPortugal100
Shadowtorned WorldMelodic Death MetalAustria100
Ashes over EdenDeath Metal, Thrash MetalGreece300
The Bright Side of DeathThrash Metal, MetalcoreAustria100
Thrashing Death SquadMelodic Death Metal, Thrash MetalAustria900
Wolves in the BattlefrontDeath MetalSpain300
InfernoMelodic Death MetalAustria800
Lacerate the Global HateMelodic Death Metal, DeathcoreGermany300
Bring Out Your DeadDeathcoreGreece100
Blackened SymphonyMelodic Black Metal, Death MetalItaly300
Susanna Lies in AshesLyricsMelodic Death MetalAustria410
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Artists : 43,433
Reviews : 9,673
Albums : 156,118
Lyrics : 208,281