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Nice to Eat You Records

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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
The BeyondLyricsBrutal Death MetalItaly620
Traumatic Birth DelightLyricsSlamming Brutal Death MetalFrance630
The Dead Shall RiseDeath Metal, GoregrindCzech Republic1150
UndimensionalLyricsBrutal Death MetalUnited States330
MurderousBrutal Death MetalUnited States431
Oppressed RealityLyricsBrutal Death MetalCzech Republic1010
Systematic ViolenceBrutal Death MetalCzech Republic710
Proctology ProcessBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreTurkey320
Baptism of the UnbornBrutal Death MetalItaly310
So Let's Nuke'm FirstGoregrind, Groovy GoregrindAustria110
Ignorance SupremacyBrutal Death MetalItaly100
The Great CycleLyricsBrutal Death MetalPortugal500
no imageLyricsBrutal Death Metal, DeathcoreCzech Republic400
Time of ApocalypseBrutal Death MetalGermany400
The Time Has ComeBrutal Death Metal, GoregrindCzech Republic500
Chainsaw GynecologyTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalUnited States100
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalCzech Republic500
no imageBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreGermany300
Prelude (to the Atrocious Path of Humanity)Brutal Death MetalUnited States400
Absurd HumanismLyricsBrutal Death MetalSlovakia500
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalUnited States100
Face the Live ChaosLyricsBrutal Death MetalTurkey500
Someone Speaks ShitBrutal Death Metal, DeathcoreUkraine100
Gateway to PestilenceBrutal Death MetalUnited States200
...Waiting for CadaverBrutal DeathcoreGermany100
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalUnited States200
no imageBrutal Death Metal, Goregrind, DeathcoreHungary000
no imageBrutal Death Metal, Goregrind, Grindcore, Black MetalHungary000
HusariaLyricsDeath MetalCzechia400
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Reviews : 9,676
Albums : 156,220
Lyrics : 208,954